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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Fast generations
  • Great quality results
  • One free undress/day
  • Very easy to use and the site looks great


  • The free plan is very limited
  • No other editing options apart from preset clothing



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Nodress

Here’s the latest in the ever-growing trend of AI deepfake generators and undress apps. This one goes straight to the point, saying you can undress your girlfriend or colleagues and turn anyone into a deepfake. Strange thing to advertise, surely you’ve seen your girlfriend naked before? And the other suggestion is going to get you sued/fired/jailed. You can’t blame your hormones for that one.

NoDress has a sleek design and from what I could gather it has the potential to be one of the best AI undress sites. I hope the actual generator can match their examples of a girl at the gym being painted over and then undressed. There are a few other costumes and outfits that looked like she was wearing them in real life so I’ve got high hopes for this app. They mention that uploaded photos are protected from indexation which makes me think they store them on their servers. Something to be aware of. I could be wrong but I’ve used dozens of these sites to undress hundreds of photos and haven’t seen that message before. Let’s test this bad boy out.

Testing Out the Undress of NoDress

To properly access the site you’ve got to sign up with your email address or through Google. I got the magic link immediately and signed up. The site keeps up the minimalistic design with a section to upload the photo and eight versions of girls ranging from naked to dressed in several colors of underwear, lingerie, BDSM and a sexy nurse. They all take 1 credit to generate except for the premium version which costs 2. Pretty decent pricing I’ve gotta say. They’ll release a face swap feature for more AI deepfake shenanigans but it’s not out at the time of writing this review.

After I signed up I got one free credit. It hardly counts as a free plan, but it refreshes every day. The good thing is that if you mess up in some way or the AI does a terrible job undressing the photo you can process it again for free. The undress tool is one of the manual ones. You’ve got to take the time to draw around the parts of the image you want to undress. There’s an option to undo, redo and change the brush size. Pretty basic set of tools that you can find everywhere. Where it changed was the results.

I’m always testing the potential of these sites so I deliberately chose an image of a dude in baggy clothes to see what this thing could do. I got a naked chick who looked perfect. I don’t know how it could even tell the body shape but it made it feminine and confirmed something: this undress app only works for women. I’m cool with that but I had to find out for you some way or another.

AI Deepfake Image Results

Next up I wanted to take advantage of the extra options like the sexy nurse. Nothing says turn-on like imagining you’re in the hospital after a horrible accident and getting pierced by needles. I used a decent photo this time with tight-fitting clothes. The generator says you can nudify several people if they’re not close together. I used a photo of a couple of chicks together and made a whole team of hot nurses.

As long as you use some images that aren’t overly baggy you get good results. In fact, this is probably the best AI deepfake undresser I’ve used. The image quality plus not having the infamous ghostly outlines of clothing were both consistently good. You’re going to get a huge watermark across whatever image you generate if you’re using the free uploads. It’s annoying and a push towards buying a premium membership (which doesn’t exist, it just means you have to buy credits).

Something missing is the ability to further edit the photos. Right now all you get to do is take off the clothes or select what to dress them in from the home page. You can’t change your mind and then change this stuff around within the generator. You have to leave and redo it which could get annoying. The costumes are a new feature but they’re already very consistent. is a quality AI undressing app and I didn’t come across much wrong with it. Even my generations were done in around 20 seconds which for the quality is amazing. Maybe I was lucky by coming at a time without much traffic but I was happy.

Is this Undress Site Safe to Use?

Despite the message about not indexing the photos you upload, the privacy policy says they don’t retain any user data and don’t record interactions on their platform. So I’d say it’s safe. They accept payments from all the big players like Apple Pay, Crypto, cards and PayPal.

Something worth mentioning is that even though they’re constantly saying you can undress your colleagues at work or friends, don’t be that guy. You’ve got to have consent when you use photos of people. Especially if you’re making nudes of them. Use some common sense. There are still other uses for Undress Apps when you keep those considerations in mind.


Undress any photo

7 different presets and clothing options

Premium Benefits

There’s no actual membership on NoDress, just credit packages. Premium members get their images processed in less than 1 minute. They can also generate images at maximum quality and resolution up to 1024px.

Price doesn’t have any set packages. Instead, they give you a sliding scale with different credits that last a set number of weeks. The credits don’t rollover and it costs one credit per generation. Here’s an idea based on a few different points on the slider.

$3 gets 7 credits that last for one week.

$16 gets 60 credits that last for two weeks.

$28 gets 207 credits for three weeks.

$50 gets 600 credits for one month.


Well, I was right. This is one of the best undress sites I’ve used. Nudifying any image was simple and the AI was fantastic at differentiating where the body ended and clothes began. If there was ever a mistake, getting to redo it without paying another credit was appreciated. I haven’t found another site that gives you unlimited free generations. There aren’t any subscriptions which saves you from having to remember to cancel or renew it. I found the credit plan a bit weird. It’s true the pricing is good but I wasn’t a fan of having all the credits only last a week at the lower tiers. The customization is a nice touch and you can get some more free generations if you take surveys. Their messaging about who you can nudify was kind of dodgy but if you’re wanting to test out the AI and see how good a deepfake can be, this is the site you should try out first.

Visit: Nodress