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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Completely free to use
  • Works for both males and females
  • Undress images in only ~40 seconds


  • The outlines are bad
  • You don’t have any control over which parts of the image are undressed



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Ismartta

Every week I’m reviewing a new AI undress site. Surely not everyone in the world is so horny they need to start undressing strangers? Now that I think about it, who hasn’t had a few fantasies about someone? Maybe they’re out of your league or it’s not going to happen. That’s where these pages come in – satisfying your curiosity and putting an end to you fantasizing about them without a sexy reference. Don’t let the landing page of Ismartta fool you, it’s an AI deepfake site.

The layout of Ismartta needs a lot of work. I mean a lot. It’s basically a white page with no graphics or examples anywhere except for the bottom which has a few body types. There’s not a single example of what the AI undresser can do so I had to figure it out for you. A lot of these sites have some extra features or something about them that makes them stand apart from their competitors. As far as I could tell Ismartta doesn’t have anything like that. There’s a section where you can perform multiple faceswaps for images and videos but this review is focused on the undress feature.

The page says you can customize the AI nudes and that it’s 100% free. That’s true, I wasn’t asked to pay at any stage. I’ve always got my ad blocker running, especially when I’m using sites like this one. Who knows, maybe there were some pop-ups at some stage but I didn’t come across any. It’s nice getting a 100% nudify site. It’s a rare thing with these generators.

Custom AI Nudes

Sorry, that’s not entirely true. I’m using their language. I found out almost straight away you can’t make actual nudes. You can only undress photos down to lingerie or underpants. I should have known it was too good to be true. On the plus side, it’s probably going to save you a lot of meetings in court or potential lawsuits. After all, you need consent if you’re making deepfakes and nudes of people. So even though you can’t make AI nudes using this site, you can still see some skin and that’s more than you were going to get, right?

The site works for both males and females. The female generations look better like they always do. If you’re undressing a woman you can choose to put them in underwear or lingerie. If it’s a guy, swimwear or underwear. There’s a section where you can select the color of the clothes you want them in. Yes, choosing the color of clothes on a nudify page doesn’t make any sense, just keep reading. The last thing you can customize is the body shape. There are athletic, hourglass, slim, skinny, curvy and chubby body types to choose from.

I hope they improve their generator and make it so you can edit more parts of the image. The ones where you can edit within the photo are the best. You can download or zoom in on your generations. The AI itself isn’t bad, the skin looked realistic, it’s just the outlines of the photo and features like the hair that gave me trouble. A few more customizations (that affect the image), tattoos and accessories, a beard remover or the option to select the type of lingerie would make a huge difference. That’s the type of thing I think of when it comes to custom AI nudes, not like this. If those are added, I’m happy. I don’t even need to see exposed tits and pussies to be happy but the generator needs to work as intended.

How Good are these AI Deepfakes?

Well for starters you can’t do any of the inpainting yourself. You’ve got to hope that the AI can differentiate everything in the image. The benefit of the other style is that you have more control over the image and can undress just the top or bottom half. On Ismartta it always undresses the whole image. Sometimes it misses parts or leaves some traces behind which ruins the effect and the purpose of undressing the images in the first place.

That’s why here, moreso on other sites it’s important you use a well-lit photo with as little background interference as possible. I used one where the girl was in front of a textured wall and the AI didn’t know what was going on. It added clothes and outlines to her skin. Bare, exposed skin. And it managed to make it less sexy. The hair got messed up as well, so not a good first impression.

I kept using the undress tool in different settings and multiple people. Everything you can think of, I did. It’s a free site so I’ve got to give it some slack, but I wasn’t impressed. The nipples were missing, the lingerie was basic and not the sexy type I hoped for. Something that did surprise me was the wait times. It could be because not many people use the site but I was generating free AI deepfakes in around 40 seconds. It’s not bad when you consider other places that make you wait up to 5 minutes at times.

Ismartta is in a weird place. It’s really only for fully clothed people. If you’re looking at someone who’s already in a bikini or something, nothing will change. There’s the body type section but that didn’t have any effect on my generation. If I had a skinny chick and wanted to add some meat, the chubby setting didn’t change anything. All in all, the generations weren’t great. I’m glad it’s free because I wouldn’t pay for it. The only thing going for it is the fact it’s free and the good AI undressers only give you one or two generations for free.


Undress photos down to bikinis/lingerie

Edit the color of the clothes


I like the fact that it’s free but that’s where it stops. The editing options are very limited. Some of them, like the body shapes, didn’t seem to have any influence on the images themselves. The colors weren’t very subtle either, if you select green, you get a bright green. If they allowed you to in-paint the images yourself that would be a lot better. Then you might be able to have the right clothes removed without any traces left behind.

I can see people using Imsartta as a taste of AI deepfake generators and it’s best used outside of a porn context. After all, you’re not going to undress anything below a bikini. Aside from that, get your AI undress site recommendations from any of the other reviews I’ve done. You might have to pay for them after a short free trial, but you get what you pay for. There’s a faceswap section on the site which I can see giving you a better experience and being suitable for SFW and NSFW contexts. That’s free as well, and better than their undress tool.

Visit: Ismartta