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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Easy to make convincing deepfake porn videos
  • Safe site
  • Unique offer for an AI porn site


  • Expensive
  • No fetish videos
  • The average video length is around 2 minutes



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: NewFacePorn

I bet even your tastes and forays into the world of AI porn sites haven’t brought you into contact with sites like this. You’re behind the times so I’ll catch you up. NewFacePorn brings a new level of AI deepfake porn videos thanks to their unique setup. I hadn’t found a site like this before, and I’m constantly on the lookout to bring you the best AI porn sites. What they offer is something unique. They’ve combined amazing faceswap technology with ready-made adult videos in every position you could imagine. All you have to do is choose which person you want to be the pornstar and you can start using your hand for your jackhammer impersonation.

Deepfake AI videos have been around for a while but you’ve got to do all the hard yards. Find the video, download it while still keeping the quality and then upload it in keeping with all the requirements like file size and length. NewFacePorn lets you mess around with HD porn vids and keeps it simple. Even a deranged and porn-addled dude could figure out how to make something like this change their NSFW video consumption. The only videos on offer feature women, and I’m not sure if they even plan to have male pornstar videos.

Select from Dozens of AI Deepfake Porn Videos

There were 36 video templates to lose the last time I created an adult deepfake video. You can select hot chicks from multiple ethnicities and they go to town on those dicks. There’s content for everyone like cowgirl, doggystyle, missionary, chicks rubbing their clits like there’s no tomorrow and some tit jobs. Throughout the videos you’ll hear the chicks moaning in pleasure. Nothing is over the top like the extremely fake porn videos so you won’t get distracted, unless it’s by the mesmerizing jiggle of a MILF’s boobs.

The video length isn’t what you’d expect. They’re only around 2 minutes long which wouldn’t even get a virgin over the edge. Of course, the whole point of AI faceswaps is to fantasize about someone different but I don’t see why they couldn’t give you better fap material. Anyways, the videos always have the chick’s face showing constantly. Even when in doggystyle or taking it anal she turns around to moan and look up at you. It’s all POV sex to make your fantasy with the girl of your dreams more realistic.

Here’s where things get rough. You need to pay for each video. And they cost just shy of 30 bucks. You can swap out any faces you want once you own the video but it won’t be long before you’re bored of the same short clip. If you’re seeking some unique deepfake videos then it’ll be everything you hope for, but don’t expect the usual almost-endless treat of different porn videos.

Immersive Deepfake Experiences

The beauty of is the execution. The videos themselves are sexy as hell (I’ve been using too many AI sites featuring demon succubuses after my cum, sorry!) and the ease of use is a major drawcard. It’s a beautiful merge of faceswaps, AI, deepfakes and standard porn videos. You wanna have a fantasy about a specific person? Check. The same goes if you’re curious to see how freaky in the sheets they’ll be before you fuck in reality.

I couldn’t identify which pornstars they used in their videos based on the short clips, but that’s probably better. It’s hard to believe in AI deepfake porn videos when in the back of your mind you’re thinking ‘I know those pasty white tits, that’s Mia Malakova’. The mystery makes them more immersive, plus every video is in full HD. The faceswap technology they’re using is some of the best and it was easy to believe the girls I used were real pornstars. Just don’t upload a white girl’s face for the Asian or black girl’s bodies!

This site caters perfectly to that desire we all have, even if we don’t admit it. Everyone has imagined getting with a celebrity or personality. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we can’t all live in LA to make that happen. The next best thing is creating an AI deepfake and enjoying our couple of minutes in heaven. That reminds me, don’t go sharing these NSFW deepfakes around the internet! Because when you end up in jail you’ll quickly discover that your prison chums don’t need an AI to picture a different face as they take you doggy. Sorry for that mental image, but we gotta be ethical here.

Hey, What about my Privacy?

Privacy to these guys is at least as important as the foreplay before round one with a girl on a night out. They take this stuff seriously. It’s telling if your fantasies and videos got leaked out into the world so I’ll put things straight: the encryption is top-notch and so is the privacy. They’ve got your assets locked down tighter than the gag in a gimp’s mouth. Just as well because this isn’t your run-of-the-mill porn material. You might be fantasizing with your partner over a hot scene as part of your kinky foreplay and the last thing you want is to jeopardize her and let the whole world access that video.

In fact, you can’t even download the videos, they’re all stored on the webpage which is why they’ve gone to such lengths to make sure everything is harder to break into than trying to steal the crown jewels. The royal ones, not yours. We know you’re more than happy to open those gates to anyone. Now you know it’s safe, when you upload the face make sure it’s in the highest possible quality, well-lit, and facing directly towards the camera. You don’t want to buy a video only to discover that the only picture of the person you want to star in your masturbation session won’t work.


Use faceswaps to make convincing porn videos

Secure and encrypted site

36 video templates to use


There are no memberships or subscriptions on NewFacePorn. You create an account and then pay $29.90 for every video you want. It’s a steep price.


You can satisfy whatever indulgence you have with a single video from these guys. It’s hard to find a faceswap site that does this well. It’s just as well because the same cost as one video here gets you at least a month’s subscription to whatever other AI porn site you can think of. That fact alone puts me off There are one or two other sites out there that offer the same style of content, but give you more choice with longer videos (around 3 minutes).

If you’re after some personalized and unique sexual indulgence then this is the easiest way to create it. No skills, just a single photo and a desire to be a dirty dude. Thank god for the rise in AI technology – the faceswaps are amazing and we’ve never had such an accessible way to create NSFW videos. Time to find some HD pics to continue my research.

Visit: NewFacePorn