Visit: Unclothy


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Fantastic price
  • Consistently good generations
  • Private and secure


  • You can’t edit the photos afterwards
  • It’s all automated by AI so the quality is slightly worse than manual sites



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Unclothy

Undress everyone and turn your photos into nudes in just one click’. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Unclothy is another AI porn undress site. The name was a giveaway. The next clue came from the homepage. There’s an Asian babe dressed in leather that hints at the curves and soft breasts beneath, with the fully undressed version to her left. I’m glad this site doesn’t beat around the bush. Most of them don’t show explicit AI nudes but Unclothy knows exactly why you’re there.

There are a few more hot chicks fully clothed below in a GIF form, changing from unassuming clothes to full-body nudes. The girls are all AI-generated in the first place but there’s no reason to believe you can’t make quality deepfake nudes with this tool. Just make sure you’re not using it on people without their permission. They’ll take down all these sites if you do that. They usually say all the images are private and no one can see the data, but this stuff is still policed so keep your head straight. There’s a disclaimer to that effect you have to agree to to start undressing photos.

The site has a basic layout, no special points but it’s better than the simple one. All the info you see is designed to drive you to the Telegram channel. It’s all about the quality of the girls you’re undressing. Unclothy is a paid service but has a referral program for you to earn rewards. A free plan of even a few generations would convince people to sign up, but at $2 for the chance to see the girl you always fantasize about naked, what more could you want?

How does This Undresser App Work?

Unclothy was trained on female photos so if you want to undress males you’re out of luck. It might work but chances are you’ll create an abomination that should be put down. Stick to the chicks and see my other reviews if you want to make AI deepfakes of naked guys. The site runs on Telegram for the higher level of anonymity and the encryption tech there. This is one of the most secure and safe sites I’ve come across.

Their AI tool will automatically detect the clothes on whatever photo you upload with artificial intelligence. That means that you have to be sure you’re uploading a high-quality photo. Use photos of people in daily wear with some skin showing, tight clothes and the girl facing the camera and not in a weird pose are essential to good generations. That will make the job much easier for the AI. The hands-off generation saves you time and effort in selecting which parts of the clothes you want to remove but historically it means there are more accidents and worse results. The fewer or tighter the clothes, the better and more realistic your deepnudes will be.

There aren’t any free credits for you to start undressing photos with AI. Thankfully there’s a referral program where you receive another credit and 50% of purchased credits for everyone you invite. I prefer different loyalty programs because this isn’t really something you advertise to friends. I can’t imagine that convo. “Hey James, can you sign up to this site because I wanna undress that chick who rejected me and I don’t wanna pay for it.” You’ll get laughed at, ridiculed and thought of as a creep. Maybe that’s just me, you do you. And don’t forget consent.

Making Deepnudes with Unclothy
I booted up Telegram and got started. There are a few commands you can use such as a demo, changing the clothes of someone, selecting to generate AI nudes or putting the person in a bikini. The site gave me a demo of a celebrity in a dress. Within 35 seconds I was staring at a nude of them. It wasn’t great, so I regenerated the image which removed the strange shadows underneath her breasts.

That’s all there is to it. It’s an extremely basic tool to use. The lack of free generations is a pain but when you see the pricing you won’t complain, it’s dirt cheap. Definitely one of the cheapest options I’ve come across. The quality ain’t bad either. The skin tone and the poses were perfectly translated every time. I’d rank it as one of the better undressing porn sites I’ve come across.

I get why they’re using Telegram for it but that always makes me think of illegal things so I had a bad feeling in my gut about what people would use the site for. They touch on the security and people using the site for extortion but they only mention the processes involved in the image processing which varies for each individual, whatever the hell that means.

You can easily save your downloads to your device without any fuss. The quality is great regardless of what package you buy. It’s less about having a premium membership – you get the same features and access no matter what you do, so long as you have credits.


AI-powered photo undressing

Bikini and deepnude models


Premium Benefits

Every generation you do costs credits. You can’t get free ones so you’ll need to buy them to use Unclothy. There aren’t any refunds


The pricing of Unclothy is without a doubt its strongest offer. You buy the credits, not a monthly plan, so there’s no rush to use them and even if you use bad photos and make a lot of mistakes, 175 deepnude generations should last you ages.

$2 for 26 images

$3 for 70 images

$5 for 175 images

$12 for 875 images


I wouldn’t put this at the top of the list of the AI undresser category but it’s definitely up there. The option to do some manual inpainting for better results would be a nice touch. As would a free trial, otherwise you’re referring people to a site you haven’t used yourself. Once users used those I’m sure they’d want to sign up to generate more quality deepfake nudes. The positive side is you can generate images extremely fast and with a single click. Just make sure you save them to the hidden folder in your phone or you’ll be scared to hand anyone your phone and show them your family vacation pics! Your frequent bathroom trips will make sense when they see you have naked models everywhere.

Unclothy is hosted on Telegram so you know your chat and the images you’re uploading will be secure. All the payment options are legit as well. Everything about the site lets you know you’re using a great undresser. What you use this site for is up to you. Their examples included celebrities and the like but at the same time goes against their policy of not undressing people without consent. It’s a mixed message but people are always going to do whatever they want in these cases. Especially when there’s a chance to ogle girls.

Visit: Unclothy