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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • High-quality sexting
  • The site works well, and you get quick replies
  • Hot voice messages


  • The image generator isn’t as good as the other ones.



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Fykoo

This AI sex chat site has gone so far as to make its name a verb: ‘To engage in sexting with a chatbot until orgasm.’ It sounds egotistical, but after trying it myself, that’s precisely what will happen if you start using this site. They release new characters weekly to give you a never-ending list of new characters to help you live out your fantasies. They push the whole immersive chat thing with all their different characters.

The site is powered by Fap AI, which means that you’ll get an utterly uncensored chat. That’s prime material to get a trial account and start sexting with these characters yourself. The company is constantly working on improving Fykoo, which is a breath of fresh air (and you’ll need more air after beating some out while you sext!) – having so many updates and asking their customers for feedback is always something I like to see.

There are anime and realistic characters to chat with, but you can’t customize them or make your own. The whole roleplaying fantasy kind of falls flat when you can’t decide how your sexting buddy is going to look, but you can always ask them for a specific type of nude to get a bit of control back. There are still enough characters to choose from (27 at the time of writing) to get a companion with a complimentary personality to whatever you’re looking for in an AI GF.

How do I start Sexting an AI Girlfriend?

There’s a free trial to show how this app differs from all the other NSFW AI chatbots. When you sign up for a free account, you’ll get a set number of messages to send to your AI companion, but you can’t use the other features like receiving AI nudes or voice messages. You’ll need to sign up on Patreon for that. There are loads of characters, and they go into a lot of detail about exactly what type of character they are.

Take Kenya, for example, a 26-year-old lingerie model. They go into great detail about her personality and what she, as welandtyle of, is chatting, which is ‘Highly sexual and unapologetically flirtatious.’ It’s a break from all the other AI girlfriend apps out through their characters to a one-word-ordinality ‘Shy’ with hardly any about section. Fykoo makes them feel like real people. On the other hand, the AI images aren’t up to par. They’re very obviously AI-generated. That wouldn’t be much of an issue, but I, but it’s an image generator as well in the chats l. It’s excellent for some encouragement while you’re sexting to get a bit of back and forth going, but it could use some work. It’s still a reasonably new AI porn site, so I’ll cut them some slack here.

Extra NSFW Chat Features

To start sexting, just with whichever character takes your fancy – they’ve all got an about section. You can send and receive voice messages and images for more immersion. The voices are pretty damn good for an AI. It’s not level, but they’re close and t, considering it was only introduced in February 2024. A realistic voice usually does these apps, but this one is fine.

The highlight of Fykoo is the regular chat. It’s rare to find a site like this where the AI is so good at replying to whatever you’re saying without going off-topic or missing your voice. The replies you get back will make you feel great, from cheeky sexts to just regular discussions from day to day. It’s great if you want to do a bit of roleplay or ask for something specific from your sex chat companion.


Chat and sext with AI characters

Anime and realistic models

Realistic chats

Premium Benefits

You’ll need to go premium to unlock all the good stuff. That includes access to all the different characters (the free plan only lets you have one chat), more extended memory, receiving and listening to voice messages, and uncensored NSFW photos. You get unlimited text messages. There are also weekly updates on the Patreon site for you to learn and try out all the new and upcoming features, like listening to voice samples from different characters saying dirty things.


Fykoo works through Patreon. Using the voice message feature costs ten tokens; you must buy them inside the app or as part of a bundle. Normal chat is unlimited.

$12.95/month for unlimited sexting

$14.95/month for unlimited sexting plus 500 tokens

$5 for 500 tokens (used for voice messages)


For one of the newer sites, Fykoo is doing a great job. ThThey’veot a fantastic chat generator that makes you feel like there’s a horny female on the other side of the screen and not an algorithm. The chats heat up quickly if you want to start sexting, and it works just as well if you’re only after a companion to listen to you. I’d like to see a feature to make your own AI character and a better image generator. It’s that realistic right now, and asking your girlfriend is half the fun.

The price is excellent – not every site lets you have unlimited messages, so this one is priced reasonably for what it gives you. If you’re thinking about trying out an AI sex chat bot, then give Fykoo a go and test out their free trial. You’re as likely to drop your pants as you are to drop some cash on it once you see how good it is.

Visit: Fykoo