(User Rating 5/5)


  • Lots of great features
  • 100 free images every month
  • Cutting-edge technology and fantastic quality images


  • It’s not specific for porn, so you miss out on lots of other features
  • It takes some time to understand the advanced features of the AI generations



(User Rating 5/5)


While the primary use of this app is to make some fantastic AI art, NSFW is available. Brothers assemble; we’ve got porn to make! GetImg has been around for a while now, and it’s fantastic. Recently they’ve been moving against some of the porn aspects, so you better get in and enjoy it while you can! Fear not – at worst, you’ll end up with an AI image generator that will deliver chicks that are smoking hot and non-deformed. Exactly how I like my women. It’s user-friendly and intuitive to use and start with, but it can give more when you get accustomed to it.

The tool is based on prompts, and while it helps to have the know-how of some more advanced features, it’s a game changer for all the variety you get. Once you get some experience, so you’ll understand it a lot more, and it will feel like an expression of your horny and fucked up mind in no time. I mean that as the highest form of complement. There’s so much potential here with the negative prompts and creativity features.

Free to use Porn Generator!

You can start using this tool straight away and for free! Without paying membership, you don’t get to access a few of the tools I’ll go into later, but you get 100 credits a month. Each generation costs one credit, so that’s 100 free porn images you can make! The wait times aren’t punishing either, like some sites where you get a ‘free trial’ of 1 image and you have to wait 2 minutes to see it, only to find it blurred. GetImg gives you the complete service from the start.

There are some cool features beyond the prompt feature. You can choose a few different styles, the resolution, and how many images you want (up to 10), and you can use input images. So if you want a face angled a sure way or a smoking hot babe and want to replicate the pose, put in an image first,Β  and you’ll get it replicated by the AI and whatever other information you typed. It works fantastic, and I used it to take some photos of a blonde babe with long legs to cover up her pussy, to get the effect of someone being shy that a stranger walked in on her naked in a sauna. The following images I generated lost all sense of that shyness to test the full extent of this app, and the porn was just as convincing as the first image.

The more fancy features are changing the number of steps, the guidance scale for the images, and the seed if you want to try and recreate something. They take a bit of time to mess around with, but they can fully unleash the power of this AI porn tool if you use them properly, getting sexier images each time and in better quality.

The only thing you lack with this site is that you don’t get HD images for free.


AI text-to-image generator.

Edit images with powerful algorithms to remove objects or edit anything.

DreamBooth – this is where you customize AI models

Use input images to influence and copy into an AI format – think of people, faces, angles, and that sort of stuff

Premium Benefits

For $12 a month, you can make 3,000 images every month and access every single feature on, apart from priority support. It’s excellent value. A few different tiers, up to $99/month, would allow you to create 60,000 images every month. Unless you need the tool for your job or you want to create some hectic porn library for personal use, I don’t know why you’d want to go up to $99/month.

The premium lets you generate multiple images at once using the real-time generator, where whatever you type gets materialized in real-time according to the prompt, resulting in faster image generation and better quality.


$12/month up to $99/month. There are four paid tiers, the main difference being how many images you can make monthly. Otherwise, they share the same benefits, just slightly increasing each time.


Like I’ve said a few times, this is more of a general tool than a porn-specific AI generator. But don’t let that fool you; if you’ve got the imagination for it, and something tells me you do, you can use it perfectly well to get NSFW content. The quality of the images is one of the main drawcards of this app, as well as the fact you can give it a good go for free. It’s much more generous than similar apps. I recommend starting with the free plan and messing with the settings. Before long, you’ll be creating some truly sexy images and be thinking about getting back to your phone or computer to keep making more porn and admiring your masterpieces.