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(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • A new way to approach porn creation
  • The deepfakes are really convincing and the technology works really well when you use a high quality face


  • You need to use credits for everything on the site and even premium members aren’t exempt
  • The app isn’t specifically designed for porn reasons so the features are limited


(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Deepswap AI

You’ll be able to find out exactly what it would look like to start fucking your favorite porn star. This deepfake porn generator is simple to use, intuitive, and can result in some unique fap material that you can’t get anywhere else. A lot of other AI sites have their entire focus on stuff like a custom AI-generated porn image out of nowhere. This one uses the power of deepfakes to make convincing face swaps, leading to a different type of content. Or, if you want, you can use a face on a different body to make some shemales and trans girls if that gets you off.

The only limit to the uses here is a maximum of 10 MB or 120 seconds per video you use face swap for. You can always use a compressor tool for free to get a longer video under this MB limit. You can swap five faces at once. I decided to experiment and use a snippet of a video of Abbie Maley. Something about her tight body does it for me. So sorry, James Deen, I’m going to be the one (fake)fucking her. I uploaded the best pic of myself I could find to get the best results, and in a couple of minutes, I had a minute clip of me fucking her. It’s an excellent way to see a fantasy, but I did feel narcissistic after I finished watching myself make her cum. Post-nut clarity is absolute.

Improve Porn Videos with a Face Swap

Think about this: there’s a porn video or GIF you like. Like, REALLY like. It’s saved to your hard drive, so you never lose it, but the chick has a face only a mother could love. With a quick edit, you could put any face you could imagine on their curvy, delicious body. Problem solved; you just made the porn video even better and more fapworthy. This also extends to celebrities. I know you’ve had a few fantasies or jacked off to some images of someone famous before, probably looking for jerk-off challenges on the internet or trying to see if you could find a pic of them in a bikini. Well, it’s much easier – imagine their face on whatever body you can find online. Hint: there’s a lot.

Of course, all this opens up extensive conversations about ethics and consent. In short, don’t be a dickhead with what you do and share it on the internet unless you like fines or jail time; keep its use legit and safe. It’s a tool for your enjoyment and entertainment, nothing more.

Extra Image Editing Capabilities

Also, I know you’re here because you’re looking for new ways to enjoy porn and jack off, but some editing features on are helpful in daily life. You can enhance images and remove backgrounds using AI. If there’s any photo, NSFW or otherwise, you can get a crisp result that brings all the attention to the model. If you want, you could then put them on a different background or use it as a guide for AI generators to use them as the base for some porn content. Another option lets you transform any picture into a cartoon style. For m,e the results are shitty, but it’ll improve because it’s A, I, and the robots are always learning something new.

Deepswap AI Features

  • Do face swaps for images, videos, and GIFs
  • Edit photos and transform them into cartoon styles

Premium Benefits

When you sign up for premium, you unlock extra length for your videos. You can use videos of 500mb and a length of 10 minutes. It’s not a coincidence that this is the standard length of the free porn videos out there, wink wink. You get 20 credits per month and access to new features.

The extra length is excellent, but I’m unsure whether the premium is worth it. You get a discount credit package but still need to use it to generate a face swap or video. For example,e if you make a 5-minute video, that’s your entire credit gone for the month. You could faceswap 200 images instead, which is way better. But video is where all the fun is, so it will get expensive quickly if you use videos more than images. pricing review

You can pay with PayPal, credit/debit card, or cryptocurrency for a more discreet billing method. It’s a safe and secure checkout, as you’d expect.


$49.99/12 months

The prices are all right,t but you’ll need to buy credit packages, so the price is misleading if you use the app a lot.

Conclusions: should you buy it?

If you’re trying to get an AI app specifically for porn, you need to keep in mind that it only offers face swaps for deep fakes and no other tools. But if you want something you can use for both daily life and porn reasons now and then, it’s a good match. It’s fun messing around with the tool, but when you make videos, it’s annoying how many credits you have to use and spend when you already pay, and it becomes one of the more expensive AI apps.

Visit: Deepswap AI