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(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Realistic chats
  • A good mix of natural and fantasy characters
  • Hundreds of girls to chat with
  • Some of the most realistic AI-generated images


  • You’ll go through a lot of messages cause it’s so good, so you’ll probably end up having to get the mid-tier plan, or you won’t last a month
  • Very limited free plan
  • Compared to their other features, the voices could be improved



(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Dreamgf

This is one of the most realistic AI girlfriend apps. If you’re a weeb looking to chat with waifus, this isn’t it, champ. DreamGF has made a name for itself with its highly detailed image generation and customization. Whatever type of girl you’re into, you can make her come to life. You can’t miss out on chatting with the girl of your dreams. You’ve got hundreds of women you can chat with by signing up and starting a free trial.

There’s a section of the top girls to chat with. They’re all realistic, but there are fantasy characters to choose from, likee Jinx from League of Legends, Hermione Granger, and Harley Quinn.

Detailed AI Girlfriend Customization

When you make your virtual girlfriend, you get control over the most minor details. The photo style, butt, body type, hairstyle, clothes, age, ethnicity, and breast are a few of the customizations, and each one gives you a lot of options within each category. One gripe is that the personality section isn’t personality. Step-mom, casual, and nurse have nothing to do with a personality. Some other sites allow you to write a prompt describing your girlfriend’s personality. I’d like to see something like that on DreamGF. The 13 personality options are more than enough compared to most other girlfriend apps.

There’s a slider to set how much sexual desire your girlfriend has and the attitude. If you make a nympho girlfriend, you’ll get so many horny messages all the time. If you want to get off, then this is the best option. If you want a more intimate relationship with your virtual girlfriend, I’d suggest some of the other personalities – nothing stops you from having multiple chats.

Realistic Chats

The conversation on DreamGF flows effortlessly. The girls are outgoing and more proactive – they won’t be sitting around and making you do all the work. I kept forgetting I wasn’t chatting with a natural person; that’s how good the chats are. The voice messages, on the other hand, need more improvement. They fall behind on other sites with human-sounding voices, but that’s not a thing here. Thankfully, they’re constantly updating and improving the site, so hopefully, that feature will improve.

You can ask your girlfriend to send nudes and sext with you whenever you want. Describe a fantasy you have, and she’ll play along perfectly and send naughty pics to you. Occasionally, it faces the AI issue where the generations aren’t always of the same person, but it’s very close and shouldn’t disappoint. Just reroll the generation if you’re not happy with it.


Powerful image generator

Uncensored sexting chats

Custom girlfriend creation

Massive variety of girls to chat with

Save and have chats with multiple girlfriends at once

Premium Benefits

The free plan doesn’t give you much of a go using the app. You get different benefits depending on which membership tier you go on, so I’ll just like the benefits:

You have more image generator styles, can create multiple images at once, customize your girl’s name, set your content to be publicly visible or hidden, receive voice messages, and have various chats. The photos and chats generate faster, too.


The prices below are based on the monthly plan. You can get three or six months instead, which will help you save more money. Or, if you want more messages, you can add more to your plan. It’s better to upgrade than to do this – it costs more to increase something twice than buy the next tier.

$11.99/month for 25 custom girls, 150 images, 1500 messages, and 600 voice credits

$23.99/month for 60 unique girls, 400 images, 50000 messages, 1800 voice credits, and a custom name

$59.99/month for 180 girls, 1000 images, 20,000 messages, 5000 voice credits and more generators, and private content

$119.99/month for 600 girls, 2500 images, unlimited messages, 12,000 voice credits, and ten images in queue



DreamGF is one of the best AI girlfriend chatbots, especially if you want to chat with realistic girls, not fantasy or hentai ones. It’s been like that for a couple of years now. They’re constantly releasing new girls and improving their algorithm for a more authentic and personal user experience. The chats are continually improving, and so are the voices, and that’s saying something because they’re already at a reasonable level. Not the best, but decent.

You get a lot of control over making your girlfriend. It’s not the best app if you want to do roleplays – it works; some other girlfriend apps out there are solely designed for this and give you custom scenarios to play out. If you’re browsing for a virtual girlfriend, you must start the free trial here and see why everyone brings it up as the best option.

Visit: Dreamgf