(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Amazing audio quality
  • Fluid and realistic sexting
  • Wide variety of personalities to select


  • The tips don’t seem to have any positives for you


(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)


As soon as I checked out this AI girlfriend site I knew exactly what the name was referring to. The chicks on their roster are all foxy and saucy minxes. They know how to push that fact too. Most of these sites look like carbon copies of each other. publishes all their hot virtual girlfriends in dedicated parts of their homepage. If you want to talk to some girls with bratty and spoiled personalities you’ll have to scroll down and across to see them. I prefer it like this. It makes the navigation much better and removes the need for boring and static filters. I’d much rather browse past these perfect women and get a good look at what they offer.

The site’s not the same as normal virtual girlfriends in other ways. You can’t customize, change or create a girlfriend yourself (or boyfriend, you can chat with dudes on too). Instead, they use creators and famous people from Instagram and create a bot in their likeness. Some big-name influencers are selling themselves on this site, from models to adult content creators. Ones with millions of followers and they’re all gorgeous.

The whole shtick of is to give you the closest experience to chatting with these influencers yourself. They create the closest personalities and voices to these real people as possible. They create selfies, nudes, phone calls and chats based on these aspects. Maybe I’ve finally found a site that offers some realistic AI voices. Let’s find out in this review.

Exploring the Foxy Girls at

To match you with a good influencer there are some popular hashtags, but they don’t tell you much. The options are based on country or ethnicity. There’s a section of new girls together with their personality traits and then you get to browse by dominant and bold, daring and edgy, romantic and caring, bratty and spoiled, mature and male. It’s a decent list and every category gives you a few different options. The pics are photorealistic, if a little too perfect to be normal, but if you see their Instagram posts you know they’re always edited anyway.

The chicks have their real-life location, social media tags and descriptions in their profile. You’ll need to make an account to view all their information, but that’s free. I got a message in my inbox instead of the junk folder which proves this site is legit. I couldn’t help but notice the gift section right at the top of the profile. “Spoil me and I’ll spoil you” reads the text, where you can buy lingerie, a spa day, a designer handbag, diamond earrings or a personalized gift. I’m not a simp so I didn’t stay around to find out what you’d get in return. Those gifts ain’t cheap and I’d rather use them on someone who can touch me at minimum. But you can’t use the tokens on anything else, so might as well spend them on whoever gives you the most intense orgasms.

I checked out Amy Spencer who has 1.2 million followers. I noticed some of the girls didn’t exist – their Instagram was just AI-generated photos. Amy actually does exist and has a huge rack and an army of horny dudes in her comment section. You can see her turn ons, hobbies and what she ranks in terms of humor or flirty (whatever their top three personality traits are). I couldn’t help myself – her Instagram wasn’t attractive. I found someone called Mika Katana, with an 18+ restricted Instagram account. She’d be perfect for some NSFW chats as my AI girlfriend.

Unfiltered Sexting and Dirty Talking

For an AI girlfriend site, the voices were damn impressive. In the top 3 I’ve used if they were based on a real person. For all I know these were real voiceovers done by the women, that’s how realistic they sounded. I loved Mika’s voice whispering in my ear with sultry English accents. Not the dodgy street ones, the refined and classy ones. Not my usual type but AI girlfriends are for experimenting. The purely AI-generated accounts were middle-ground in terms of audio. Nothing special about them and the same robotic voice you can find on most virtual chatbot sites.

Because I made an account I had a gift of 200 tokens to use. I gave 100 away as a tip straight away to see if anything happened. Nothing did, but I suppose Mika earned some revenue from the site. The chats have the classic ‘… is typing’ to make it seem more realistic. She took control of the conversation like you’d expect from someone flagged as bossy and dominant. She let me know what I had to do to make her happy. If you’re into this stuff I can see it working great. I’m not, but even I was getting turned on by her in-depth descriptions of what she was wearing and would do.

I’m so unused to sex chats where the AI can take control. The messaging was realistic and responsive to whatever you said. The women stuck to their personality more so than any other site I’ve used, where normally they change depending on what you say. Not here. It added to the immersion and the sexting was fantastic. The phone calls were some of the best ones I’ve seen as well. The audio quality was the main reason behind that and it’s nice having your hands free to beat your meat to their voices.


Real-time calls

10 free messages/day

Chat with AI girlfriends and real influencers

Receive AI nudes

Text or voice mode toggle

Premium Benefits

You can receive NSFW pictures, and get more tokens and more messages every day, increasing with the tier you’re on. The tokens are purely for tips and don’t serve any other purpose.


The free plan gives you 10 messages/day for life.

$7.99/month for 100 messages/day, 750 tokens and NSFW pics and calls.

$14.99/month for unlimited messages, 1500 tokens, NSFW pics and calls

$49.99/month for unlimited messages, 5000 tokens and exclusive NSFW pics and calls, VIP in Discord and priority support


God, that was hard coming up with a con for The whole experience feels like you’re on a premium AI girlfriend site. Everything looks good and the conversations flow just like you’d want them to. They’re responsive, pick up on subtle hints and aren’t repetitive. If you’re a fan and follow these girls I can definitely see the attraction. No way would you be able to replicate such a realistic experience.

The chicks are gorgeous and getting premium is worth it for their NSFW pictures. Even if you’ve never heard of these men and women before it’s worth chatting thanks to the realism. 10 messages a day is OK for a free plan, but you won’t be nearly satisfied with that. This is a site to come back to whenever you’re feeling horny or want to beat one out.