Seduced AI

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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Fantastic options for specific porn scenes that other AI generators can’t replicate
  • Save and reuse characters
  • The basic plans are reasonably priced. The top tier ones end up being expensive quickly while other sites would give you unlimited generations at tose price ranges


  • The extensions are the features that make this a unique generator, but they’re very expensive
  • Long wait times for the free generations, it’s frustrating being next in queue and then have other people in front of you

Seduced AI


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Seduced AI

If there’s one way to describe Seduced.AI, it would be outstanding. The type of AI porn you can make never disappoints, and it comes with a few tools that I haven’t seen anywhere else that up the game. All of the generations you’ll do are text-to-image, giving you unparalleled creativity in the exact type of porn you can make. That level of total freedom makes the tool a pleasure to use. It doesn’t take long at all to start bringing your porn fantasies to life. For example, I had a few I’d been saving for an AI porn tool that would bring this one to life. I wanted to test how good it was and set for a girl in knee-high rainbow socks in black lace lingerie getting a spitroast, and I got exactly that. Even the cum looked better than the usual white paste or water generations make. I know for a fact you’ve got some dirty fantasies you’ve been dying to try out. Go for it.

Unique Features for Amazing AI Porn created with

The thing that makes this app so great is that it has a feature called extensions. They help you get some NSFW content that other AI generators struggle with. An example is the extension for massive tits. Toggle that lousy boy on, and the AI will perfect the idea of what it has to do. I tried doing that with some other apps, and they could do big tits, but not to this extreme-anime style size. The same goes if you want a spitroast scene like the one I generated, a ruined pussy, and it gets excellent results. Other sites haven’t been able to deliver on some of these fantasies without much tweaking of the prompt, negative prompts, and emphasis sliders. All the options have a sexy image of a chick to give you the exact right idea of both the quality of the generations and what it’ll look like.

Using you get dozens of extensions to choose from but can sadly only use two to four simultaneously, depending on your membership plan. They work for realistic and animated girls. Another highlight is the refills that you get. They’re not free tokens to generate porn exactly, but if you create something and it’s messed up – not just a poorly rendered finger – you can apply for a refill, and your tokens will get refunded for that. It’s a cool feature because with other sites, if you get a god-awful abomination that should be shot, you can’t do anything about it except tuck your dick back in your shorts and pretend it never happened.

Get Inspired

I found plenty of inspiring fap material in the public gallery. You can copy over the prompts or take the characters and save them. Then you can create some more porn and use that pic as the base model, giving you access to more customizations and improving upon the porn again and again. The site works well, the navigation is simple, and there’s even a free trial to get a few generations without paying. As usual, you have to wait a long time if you do that, but for the level of porn, you get, it’s not a problem at all. You can make videos as well. It’s new tech, and they’re nothing special right now, but give them a bit of time, and you’ll be directing your porn movies!

Seduced Ai Features

Text-to-image porn generation tool

Create videos up to 6 seconds long

Save and reuse characters to put them in new scenes or make subtle changes to make them sexier.

Influence your generations by uploading other images

Get unique AI content by using multiple extensions

Premium Benefits

The most obvious benefits for premium members are being able to get more generations, no watermarks, and being bumped up in the queue to save time and get your fresh porn faster.


$10/month for no watermark, generate 100 images a month

$25/month for 300 image generations, 30 refills, and a priority queue

$50/month for 750 image generations, 75 refills, and a faster priority queue

$150/month for 3000 image generations, 150 refills, and the top-tier priority


I love Seduced AI porn generator, mainly for the extensions. They’re something fun and unique, and make sure that when you’ve got a porn scene visualized, you can make it happen. Usually, I’ve got a particular idea, and you should know by now that when it comes to sex scenes, AI porn falls flat. Having an extension goes a long way to getting some realistic and authentic porn content, all from the comfort of your home or wherever you are – Seduced.AI works perfectly on all devices.

Visit: Seduced AI