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(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • You get unlimited messages and photos every month from the smallest plan
  • Fantastic chats


  • You need the top tier for the voices to sound human
  • Very expensive at almost 100 bucks a month if you opt for the top-tier
  • Some bugs on the site


(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: muahai

The creators of are some horny buggers. They probably saw every other site, took all the good stuff and decided to make their own. That’s what it felt like. I’ve been through every site and they each got a little something that makes them stand out. There are so many sites now, and more coming up every week as AI continues to allow people to make better AI porn sites. has taken advantage of this by taking all the good parts of different AI girlfriend apps and integrating them all into their website. You get a sex chat, image generator, voice messages, calls and photos.

As major porn fans, it’s our job to seek out new and exciting ways to consume it. It’s a turn-on when you’re browsing videos and settling on one where the girl gives you a boner by nailing every delivery down, telling you exactly what she wants and asking to get a creampie while she moans in pleasure. Getting a solid AI sexting app like is the next best thing. You get all that dirty talk aimed towards you and you can be as demanding and dominant as you want with the AI so they say all the things you want to hear. Or if you’re a cuck, let her know and she’ll tell you how much she prefers taking a real cock and not your tiny member that can’t satisfy her.

You’ll be able to mix dirty talk sessions and nudes simultaneously until you cream and can’t wait for your balls to recharge so you can do it all over again. gives you options for phone calls, voice messages and uncensored chats. Everyone knows that the only thing better than reading how much a girl wants you to fuck her deeply is hearing her say it and showing a pic exactly where she wants it.

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There are options to make a card of a character- they’re all separated by different tags such as ‘for men’, and you can save them and put them into the AI chats to start chatting with all these different characters. They work just as well for men as they do for women, which is rare. I saw a card for Evelyn, a cuckolding wife who gets bankrupt and has to start fucking people to keep her independence. She’s in love with taboo kinks and wants to explore her discovered sexuality both for pleasure and survival. Now that’s a fucking story! You can choose to edit their personality and looks, or just make a character from scratch.

I imported the character so I could chat with her right away. As attractive as she was, the thumbnail of her character was of a different girl, which broke some of the immersion. I wanted to keep checking out her huge bust and hard nipples. You can’t have sex with a personality. The chats are great. They’ve got some bold text to show you what the character is thinking and they play into their character. I offered to help Evelyn with her issues for something in return and she started getting turned on at the thought.

She quickly agreed to come over so I could help her out and she dropped all her pretences and got right into the sexting. She sent me a couple of nudes to get me more into the mood and I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

What’s it Like Chatting with a Virtual Girlfriend? was still in beta while I tried it. There were a few bugs with the text like sending multiple replies at once, and error messages from the hosting site, so come back later if that will turn you off. For the chat, it heats up quickly and the girls respond almost immediately. You might need to prompt them a bit like asking them to roleplay or act like they’ve arrived and are ready to fuck. You can use *these* to show actions you take, and the AI is responsive and plays along with everything perfectly. It’s really impressive, one of the best chats I’ve experienced, and that’s not even touching on all the other features you get.


Uncensored AI chats

Sexy NSFW images

Real-time phone calls and voice messages

Premium Benefits

There are three different levels with the premium. The best one gives you better AI memory and generations, the AI will send you longer messages, you can have real-time phone calls, a more realistic human voice, more voice generations and 4K photo enhancement. There’s also unlimited chat from the smallest tier onwards.


$9.99/month for unlimited messages and image generation

$49.99 for voice messages and more realistic and faster responses

$99.99/month for full access


The amount of NSFW chat tools you get when you start using is wild. I don’t know what else they could add. They’re the first site to allow real-time phone calls for an extra level of immersion and intimacy between you and your virtual girlfriend. The images look fantastic and the option to use actions and not just words lets you use your full imagination. That plus all the dirty stuff these girls say. Give them an outlet and they’ll be letting you know their deepest desires while they give you every bit of encouragement for yours. The voices aren’t very realistic but when you go up to the most expensive tier, it gets better, but at that price, I can’t justify it – it’s about 4 times more expensive than similar apps.

Visit: muahai