(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Free trial
  • The results look realistic
  • Simple to use


  • Long wait times for free processing
  • Expensive
  • Few editing tools compared to other sites


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


Don’t let the site name turn you off. You don’t actually have to draw some nudes. I doubt that talent would get you very far. It kind of reminds me of South Park with Randy jerking off to some awful pictures. What DrawNudes actually is is an artificial intelligence powered undress site. The same ones you’ve been seeing in the news lately cause some dumb kid started sharing fake nudes of someone online until they got arrested. You’re better than that though, so no sharing images of people without their consent or I’ll be hearing about you in the news. And I don’t want you blaming me because you couldn’t keep it in your pants.

I had a bit of a moment when I landed on this site. It looked suspiciously familiar until I realized it was a variation of Same style with the same offering. There’s even a link at the top to the other site. But hey, if one of them gets taken down for whatever reason the other one will still be active. Break out the lube cause this is an AI porn undress site that’s worth shooting your genetic material around the place. The landing page is attractive but it’s like a worse version of its competitor. But the important thing is how realistic are the deepfake nudes you can make, and is it really a free undress porn site?

Let’s Draw Nudes with DrawNudes

All the deepfake machines and AI porn sites go around generating the images in a different way. Some of them play into the whole AI vibe and do it all for you. You’ve only got to pick the image and click one button and it’s done for you. Draw Nudes falls under the other category where you’ve got to take the time to draw around the parts of the clothes you want.

The benefit of this is there’s less margin of error. You won’t have the AI misreading the image and removing part of a nipple by mistake. It can be annoying having to do this every time you want a nude, but if it’s a one-off occasion or you’re testing the waters you won’t be bothered by the extra seconds it takes.

Create Free AI Nudes

The site has it front and center on its homepage that you can undress girls for free. I put in the hard yards by staring at naked women on your behalf to test this out. You’ll need to make a free account and then you get gifted 5 free coins. That’s hardly enough to get my imagination starting.

There’s a referral program which is becoming more popular on AI porn sites. Unfortunately, it’s one of the poorer ones. You can earn credits by inviting friends, making videos about their service or subscribing to their Telegram channel. You get 50% of whatever your friend buys as free coins which ain’t half bad. Technically it is free, but Draw Nudes is using the term very loosely. After the few images you can nudify for free you’ve gotta start forking out the bucks.

How Realistic Are the Deepfakes?

I made an account and got an email direct to the junk folder as you’d expect. There’s a quick introduction about how to get the best results: have the mode facing the camera, the fewer clothes the model is in, the better, and you’ve got to paint over the clothes you want to remove. Simple, but make sure you follow it to avoid any weird AI generations.

A nice little feature that other sites are only moving towards now is being able to undress based on URL links. Much better than having to screenshot or save a photo, upload it, make a nude, and then download that photo. This skips a lot of hassle and wasted space and people potentially stumbling on your photo library. But they should know by now what they’ll find on your phone.

I ran through all my credits and bought some more to see what this bad boy can do. The results are great. So many of the sites give you a poorly rendered image that loses detail but that didn’t happen here. Similarly, the AI doesn’t feel like the early versions that the creators never update. The curves, skin and blending were all great. Maybe once I had a ghostly remnant of clothing on the image. That’s not out of place and I’m yet to find a site that doesn’t have at least one of those now and then.

Long Waits and the Results

There weren’t any other options to edit the photos. What you see is what you get. It’s disappointing considering the quality. I like tweaking the images and changing them around. Even a basic body shape editor would be cool to add curves or make someone more slender. While I was on the free credits I had to wait several minutes to get the results and was asked to buy VIP coins to skip the queue. Considering they were free I used them up first. I recommend you keep working or doing whatever it is you do and checking back on the results later.


3D art filter

Upload and nudify photos for free

Draw over the section to undress yourself

Premium Benefits

The VIP coins give you a queue skip, HD quality and remove the watermark.


There aren’t any plans here. It’s nice not having everything split up based on tier, but buying individual coins always feels like you end up spending more cash. There’s a lunar sale with up to 60% off but it’s not the lunar year, so it’s just a way to create scarcity.

$2 for 3 credits

$6 for 15 credits

$15 for 45 credits

$40 for 150 credits

$100 for 320 credits

$200 for 640 credits

$500 for 1600 credits


It takes longer using Draw Nudes than it would on a different site. That’s because you have to do the work yourself and then the AI takes over. The results are worth the extra effort. The AI undresser porn site niche is only a couple of years old now and has a lot of potential. I hope the team at Draw Nudes keeps updating their AI and improving on it so it doesn’t fall by the wayside. I was happy with my results. It helps that I’ve had a lot of experience using these tools before and know exactly what type of photos work best.

The pricing could drop down a tier or two because you can find some places that give you unlimited generations a month at the same price as 45 generations here. At least they have a referral program to offset that but the free coins usually have a long wait time. I’m excited to see where they keep going with this and whether they’ll update the site in the future. A mix between Clothoff and DrawNudes would be good for people who don’t want to manually outline the images themselves and get material for their masturbation sessions faster.