Candy AI

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(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • You get lots of features: an AI image generator, a sex chatbot and AI girlfriend simulator
  • Regular updates, continuous support, and new features.


  • There is no free trial or way to check out the features without paying, but with this subscription, you’ll be on the safe side
  • Character creations are based on tags, not prompts, so there’s limited customization there
  • The conversations can feel scripted at times, the longer you talk

Candy AI


(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Candy AI

Do you have a couple of spare moments there, bud? You might be in between porn videos and looking for something else to help you get off. Or else you’ve been thinking, “fuck it, I’m gonna die single cause these Tinder chicks don’t even fucking respond to my requests for boobs and vagin.” It’s okay; you don’t need social skills for this following review I’ve got for you. We’re entering into the world of AI girlfriends and companions!

Candy AI main feature: Create a Perfect Custom AI GF

You can explore all the premade AI characters on immediately. There are a lot of different options that cater to a lot of tastes. Each has a distinctive personality that will come across during your chats. It’s not just realistic-style girls either; quite a few anime girls constantly release new characters. They come with a few different art styles to add variety to your options. At present, there are 30+ models you can start talking with.

To give you an idea of the chicks you can start chatting with, there’s Amy, an anime chick who loves helping others, or Amaya, a dominant housewife living in a boring neighborhood. That opens up a lot of roleplay opportunities. Fuck, she’d probably strip for you straightway just for some excitement in her life. Something in common between all the characters is they’re all made to be as busty as possible, apart from the 18-year-old Japanese schoolgirl character.

The chat pops up and lists details about all the characters, like their personality, occupations, hobbies, relationships, and ages. You can click Generate Images to get some custom images delivered. It could be better – you can’t generate the images in the chat using the feature, but you can receive them during the chat by asking for them; it’s a bit confusing why clicking generate opens a new window.

All those customizations are available for you under ‘create a character.’ So if you want to make, I don’t know, a nymphomaniac girl next door who’s unemployed (so she has more time to spend with you), that’s totally within reason. Making the girls is where the app shines because you can choose their looks and everything about them. The premade characters aren’t for everyone, but they’re an excellent place to start if you want to test the app.

Enjoy Uncensored Sexting

What’s the use of making a fantasy girlfriend if she’s not going to help you get off? The uncensored chat of is one of the cool features and probably why you’re here in the first place. You can always have company while you jerk off from now on. The chats feel dynamic, and clever wording lets you get them to go along with a roleplay. The chat engine they use is compelling, and at times, I forgot I was chatting with an AI girl and not some horny chick online who wanted my dick. Okay, maybe that should have been a giveaway she wasn’t real.

You can ask your chat partner for some nudes during the conversation. They’re perfect in that they are consistent. So when you chat with the busty black chick, you’ll get images that look like her and not some random girl. Of course, you can always customize it under the generated image section instead of within the chat. You can only receive blurred images on the free plan from your GF.

All your AI chats are saved into your account to pick them up later, and the memory of the AI is pretty good. Other apps have them forget information quickly, which kills the immersion – who wants to feel like they’re chatting with a drunkard who can’t remember anything about them? Using prompts, you can use the character generation purely for some jerk-off material. You can also check out other characters made by other users for more AI porn. Features

  • Generate AI images
  • Uncensored sexting and chats
  • Voice options for more immersion in your chats

Premium Benefits

With premium, you can have multiple chats and send unlimited messages to your harem of girls. The generator becomes much faster, and you can get up to 16 images at once from a single prompt, which is fantastic for getting the sexiest images and saves you time.

The best feature is unblurring the images your AI chat companion sends you. Hello, nudes!

Candy AI Pricing

$9.99 a month

$5.99 a month if you choose the annual plan. This is a fantastic price for a tool like this.

Conclusions: Should you subscribe to Candy AI?

For an AI girlfriend app, is one of the best options. While it’s missing custom personality prompts for character creation, the voice, chat, and images you can receive are great. They regularly bring out new updates and characters, so it will only improve from here.

Visit: Candy AI