Visit: Getporn ai


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Stable results from all their features
  • Fast generation speeds
  • Great free trial


  • The undress and faceswap aren’t as good as other sites
  • Warnings from using the site
  • Some site errors using the undress and video generators


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Getporn ai

Who wants to join me and get uncensored AI porn? It’s more make than get, but I know that name got grabbed by another page. GetPorn is an AI porn site that offers you a lot: undress/deepfakes, editing tools, plus image and video generation. That already puts it dicks and balls above the rest of the competition. Judging from their homepage the quality isn’t lacking either. There’s a half-dressed chick with an exposed breast, lots of nudes and a photo being turned into AI hentai porn.

You’ve got to make an account to access the site. I searched for my access code in my email which is harder than it sounds considering my inbox is balls-to-the-walls full of notifications from porn sites. Turns out you don’t need to confirm your email address and can immediately use the generators at Nothing else changes in terms of the layout. That’s disappointing because I love finding public AI porn galleries to get an idea of what you can create, plus copy the prompts and tags other people use.

I got a good half dozen warnings that this is a suspicious site from my anti-virus software. Enter at your own risk, I’ll do the groundwork and if I reach the stage where I bust a nut, I’ll know that it’s safe. Even so, the whole set-up looks legit to me. The site looks beautiful and devoid of all that terrible English they tend to have. None of that ‘Mek nud beautiful womans’ here.

Where the Hell do I Start Making Porn?

I’m not saying that because I’m braindead or the site is difficult to navigate, it’s because there are so many options! I’ll start with the AI porn generator and see if it can match the pics they had on the homepage. GetPorn knows its audience: by default, you have to use prompts but there’s a different section with a tag-based menu if you’re lost for ideas. Free users are restricted to the tag menu.

There are the usual culprits that make dicks spring up worldwide: cumshots, body shapes, hair color and style, clothing modifiers like cleavage, partially nude, topless, transparent (fully nude) and age and ethnicity. You can add up to several girls. I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired because I was in a refractory period after my last review so I used the random generator. It only took 10 seconds to give me a massive image of a thicc Chinese gamer. Despite only using 7 tags it missed the goth, gamer, and location prompts. But the quality was 10/10. Very realistic and with all the shadows and lighting it looked like she was in the room and not slapped on top.

When you scroll down you get the other settings like the option to make anime images. There are a few different models but they’re all locked behind a membership. There aren’t any helper icons or explanations about what they are, so who knows what Asian mix and Uber mean? There’s a section for styles which is where all the AI porn generator positions come into play. Until then I thought it wasn’t close to an R18+ site but then I found the bondage, tied up in the car, sex in the shower, spread pussy closeup and table sex options. That’s not even half of them. You can choose the ones you like most and add them to the toolbar for quick access. There’s a huge roster of anime characters to use as the base model from every series you could think of.

Making AI Deepfake Nudes with the Undresser

I fucking loved this. All the images you’ve made in the generator get added to a menu, so when you want to undress an image you can quickly pick one. Pro members can upload a different image but for me, their setup avoids all the reservations I have over AI deepfake nudes. Can’t invade privacy or be unethical if you’re only using AI images in the first place.

I used an image of a woman who looked like a model in her bikini and sexy long-legged body. I ignored the bikini and lingerie options in favor of a nude. The result wasn’t bad, but I’ve seen better. I tried again with someone wearing more clothes. You can let the AI do it for you or manually undress the images. From my experience, the AI did a great job. It’s only for a complicated image or pose that I had to manually do it. You can further change the image by writing some prompts.

The AI undress feature is a nice little extra way to see the nude versions of the girls you generate, but I ran into a couple of errors and had to reload the page several times just to make 3 deepnudes. The quality is why you use these tools and just like the AI porn generator, the images were stable and looked realistic.

More AI Porn Tools!

The video generator was next. So far you could do everything I did with a free plan, but generating AI videos requires a membership. They offer a full-access free trial for three days so if you want to mess around yourself, you don’t have to commit to anything. The only negative is you need to put in your card or PayPal details first. I wasn’t expecting much from the AI-generated porn videos because the technology still has a long way to go.

In the end, it was surprisingly decent. I made a German girl dressed as a maid complete with huge tits. She didn’t move much but it’s still more exciting than the image generator. A few generations later and I only had one occasion where the AI made some morphing monster who was missing her arm at several points.


Edit images

Undress and faceswap tools

Create AI porn images and videos

Good editor

Premium Benefits

Going premium lets you generate everything faster and unlock all the site options, tags and custom prompts. You can make videos, upscale, use anime options and improve the detail.


The free plan is slow and has watermarks

There’s a 3-day trial with the pro benefits if you put in your card details

$15/mo for a membership


I was surprised I hadn’t found earlier. The membership is fantastic and you get all the most popular AI porn tools. The stability is a huge plus and the images in particular were very realistic. You need to get the pro plan to access the fun stuff like custom prompts and unlock the spicy tags but the price is great. It’s hard to find fault with the AI porn generators but the instability was annoying at times when I was waiting for an image to generate and had to restart several times. The AI porn you’ll make, even on the free plan, is enough to make you want to sign up and go to town on these hot AI girls.

Visit: Getporn ai