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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Extremely detailed results
  • Lots of image customizations
  • Fast generations
  • Free trial


  • The plans are strange with the daily bonus
  • Site looks terrible
  • Only manual options



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Nudeitnow

Amongst all the AI porn sites you need something distinctive to stand out. That applies to all of them but especially amongst the deepfake and undress apps. There are only so many ways to sell the whole ‘Undress any photo to a click’ to someone. Especially cause so many don’t offer anything new, and usually they use the same generator. I’m on the lookout for sites that can offer something else. Something that makes me wanna lock my door, call off my plans and whip out a folder of clothed women and my dick.

NudeItNow is an AI undresser site that didn’t wow me. The landing page is almost all white and even their logo isn’t a chick licking something phallic like they usually are. No design costs were spent here, obviously. But then going down I started seeing what it offered with image after image of the pre and post-undressing. They used some AI girls to undress but that’s standard practice. No chick is going to be like “Oh yeah, totally post my real nudes on your website” outside of a porn video.

The design faults are because they rushed to get their app out and working. I guess it’s for funding reasons so I expect them to improve upon this a lot. A positive side to this is they’ll be regularly updating their work of art and adding new features as they keep getting funds. You could be the person who’s payment gives us some more deepfake options.

Making AI Deepfakes, Now

NudeItNow is one of those sites that has you do the work when it comes to making custom AI deepfakes. Those sorts of settings are the ones I prefer. It can get on your nerves if you’re undressing a lot of photos but otherwise, the quality makes it much more worth your time. Imagine you’re using your finger in real life and drawing over the boobs, that makes it more interactive and enjoyable. You get extra flexibility with what you want to undress. Maybe the girl is in an amazing dress and you only want to see her ass. Or just the tits. Whatever option, you’ve got full control over what gets removed and how.

I usually start going on about how to make some deepfake AI porn images but that’s old news now. You know exactly how to make them, it’s not like it’s a stretch of the imagination to upload a photo and click undress. Even less so when you sign up and get two free generations. Something that surprised me was the quality of the AI nudify feature. There were some photos they used as examples with low lighting and the chick still looked completely gorgeous.

Is it Legal to Make AI Deepfakes?

Before we play around with the fun stuff, yes and no. I see these sites as a great extra tool to turn all the other AI images you can find online and then make them into nudes. There are loads of sites you can screenshot or save these images from. Endless actually. If you’ve got a subscription to a different porn site and have a bunch of dress AI pics you can take them to the next level and enjoy seeing all their curves, asses and pussies. You can undress your own photos or others if you’ve got consent from that person. But don’t use images illegally and start sharing them. It’s a great area so keep an eye out and if you’re in doubt, don’t do it.

NudeItNow is a secure undress site so when you upload an image it’s not going to get leaked to everyone. The signup process and payments are as simple as undressing girls and making AI deepfakes. Your data is safe with their encryption technology. What’s not safe are all the chicks you’re undressing and fantasizing over. Enough chit-chat, let’s make AI-powered porn.

Undress and Edit your Nudes

Here’s where things get spicy. There are some unique features on NudeItNow to edit and make otherwise plain images extra sexy. Like AI generators you can edit the weight, muscle and breast size. There are six different settings that can get even a flat-chested source image into someone with tits that would bounce around during sex. Bury your face between those knockers!

Have you undressed an image and aren’t happy with the results? A tomboy or shy introvert isn’t going to change much once you see them naked. They might still have that vanilla vibe that proves they haven’t done anal or had a trio. Plug in a few edits and they’ll match the wild girl you got stuck in your head driving you mad. You can add some BDSM lashes across their exposed skin or select the oiled version. The lashes didn’t do it for me – they weren’t believable – but I’m all for oil and seeing the chicks lathered up.

You get a couple of different generators that range from ultra-realistic up to Wild Realism and Amateur V4. Every image I used came back better than the one I put in. No, not because I’m always horny, I mean the quality. I can definitely see myself using NudeItNow over the other sites I’ve used in the past. It’s missing the option to put models in lingerie or bikinis and BDSM gear but everything else is there. The power of this generator mixed with the speed makes it a major winner for me.


Add porn features to your images

Change and edit the body type

Undress photos with a few clicks

Premium Benefits

Premium members get improved quality on their generations and can add and edit the images like the breast size and early access to new releases. There are no watermarks on any pics you generate as a member.


Apparently there’s a discount if you pay through their Patreon, but it wasn’t there when I checked. You can pay by any card.

The free trial gives you 2 generations.

Launch plan: $3/mo for 10 credits

Starter plan: $8.99/mo for 30 credits +1/day

Bronze plan: $19/mo for 80 credits + 2/day

Silver plan: $50/mo for 250 credits + 3/day

Gold plan: $100/mo for 600 credits + 4/day


NudeItNow is one of the best AI undresser apps I’ve used. The quality of the images can make even some bad ones into something worthy enough to dedicate a cumshot to. I tested out the type of images that usually give inconsistent results and even those surprised me. The site is reasonably new but that means they’ve gone straight for the up-to-date generators and can learn from what works on other AI deepfake sites.

A few clothing modifiers and the option to select if you want the AI to select the clothes or for you to do it manually would be a welcome change. Other than that, NudeItNow is hard to fault. The price is slightly more than other sites but for the quality you get, I’m more than happy to dish out a bit more cash for more convincing deepfakes. You should be too.

Visit: Nudeitnow