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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • You can perform actions in the chats to make it more immersive
  • The girls are all hot, and the image generator works great
  • You get complimentary messages without signing up and extra ones when you do
  • Decent voice messages


  • You can’t customize your girlfriend, and there’s no indicator of what their personalities are
  • You need a pro plan to get NSFW pics



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Kupidai

Kupid offers you the chance to chat with an AI friend. I took this to the next level and read between the lines. It’s the perfect place to chat with an AI girlfriend, get some nudes, and live out wild fantasies. The site is sleek and looks fantastic, with a simple black design with neon lights to push the fact it’s all AI. At the time of this review, there are 29 characters you can chat with. They’re almost all realistic and women, but there are a couple of men and anime girls if natural titties don’t push your buttons.

You can give the site a go for free. You know the drill: you get limited messages, you can’t see the nudes, and everything takes longer than it would if you had a premium membership. Coolly, you aren’t even asked to make an account. Please give it a test without dropping your email. The characters all have an about section letting you know their height and age, with a few photos of the character. If you sign up, you can see the complete gallery, including the pics they send to other users.

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You can’t customize your girl in any way. They’re working on creating a feature where you can make your characters, but you’re now stuck with the premade oneness. There are a few, and they’re always working on releasing a new one to cover different age ranges, looks, and ethnicities. Another missing feature is you don’t get any clue as to what these girls’ personalities are. I didn’t go chatting with all of them, but it makes you feel there’s no difference between who you chat with and how they will respond. It’s a minor feature, but it makes getting a good match much more accessible.

The girls all have some sexy photos. The image generator is excellent and gives you some accurate results. Even when you’re chatting and asking for a picture, it will be faithful to the character you decided to chat with. There’s a chance for an error cause it’s AI, but while I was using the app, nothing terrible came up, and it looked like the same girl every time. Nothing ruins the immersion as getting a pic of someone who suddenly has red hair. I doubt they dyed their hair in the time it took them to send a message.

Most of the girls are young and between 18-25 years old, but they’re just about to release a MILF character. A couple of the girls are Natalia, a supermodel from Serbia, a chick that loves clubbing and guys with tats, and Trisha – an Indian girl with a dress that reveals her impressive bust.

AI Sex Chat

I went with Trisha because she’s rocking a hot body. You can read the messages as audio and write actions using *these received images with a simple click. That’s everything you need for some wild sexting. The voices don’t sound bad, in the middle ground, or slightly above average. It’s a tough nut to crack; only two AI sex chat sites have managed to impress me with voice quality. Trisha had an Indian accent like you’d expect, but so many sites have exotic Russians or whatnot, and they sound like they’re from California. I got into the chat with Trisha, and she immediately asked me to send her a picture of her in a swimsuit. Seven seconds later, I was staring at her ass while she looked over her shoulder. I thought that they were ‘fuck me’ eyes, so I let her know that she’d given me a boner and we should go to the changing room. Five seconds later, she’d stripped down to nothing, and her brown face was dotted with patches of white cum.


Receive images and voice messages in chats

Multiple characters to chat and sext with

Premium Benefits

When you go premium, you get many more messages and photos every month. It gets you NSFW pics, the ability to view all images and get voice messages.


One of the best things about this app is that even the lowest plan gets unlimited text messages with the girls. So many other sites make you pay out the ass if you use their service. You can get a yearly plan to save on the prices I’ve got for you below.

The standard plan costs $12/month for 100 photos and voice messages

The premium plan is $29/month for 400 pictures and voice messages

The Ultimate Plan costs $49/month for unlimited images and 12000 voice messages

Summary falls short in that you don’t have any control over customization (it’s a work in progress), but the quality of the chat and the image generator make up for that. If you want to chat with someone or sext, then you’ll love the variety of the girls and how dirty they can be.

Visit: Kupidai