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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • The quality of the photos is great
  • One free image every three days
  • HD images
  • Change the models into a 3D version


  • Very pricey
  • No other benefits or features on the site



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: ClothOff

ClothOff doesn’t leave much to the imagination. If you’re wondering what you can do with this AI app, seek help. It’s probably for the best that you’re fapping to these fake images and not breeding. It’s one of the latest in an ever-growing list of AI undresser apps that have been popping up all over the internet. Some of them are just cash grabs that have bad-quality results. This isn’t one of those. It says there’s an app for IOS and Android, but in reality, it is only you saving the URL to your home screen to access it faster. It’ll make you think twice about sharing your phone with anyone when the first thing they see is that you’ve possibly been making nudes of them.

This reminds me, before we get started, don’t make nudes of people without them knowing. You could land in severe shit, and then who is going to be reading my reviews! I don’t want my readers in jail or without any extra cash for their porn. Take me away from mine, and I’d become even more of a degenerate. So make sure you have consent or aren’t sharing pics of people. Just recently, some Twitch streamer got into a shit show for revealing some deepfakes of celebs and streamers, and the site owners were going to get sued. So sometimes you have to keep it in your pants. But onto the porn.

Take Clothes off Any Photo

I just found out that some of the earlier photo-dressing apps have gone offline. Maybe it’s for legal reasons, but you can still visit the URLs they no longer advertise for their tools. This one is in total production, churning out thousands of nude images every day if the website traffic is anything to go off. The site uses the example of a Latina in the street with a loose-flowing chest and just a hint of cleavage. The AI tool runs over it and undresses her completely but leaves her pussy and nipples blurred.

The surprise is that the dress isn’t body-hugging at all, and it did it perfectly. Yeah, I know they won’t advertise their site with some shitty-quality image. But look at the results and tell me it isn’t realistic. I had to try this for myself.
They say it’s a free service, so I got a link sent to my email address. It never arrived, so I had to go through Google. After a quick run-of-the-mill process saying that I take responsibility for the content I make and not use it irresponsibly, it was time to get into the action.

I uploaded a regular-looking photo because you never know what to expect from these photo undressers. Sometimes, they are fantastic, and others only work if the chick is already half-naked. This one is in the middle of the field. It struggles with loose clothes but handles the standard shirt and pants combo well and beats other sites.

Can I Undress Photos for Free?

You can get one free undress every three days. When you’re trying to get off, that’s a considerable wait time. It’s nice that the free trial is extended, but I could only get a single image on the free plan. Any more, and you get a blurred photo. A lot of other sites only let you undress a single image in total or don’t even let you use the nudify features unless you’re on a premium plan. The pricing is a bit rough, but then it’s always more expensive to use these apps instead of AI porn generators.

It would be best to stick to their suggestions: a photo of someone kneeling is much more likely to end up with clothing remnants than one of the chicks facing you. ClothOff is ahead of the game when it comes to getting nudes, but you should still try to upload HD photos with minimal clothes, even if it’s so you don’t waste your tokens on the generations.

Clothoff Features

Free undress app with 1 photo every three days

High-quality results

Works well with slightly loose clothing

Premium Benefits

You’ll need to get premium if you want to make more than one nude every three days. Using tokens to undress images would be best, so check out the pricing below.


  • Each coin lets you generate one image.
  • There are many different bundles that get cheaper the more you buy. Currently, the cheapest is four coins for $2, and the most expensive is 1600 coins for $500.
  • $11 gives you 30 nudes
  • $50 gives you 150 nudes
  • $200 gives you 640 nudes.
  • As you can already tell, this is one of the most expensive AI photo-dressing apps on the market.


The price of ClothOff is off-putting; I’m not going to lie. It stands slightly apart from the rest of the competition in terms of quality, but they usually give you a whole bunch of other AI porn features you can mess around with. This is an undresser with no extra benefits apart from turning an image into a 3D version. If you’ve been messing around with other apps and aren’t happy with the quality, you should give this one a shot. It’s going to surprise you and give you the results you’ve been wishing for when it comes to turning a photo into a nude. If it’s your first time, give the free trial a go and sign up to the site.

I’d love it if they could introduce other features like an AI image generator, videos, a chatbot, or anything else. Without those, the value isn’t where it should be. On the plus side, the speed of this tool is wild, so as long as you have coins, you’ll be pumping out a crazy amount of realistic nudes.

Visit: ClothOff