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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Two AI porn tools in one
  • Fast generations
  • A couple of free generations


  • The undress tool didn’t work well
  • You share the monthly image limit between features


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Ainudes ai

Who hasn’t had some hot fantasies about someone while lying in bed at night (or in the toilet at work, or in a hostel, or…), imagining how close you got to the action? A few kisses and being left with blue balls is enough motivation for anyone to want to know what could have happened and how hot she is under those clothes. If you didn’t reach the stage where you undress and caress the woman and all the joy that brings, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but a lack of women ain’t one.

I know I say it a lot but this is a site that gives you some great features. So many of the AI
undress sites offer the same thing with a minor difference. I suppose part of that is true on because they offer an undress tool, but they’ve also got a deepfake generator which is where I fell in love with the site. Keep reading to see all the amazing generations I ended up with thanks to this unique feature.

They start off by letting you know about the legality of creating deepfakes and undressing photos. All the AI porn sites go through these motions and it’s important to pay attention. You’re responsible for all the content you create, so don’t be a dick and ruin it for us all by having the sites banned. The fact their icon is a pair of cherries got me thinking about popping the cherry of these AI hotties.

AI Nudes ft.

I signed up for an account and got a warning from my computer but from what I’ve heard the site is legit. Probably just the overly protective software I use – I’m constantly sticking my dick in places where I shouldn’t! The site design is decent but the interface needs some work. Everything looks a bit low quality which isn’t reflective of the nudes you get. You get a couple of generations for free and most features which was a shock.

This isn’t one of the AI deepfake sites that try to make a quick buck without giving anything back. You can upload an image or paste the URL. If you’re lazy you can have the AI undress the photo for you while you sit there and keep stroking away to the last image you generated. There are manual options that I prefer using, even more so on because you can use prompts to edit the photo further. I uploaded a picture of a hottie to see how accurate the automatic undress feature was. The bits of skin that weren’t exposed in the original were pretty bad. They tried to add tan lines but the nipples were horrible. The worst I’ve seen. Thank god for the undo feature.

I used the same photo and manually drew around her bikini to undress her. There’s a feature called superfocus that helps to add detail to certain areas. I used that plus my steady hand and got a slightly better result. I still wasn’t impressed. Definitely used more realistic AI porn generators. I upscaled the image but got a message that I had reached the end of my trial. Strange that that cost credits but oh well, time to whip out the wallet to pay for my addiction. The price was very generous, 10 bucks for 50 images is around 20 more than you usually get. With that out of the way, I upscaled the image to get a better look. The nipples were still kind of weird so it wasn’t my proudest wank.

Generate Custom AI Porn Images

The other feature you can use is a standard AI porn generator. I say standard, but you can use it for deepfakes because of the custom face feature. I’ve seen this a few times before. Basically, you upload a face and the AI keeps it while you add tags or prompts to change the rest of the image. Make sure it’s a closeup or well-lit and in HD for the best results. You can use their generator without having to upload a custom face.

The porn generator lets you choose between tags or prompts. Free users are restricted to tags and don’t get all the options, especially all the sexy ones. Who wants a general pose when you could have a girl on all fours with a shot of her pussy? You can’t generate cartoons or anime pictures – only realistic and semi-realistic. They could have had a lot more tags. If you’re a free user then your choices are extremely limited. It won’t live up to all your porn fantasies.

Premium members can use custom options for almost every tag like custom location, custom body type and custom ethnicity. That makes up for the lack of tags. The good stuff comes through the prompt tool. Whatever porn fantasy or fetish you have, type it up and you’ll be able to enjoy it. Even better if there’s that special someone in your life and you can use their face as the base. Maybe you could decide on some sexy lingerie together after messing around with chokers, chains and leashes. She might like it! The images took around 10 seconds to generate which I feel has become the standard amongst these sites. Anything else and there are better alternatives.


Upload and edit photos

Nudify photos

AI nude generator

Custom faces

Premium Benefits

A membership unlocks all the different tags for the AI porn generator. The generations are faster, with no watermark, and you can access prompts and negative prompts. If you’re only using the site to undress images you won’t benefit from anything other than being able to keep undressing more women with the AI.


Basic: $9.99/mo for 50 images

Pro: $19.99/mo for 500 images

Ultimate: $39.99/mo for unlimited images


The AI porn generator at is much better than their undress tool. I had some struggles undressing the photos, especially when it came to the nipples. There are only so many times I can draw around the same bikini and try to remove it properly before I give up. The quality of the generic porn features lifted my spirits. They’re quick to generate and fairly accurate to your prompt or tags. I’ve seen better, but any site that combines different features is the perfect antidote to my overactive imagination and sex drive.

The site shares the same monthly limit capacity with the undress and generator app. It means that you’re likely to run out before the month is up. I like that you don’t need to buy credits, but 50 images for the base plan isn’t enough for a guy like me. That’s less than 2 images a day! I want to see nude after nude of all the hot girls I could possibly imagine. If you use the site you’ll need a premium membership to make the best AI porn images.

Visit: Ainudes ai