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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • There is a vast amount of different scenarios and characters to roleplay with
  • The image generations look fantastic
  • Uncensored and realistic chats
  • There is a free trial when you sign up, and you can get more free messages by joining their discord


  • The chats take a long time to generate – I had a couple of bugs where I had to refresh the platform
  • No voice features



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Priveefun

It’s getting to the stage where there are more AI girlfriend apps than you’ve had exes. Maybe that’s not the correct analogy for someone looking up virtual girlfriend apps. But there are loads of girls and guys you can chat with on Privee. It’s an AI chatbot that is completely uncensored, allowing you to have NSFW chats and live out your wildest fantasies. It’s also a tool to get a virtual girlfriend and someone to support you or just kill time talking with someone. Most likely, we’re both here for the same reason – we’re horny as fuck and want to start chatting with some hot chicks who are guaranteed to send hot nudes whenever we want. I love AI.

Hundreds of Characters to Sext

Privee has hundreds of characters in multiple styles. You can start chatting with guys, girls, and non-binary folks and select either anime or realistic characters. Just browsing the people you can begin talking with will get your imagination racing. The generations are fantastic, and even though there’s a section under each character giving you a little overview, I couldn’t help using my dick like a compass to find the hottest chick.

The platform is highly versatile and offers you everything from SFW chats with ordinary people to wild and freaky kinksters who will be begging you to fill them with cum. The app is best for roleplay and exploring some fantasies. There’s the type of stuff here you can’t find anywhere else, from fucking demon-possessed nuns to a world where you’re the only man that exists, and every chick wants you. Fuck, there’s even one where you’re a naked chick who has to stay in a public urinal for a year and take a piss while guys use your pussy. You can’t make this shit up.

You can make your character with a tag-based system. If you’ve used an AI image generator before, you know precisely the one I’m talking about. It’s simple, and you’ll get an AI or realistic girl generated with just a few clicks. It’s about time we got an AI that lets you make an image and chat with whatever you made.

Immersive Chats and AI Girlfriends

Something that caught my attention is that these people have made accounts of their realistic AI girls. Aitana Lopez is a Spaniard with TikTok, Facebook, and X. There are posts there and news articles about the fact that these are AI with their social media platforms. It makes the whole chat aspect much more engaging and exciting. Usually, the AI says they enjoy taking photos, which is impossible, but Privee takes the roleplay one step further. It’s without equal.

The quality of the characters and the roleplay scenarios are the best ones I’ve found online. There are so many scenarios and characters you can chat with, and they constantly release new ones. Unlike other sites, the girls here throw you straight into the action and message first. It’s much better than you have to take the initiative. There are a few different AI engines to use. Some work better, give you faster generations or cost more gems (currency). The sexting is fantastic, and it doesn’t feel repetitive. So many other sites make you think there’s no difference between who you chat with, but Privee solves that with a heavy roleplay emphasis. You can request photos in chat and get some nudes and hot images to motivate you to undress while you’re chatting. Good luck holding back.

The navigation needs work. You can only filter by Milf, Teen, Daddy, Enslaver, Dominant, and enslaved person, plus whatever tags the individual profiles have. I’ve got no idea how many characters there are, but being able to filter for something specific is essential with the number they have. There’s a search bar that helps, but when you don’t know what to search for, it loses practicality.


Hundreds of realistic and anime AI characters

In-chat images

Roleplay scenarios

AI-powered sex chats


Privee works on a per-message basis.

$4.99 gives you 1500 messages
$13.99 gives you 5000
$25.99 gives you 10,000
$99.99 gives you 50,000


This is one of the most versatile AI chats there are. The variety you get is mindblowing, and you’ll find yourself jumping into multiple scenarios to keep enjoying how great the sexting, images, and scenarios are. If that doesn’t do it for you, then make your character and fantasy to explore. The site would benefit from having a better system to organize and sort through the characters. Even a simple menu with the different tags would be better than what they currently have. I also had an issue with a chat bugging out a few times, so I needed to refresh and start again. It isn’t enjoyable when each message costs gems, but the site is still affordable and in my top 3.

Visit: Priveefun