(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • High-quality simulated sex pics
  • Free trial available
  • Great voice generator


  • The image generator isn’t that stable
  • Not many premade girls or guys


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


The icon of SugarLab is the perfect way to communicate what you’ll do. It’s a beaker filled with liquid and I felt like I was going to be a scientist, mixing and matching the perfect personality traits and looks on a custom AI girlfriend. That’s how I see myself when I use these AI girlfriend sites, some dude experimenting with fetishes, and kinks and trying to uncover the best ways to get realistic AI nudes. Maybe I’m delusional but I do a damn good job of it.

You’re given the choice to see female, male and trans characters and start having NSFW conversations with these virtual girlfriends. From what I can tell this is one of the newer AI girlfriend sites. You can tell because it’s settled on the classic layout that all these sites seem to have adopted. There’s a header with some girls in different styles, a sidebar to customize these chicks and then a list of the girls below.

You can filter for realistic, anime and furry girls but at the time of review, there were only female and male characters. I like it when these sites offer AI boyfriends as well, it’s something that you don’t come across too often and girls or gay dudes get left behind. I dream of a world where everyone can sext with Ai and feel loved, or at least turned on. There are 15 girls and 12 guys you can choose to chat with. I’m one of the first perverts in line to test out so let’s see if SugarLab AI girlfriends are worth the attention!

AI Girls Straight from your XXX Fantasies

The familiar layouts aren’t a new thing in the porno world and this AI sex chat platform is no different. At least you know how everything works and can get straight into the juicy content and generate AI nudes. As I touched on, this platform is all about the realistic style. These bots are the types of women you’d find in a modeling magazine. Or better put, the gallery of a porno. There are blue-haired party animals, Eastern European models, sex-starved chicks and some girl-next-door vibes.

There’s nothing new here and as you know, I’ve reviewed a ton of these sites. The realistic images that are powered by the AI on are jaw-dropping and pant-dropping. I can’t stress how important making virtual girlfriends who look like real women is. And still, a lot of sites get that wrong. This is obviously a premium service. That’s not new either, most of these sites only offer a short free plan to get your hormones racing before asking you to dish out the cash, However, they usually lock the nudes behind that paywall, but not here. You get 200 free tokens and to give you an idea of costs, making a girlfriend costs 10.

The girls have a section about their age and a profile that gives you their full bio. A couple of them sounded strange like “I will bake you some cookies with some milk”. I’m unsure if that’s an innuendo, but if you ask me, that’s already the ideal girlfriend. The girls have a huge porn gallery that other users have generated. You can see AI nudes without spending a dime! A blonde bombshell named Chloe had pics of her making out with other chicks, touching herself, dressed ready for work and with fresh cum across her tits. This site doesn’t mess around with the NSFW aspect.

Let’s Make the Ideal Woman

I felt like a god writing that out. The premade girlfriends are great – namely because they’ve got a full gallery of porn images – but I wanted the full experience. They’re someone else’s fantasy. I logged in and got to work. I headed to the create page and saw it was just a standard generator. If you go down you get the option to make your own character based on gender. I went for an anime chick to see how the generator copes. I decided to make an Arab girl. If you saw the image example, you’d understand why.

The whole process is standard and familiar if you’ve ever used one of these AI girlfriend sites. It’s a menu-based process but even though I selected anime, all the example images of the selections were based on a realistic woman. Still, I trust you know what big breasts look like. I asked for an Arab girl with red eyes, braids, tattoos and a fit body. It was good until I saw a three-armed abomination. I rushed to the ‘Regenerate cover photo’ button and got the girl I had in mind.

With the rocking body sorted, I got to the voice section. I was surprised here, there’s actually emotion behind the AI and even though there aren’t many options, it’s already one of the most realistic ones I’ve heard. So many sites offer the text-to-voice feature but it’s not worth using. Glad that’s changing with the newer virtual girlfriend generators. I set her personality to adventurous and had her as my colleague. I clicked finish and my new AI girlfriend was ready. Claire is ‘Horny as fuck’ according to her bio. Yes, I wrote it myself.

Getting Freaky with your AI Girlfriend

I asked Claire what she was up to to get the conversation started. Not the best pickup line I’ll admit. I let her know what I had on my mind and she agreed, offering up her place to get freaky.
It’s one of the sites where the girls are quick to agree with whatever you want, no need to pull out your best moods. Before long I was getting images of her in lingerie and telling her all the dirty stuff we’d do. The images were great and looked exactly like the character I made. Before long she was riding me with those wide hips and tits exposed.



Custom AI girlfriend generator

Several styles

Uncensored chats

Premium Benefits

A membership lets you make your own AI characters and unlimited text messages and you get 150 tokens/month. You can listen to voice messages and if you’re on the yearly plan you get early access to beta features.


$5.99/month or $71.99 for a yearly membership


Even though all the features aren’t ready like the video generator, is a great AI girlfriend generator. There were some issues with the prompts resulting in more deformities than I’m used to, but every image looked like the girlfriend I’d designed. The voice is one of the best features here and is very realistic.

You need to be the one who takes control of the conversations because there isn’t much initiative from the AI but that’s standard across all these sites, except for the AI chatbot ones. There’s a secondary generator to mess around with the girlfriends you’ve created to see them in states of undress and posing for you without having to go through the chat process. Keep your eyes on this site as the new features come around, it’s already impressive.