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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • The girls all feel like they’re real people with all the bonus content outside of the site, like Onlyfans, Instagram accounts, and private Telegram chats
  • fantastic image quality


  • It’s straightforward to burn through your credits with pictures, and the free trial is extremely short
  • There’s no customization. You can’t change the girls or make your own, and has been around for a while



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: supersexyai

SuperSexy makes a set of AI babes and makes them feel like real people. Head over to the site, and you’ll see 25 models you can start chatting with. Some of them have a personal Instagram account where you can see loads of photos of them living the life of an influencer. I’m not sure what type of people follow them, but if you want your mates to see the massive list of AI girls you follow online, it’s all power to you.

There are lots of different tags so you can navigate the site and match with the girl you like the look of most. Speaking of that, they have some fantastic photos showing how incredible their AI generator is. There aren’t any figures that I look for in my women. The tags are cute, mature, Asian, brunette, blonde, ebony, dominant, and curvy. There’s famous, but I got a bit jealous that these chicks have 100,000s more followers than me…

There’s a variety of girls, so if you’ve goyou’vertain type or want specific roleplay like a dominant goddess, a quiet country girl, a girl next door, or a lesbian, you can jump right in and start chatting to these girls. There’s one from every ethnicity, and you can have different chats in your account, so bounce around between these girls until you find the one that makes you want to whip out your phone at a party to keep texting with her.

Get Horny with the girls from SuperSexy

.Unlike many other AI girlfriend sites, this approach is straightforward. There’s nothing for these chicks; it’s just a line of text saying where they’re something like ‘your curvy fantasy.’ It’s a simple approach, and you don’t know what type of personality there is, and you can’t cuscan’te them. That’s so. That’s something I’d love to see from SuperSexy. In terms of the image generator, they’ve they’ve down pat. Every single girl in their gallery is fantastic. They’re realistic, and some of them look like real-life models.

Let’s get let’s with AI girls

.These chicks have the looks; there’s there’s about that. But someone can have the longest legs, perfect tits, and an ass ripe for spanking, but if she opens her mouth to say some dumb shit instead of opening it to take your cock, what’s what’s? I had to see what type of girls these were and how realistic the chat was.

I jumped into a chat with Shania, a girl next door. I went for her because her Instagram with the link tree has many hot photos. I thought it was all inserting, but it’s a Reit’serson person who uses it to generate AI photos. I’ve got I’ve got I’veucking idea of what’s anymore – AI has broken me. Is this all a chatbot, a natural person, or a mix? All I know is my dick was begging me to start chatting with her, so here we go! uses a credit-based system, when y; whenn up, you get to send 15 messages for free. There are options to get voice messages and images in chat. I asked Shania whether anyone was over because I had to borrow some butter—the full-on girl-next-door vibe. I said I’d give a lot of (my) milk in return for the favor she had asked me over.

We kept up the roleplay until I had enough and told her to send me a photo of the lingerie she had on. A couple of seconds later I had her right how i wanted her and picked up the sexting to get her on the couch. She was begging me to cum inside her, so I obliged. I didn’t endidn’tringing home the butter I went to get to finish a cake, but I put a bun in her oven.

The chats feel tremendous and interactive. The images are stunning. The only thing that loses points is the voice chat. I’ve only come across two AI girlfriend apps where you can sext that have realistic voices. This one gets the job done and plays into the whole real girl experience, but it needs improvement to make you want to choose it over a standard message.


Voice chat

Over 25 AI girls to chat with

Interactive sex bot

Photo in-chat

Premium Benefits

You’ll go premium to get more and use features like voice messages. You can also buy credits.


The credits start from 30 for $4.99 and end at 1200 for $99.99.

There are many different options between these, but when an image costs ten and a voice 3, you’ll use the messages with the odd photo when you have a specific vision of a sexy nude babe on your mind. Otherwise, you’ll buy your credits quickly.

Premium membership costs $9.99/month

Summary is an excellent AI girlfriend tool if you want to have sex chats. If you want one that’s mothat’sual, there are more affordable options. I’d love them to give you the option to make your girls and customize the chats – there’s that lets you know what the personality or interests of the girls are, and finding out is taking up your precious credits.

Visit: supersexyai