AI Cupid

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(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Ideal for roleplays and fantasies
  • Female, male and non-human companions
  • Realistic chats
  • Decent AI voices


  • Very expensive for what it is
  • No advanced filters on the avatars
  • Most of the features are locked behind premium

AI Cupid


(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: aicupid

Have you always wanted a virtual girlfriend? I don’t know why you would when you’ve got human ones available that can satisfy certain…requirements you might have. Failing that, an AI girlfriend is the next best thing – and nothing beats a site where you can chat without any filters. All the NSFW conversations you’d ever want. The chats feel realistic which is odd when you take a look at the roster of men and women you can talk with. I was staring at image after image of seductive schoolgirls, princesses, hentai actresses and cute younger sisters. The usual list of AI chat companions is broken up by furries, slaves and demon women.

The site is basically a wet dream of people who like to use their imagination and roleplay scenarios. There aren’t that many tags to choose from to filter the characters but there’s an option for multitags to help you with specific characters. The avatars you see are only scratching the service – once you sign up for a premium account you unlock a whole lot more. That explains why some categories like males have hardly any options.

You can import your own characters from, CharacterHub and Tavern. I haven’t come across those sites myself but it’s good to have some more variety and possibilities when it comes to chatting with characters you already know. AI Cupid is a way to bypass the filtered chats on those sites. The characters don’t have any other filtering options sadly, but you can check out the creators’ page to see what else their imagination cooked up, and how many messages characters have sent to get an idea of what’s popular.

Hot Chats with AI Sex Bots

Ok maybe calling them AI sex bots isn’t fair. They’ve got depth to them and make good conversation even when you’re not letting them know how you’ll fill the back of their throat or give them a facial. After all, they’ve AI girlfriends and you can talk about your day and anything you want. The chats start off with a descriptive piece to put you in the setting with a mix of action and words. There’s an NSFW pic and the option to browse the entire gallery. I talked with a seducing vampire who had me tied up and promised I’d be begging for her touch. She wasn’t wrong – I sucked her tits longer and harder than she sucked my blood. I used my trust stake to get deep inside her to satisfy her.

To make your own character you’ve got to write the greeting, a description about section and generate an image for their avatar. It’s all the usual stuff, what they’re wearing, their personality and interests. From there the AI goes with it and replies while keeping their persona. You lazy sods can write a small piece and let the AI fill in all the details for you. The fun part is writing their persona from scratch, name and photo. They need a way to upload a character photo within the site itself instead of having to find a JPG somewhere else. If you’re paying for a service you should be able to generate the photos within the site itself.

Expand Your Chat with Custom AI Voices

You might be a dude who shies away from phone calls in real life but that’s cause you don’t know how good it is to get a message from a horny girl. Well, when you create a custom character on AI Cupid you can click on the voice tab and try out all the different voices. There are loads to choose from and they don’t sound fake at all. They’re not the most natural-sounding ones, but they’re in a sweet spot where you don’t notice unless you’re focused on the voice and not the dirty fantasies your AI GF is telling you about.

The text-to-voice makes your NSFW conversations more immersive and frees up your eyes to focus on her sexy body while you hear about how she’s going to lap up every drop of cum with her tongue. Who would turn down an offer like that! The other good side of NSFW chats with virtual girlfriends is you can request both images and videos whenever you want. Let them know what you want to see and within a few seconds, you’ll receive a steamy pic to motivate you to speed up your wrist.

There’s a gallery of your companion that includes all their dirty pictures. I like this – if you’re bored and don’t want to invest any thoughts or time into having a conversation you can browse the pics and remember the time you roleplayed out an entire fetish you never knew you had. The chats are realistic and you’ll start staining your underpants when you think back on what you were told last night.


Select and edit the voice of your AI companion

Likelike conversations with AI chatbots

Design your AI girlfriend from scratch

Hundreds of characters to talk with

Premium Benefits

When you subscribe you get unlimited messages for characters and daily character updates. The response time is faster, you can access all characters and create your own ones, use the text-to-speech feature and take unlimited character selfies (a gallery of all the pictures your AI girlfriend has taken).


Cupid AI has a couple of different price options without any discount or option to pay for multiple months. There’s a free character section to give you a trial experience of the site and help you decide if you’ll sign up or not.


You can send them a PM to find out about purchasing extra credits or using them on a pay-as-you-go basis. It’s in beta at the time of writing this AI Cupid review.

Do I think those prices are worth it? I don’t think so. The weekly option costs more than what other sites charge you for a month. The benefits they list are almost identical. This is one of the priciest AI chatbots I’ve seen. I’d like to see other features for that price, like an undresser , image generator and the other usual AI porn site tools.


Cupid AI is great if you want to have NSFW conversations with the AI and hentai or anime girls. The question is whether it’s worth paying almost four times more than other sites. The voices and custom creator are good but there’s nothing that really makes it stand out compared to other sites. The AI generator is good and don’t get me wrong, everything is high-quality, but there’s no real wow factor about this AI sex chat site.

Virtual girlfriends have been around for a while now and the standards are higher. Throwing in a few extra AI porn site essentials would lift up my opinion of the site and warrant the price. Taking all that into account, you’re using AI Cupid for the conversations more than anything else, and they feel lifelike and make it feel like you’ve got realistic companionship.

Visit: aicupid