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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • High-quality deepfake nudes
  • Simple to use and all automatic


  • Expensive and has no free plan
  • No extra features apart from nudifying photos


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Makenude ai

Get Porn, Porn AI, Make Nude, Only Nude. For AI porn sites that give you unlimited flexibility and possibilities, they sure aren’t creative with their names. We’re only in the second year or so of AI porn sites exploding onto the internet. falls under the category of an undress porn site. They promise you can see any girl clothless at the click of a button.

A few examples are front and center on the homepage showing before and after images and a GIF of a chick being undressed. I liked what I saw. So many of these sites check out the girl and immediately think you want to see her with a massive rack and back problems. The examples here were much closer to reality and made me feel like this undresser would be different from the competition. That’s not surprising – they say they’ve been around since 2021 and trained the AI for almost 5500 hours.

They’ve got the usual Q&A on the site with a section about how to download images from Instagram. That gave me a bit of an ick considering that probably means undressing the hotties that inhabit the platform without consent. Be a true simp and pay for their OnlyFans instead. Everyone else does it and maybe that way the models will notice you exist!

How do I Undress Someone with AI?

All of these sites have something in common: the type of image you need to upload to get good results. It should be a well-lit image with the person facing the camera and in as few layers as possible. Someone at the beach in a bikini, or a crop top in the street, or tight-fitting yoga pants is best. After all, they’re what the girls usually wear while you stare at them as they walk into the distance. An AI deepfake app like MakeNude saves you from having to store that fap material in your brain.

The photos should also have the target model away from everyone else and standing up, or at least not in a complicated pose like crossed legs and angled away from the camera. With that quick run-through, you’re ready to make some hot deepfakes. I should say that isn’t designed to undress men or multiple people. Take a look at one of their examples, the poor bystander behind the chick gets turned into a pink mass of pixels as it tries to show off his ass.

Whatever image you generate on is stored on their site for 30 days before being deleted. That’s much longer than other sites but it’s still a secure and encrypted site. Just know that if in the rare case there was a hack, it’s much more likely for people to see the images you’ve made here in comparison to other deepnude generators. They don’t store the images on the site.

How Does Work?

Once you’ve got the photo and your lube ready, upload it to the server. Everything is automatic, there isn’t any option to do it manually. That means you sure as hell hope you follow my previous instructions to a tee. There’s no free trial and no way to get reimbursed for a bad generation, so make it count. I’d prefer it if they gave you a manual option to undress the images. That normally gives you better quality generations at the expense of more time and effort on your part. For deepfakes, I’m prepared for that sacrifice to get the most realistic possible experience as I fantasize about a girl I’m into.

The examples they’ve got feature plenty of Chinese girls in swimsuits or tight-fitting leather and a couple of white girls. They’re all the type of people you’re used to undressing with your eyes in the street. Hover over their pic and you can see their AI nude. The quality is fantastic and apart from some nipples that are a bit too far to the left or the right, accurate to the source image. The skin color and curves of their bodies are a perfect match.

I can’t stare at their examples for so long, I’ve gotta sign up myself to try out this AI porn undresser. I recommend making an account and then buying the subscription – the other option is to pay and then put in an email address which is too shady for my liking.

The basic plan is around $10 for 15 images and a discount for future orders. That’s pretty expensive – the standard price is $20 for the 15 images. There are cheaper sites out there but I’ll check out how realistic these deepnudes are before I decide. I’d love a free trial. AI porn sites have been around long enough where that’s the standard so I don’t understand why MakeNude doesn’t have one after so many years.

Undressing Photos

I uploaded a couple of pics of people in several layers, tight-fitting clothes, and some chunky women too. All in the name of experimentation. As I expected, the larger people gave back worse-quality images. The quality of the rest was great. Even the girls in a few layers weren’t far off. Maybe not the most convincing but better than other AI undress platforms I’ve used. Don’t go messing around outside of the standard suggestions. The pricing plans are steep so it’s not worth making a bad image. There aren’t any other features like editing the images or changing them with prompts. It’s purely designed for AI nudes, nothing else.


Automatic undress tool

Make deepnude photos

Premium Benefits

You get a discount of between 10-20% on future orders once you’ve been subscribed, depending on which tier you opted for. You need to be a member to undress images in the first place, and there’s no queue. Expect nudes in around 10 seconds.


The plans aren’t recurring subscriptions.

Basic $9.99 for 15 images and a 10% future bonus

Pro $29 for 60 images and a 13% future bonus

Pro Plus $49 for 80 images and a 16% future bonus

Elite $99 for 300 images and a 10% future bonus

Enterprise $299 for 1500 images, the API, a manager and a marketing plan


I wanted to like more than I did. That has nothing to do with the quality, that was great. It’s more the pricing, lack of free trial and lack of extra features. If they had a prompt tool or some other options to edit and change the images that would be great. Most of the AI porn sites tack on the undress feature as a bonus and cost the same price, if not less, and sometimes give you unlimited generations.

There are no recurring payments which is great and the site is popular because of how realistic the deepnudes are. If you haven’t used AI undress platforms before then it’s a great introduction to them and you’ll be more than satisfied with the results. But beyond the first credit package, there’s better value out there.

Visit: Makenude ai