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(User Rating 3/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • You get a lot of features from a single site
  • The image generation quality is top notch


  • Some of the features are still in beta and lag behind similar sites with the same features
  • You can’t make a custom AI chat companion



(User Rating 3/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Soulgen

SoulGen is another AI app that’s been appearing everywhere lately. But it’s one of the good ones, not like the ones trying to take your money and give you some fucked disfigured chick in return. They have better morals than that. They want to provide a good Ai porn service for all of us thirsty guys who are either sick of real girls or want to bring some kinky shit to life that would be almost impossible to convince someone to do in real life without paying them a shit ton of cash.

Generate AI Porn Images

The main feature of the site is its porn generator. It’s a prompt system, and you should know by now that, for me, that gives a site some extra points. Prompts aren’t always as consistent as a tag system, but if you don’t write an entire article of information, they stay true to whatever you write. It’s important to note that they work by putting the most emphasis on the words you say at the start. So if you want a BBW, you should start with that instead of ‘corset, tits exposed, BBW.’ Trial and error, and I’ve worked out this shit through all the porn I make on the daily.

For now, anime and hentai lovers lose you – SoulGen only lets you generate realistic or cinematic-style images. They’re very similar, and realistic images differ because they have better lighting. The aspect ratio is 2:3, making it ideal for smartphone users, but if you use the site on a desktop, you won’t get the resolution you’d want. Having the option to change the ratio would be well received, but they still make updates for the site so that it could be added later.

I made a lot of chicks, going from busty asian 18-year-olds to flight attendants in lingerie. They all worked well, and I had no issues with extra fingers. It seems like a thing of the past, at least when you use a quality AI image generator like this one. There’s also an option of ‘looks like,’ meaning you can use another image to influence the face of your porn characters. It is excellent for using your favorite celebrity or a chick with a face that ticks all your boxes. It won’t be accurate (no lawsuits, baby, baby,Β  but it has a noticeable effect on the generations and is an excellent way to satisfy a fantasy you might have.

Start Chatting with AI Babes

Soul Chat is a recent feature they’ve added, but it is still in beta. It’s a way to chat with over 15 premade girls. There are some fantasy characters, generic chicks, and famous people you can start chatting with. The chat is still in beta, and sometimes it feels like the girls repeat themselves and don’t have the best memory, but if you want to have some engaging conversations with some back and forth, it’s good. Oh, it’s completely uncensored as well, so you can start chatting and get some nudes from these girls. They have different personalities and talk differently, and there are characters like a stepmom, stepsister, housewife, and supermodel. The images are all realistic, and it would be a pleasure running into them in real life – they’re fucking sexy, dude!

You can do some face swaps using a new feature. It works for both images and videos, with a cap on the size of the files, which is expected. It has a lot of applications for the models you generate. You might make one and wish you could change the face. This tool works well with the image generator to get the image you’re happy with. Or you could use a porn video and swap out a face or, more, some trans girls with big dicks and feminine faces. The max size is oneΒ  MB for pics and 50 MB for videos, which gives you many options for creative content and a good length for videos.


Photo editing – you can extend and edit images you make to fit more of the girl in the frame if you do any image resizing.

Uncensored sexting

Faceswaps for pictures and videos

Premium Benefits

You need a premium membership to access the best features. It gives you access to the face swap and SoulChat features. You can get by a bit on a free plan, but you’ll be limited. Premium lets you generate multiple images simultaneously, remove blur, edit pictures, get 100 monthly credits, and send unlimited messages to the girls.



$90.99 for 12 month




SoulGen gives you a lot of features for a low price. The best feature is still the image generation, considering the others are in beta and still new. The premium membership gives you a lot for the standard price for an AI app like this. If you want to experiment with different AI tools that cover a lot of styles without specializing in a specific one, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Visit: Soulgen