Promptchan AI

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(User Rating 5/5)


  • The site receives updates and new features/improvements.
  • The videos aren’t realistic yet, but they’re getting there.
  • One of the few sites that let you make AI porn videos.
  • A good number of sex positions.


  • The generator is still in beta and will probably last a long time.
  • You need the most expensive plan to be able to generate videos.

Promptchan AI


(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Promptchan is a famous top-quality ai images generator that now has an AI porn video prompt! I couldn’t help but try it out myself. These sites are quickly jumping at the new AI technology. Right now, they’re not as stable as the results you get when you use the image generators, but it’s only a matter of time before the quality starts to pick up. Watching traditional videos won’t get replaced anytime soon, but being able to customize and create your content shouldn’t be underrated. If you’ve got some specific kinks, trying to find them online isn’t easy. You’ve either got to find a specialist site or try and pay some pornstars to act it out for you.

These AI algorithms are coming along quickly and let you create your desired content. You’ve got control over the most minor details, like how the chick looks, her age, and nationality. There’s nothing better than having an idea in your head and getting a porn video that suits all your criteria in just a couple of minutes. The videos take longer to generate than expected images and are just two seconds long. It’s the style of the morphing pictures rather than a smooth and stable generation.

How do I Make AI Porn Videos with Promptchan?

PromptChan uses a token system for all its generations. Making a video costs 15 gems. Right now, the video only works from prompts, not tags. It’s a strange approach because the tags usually work best in beta and are used to train the AI. You’ve got the option to use negative prompts as well for more control over the results. You can choose the video style from cinematic (realistic), anime, or art. Write up your prompts and select a pose. There are a lot of options here compared to other AI porn sites that offer video generations: there’s bondage, POV cowgirl, kneeling, POV blowjob, and doggy style. You’ll need to subscribe to a pro account to use video.

Another helpful thing is that you can save specific prompts. If you make a video and love everything about it apart from a tiny detail, then just change that, like the boob size, and generate it again to get something similar to your original creation. The girl won’t be saved across, but the outcome should be similar. The videos are loops and more like GIFs than full-on porn videos, but give it time, they’ll be longer and longer, and the quality will improve. You can select whether you make the video public or private. It’s nice having that sort of control over what you make – some people like the compliment of guys getting hard over their creations, but I can get the type of jealousy some people would feel. Maybe they made a girl so hot they think she’s honest!

Get Inspired by the Porn Video Gallery

When you’re making your porn videos, you can head over to the gallery and check out all the public creations. Click the video to filter for all the videos. There aren’t many other ways to browse the content and many videos here, so some more filters would be great. The gallery has some great videos; they’re sexier than the image because the movement makes them more realistic. That said, you’ll probably see that there are many more errors. The photos are at the stage where you can make dozens of great XXX content without any mistakes. The generator is still in beta, so I can’t say that much about the quality as it’s a work in progress. It’s best to visit PromptChan yourself to see what the quality looks like – it will develop quickly.

I tested out an anime video of a 20 year old girl riding cowgirl with bangs and black hair with an orgasm face. It was on the pro Plan and took around 2 minutes to generate. The bangs didn’t really come through how I imagined them, but the rest was accurate. The physics of riding the cock doesn’t look very realistic, but that’s mainly why I went with the anime style; the realistic ones seem to be more prone to error, or they’re more noticeable.

Promptchan AI Features

  • Save prompts to your account to reuse
  • AI porn gallery
  • Prompt-based video generation
  • Negative prompts
  • Change the camera motion in your video

Pricing Review

You can get a few image generations with the free Plan, but you’ll need to sign up to make videos. Remember, each video costs 15 gems, and images cost 1 each.

Plus Plan: $11.99/month for 300 gems, priority access, and save your work to your profile.

Premium Plan: $18.99/month for 800 gems and everything you get in the smaller Plan

Pro Plan: $26.99/month for unlimited casual generations and 1500 gems, AI characters, video generations, upscaling and faceswaps. is worth an AI Porn Generator


The generator is still in beta but it shows promise. Having custom prompts gives you a lot more freedom with what you create, and you should keep an eye on PromptChan if you’re thinking about making your AI porn.

Visit: Promptchan