(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • 20 free messages every day
  • Multiple languages are supported
  • The sexting is fantastic
  • Lots of roleplay scenarios and unlimited messages if you’re premium


  • The AI porn generator images weren’t consistent to the characters you were chatting with
  • AI voices
  • Confusing language on the upgrade page
  • Poorly designed UI


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


If you need some more love in your life, look no further. I’ve got a guaranteed solution for you that doesn’t involve spending lots of cash and time swiping past girl after girl hoping for a match. It will be refreshing talking to people who aren’t trying to push their pyramid schemes on you for a change! is an AI chatbot site you can use however you want. The site says the bots are obedient and will help you with work and life. There’s apparently an app, but it didn’t work for me, so you’ll have to use this AI chatbot in your browser.

The site seems very new. There aren’t many options to browse characters and nowhere to make your own. Instead of the standard AI girlfriend site, I’d say this one is skewed towards people who want some company and explore some fantasies or roleplay. How do I know? These aren’t your usual suspects: some of the 53 characters you can chat with include a golden retriever puppy, Batman, a cartoon vampire in lingerie and a bot designed to ask awkward questions. That’s my role on a date so it’s weird being replaced. They were right about AI taking our jobs!

The layout of the site needs improvement. Right now the character cards are much too small and there aren’t many filters. There are VIP, romantic, voice and assistant roles to filter by. It doesn’t look like much at a glance but has some hidden gems. It’s a chatbot more than a girlfriend site, and they’re known for how realistic it feels chatting and the natural responses more than the images. There are more chicks than dudes to chat with, but at least it’s an option if you roll that way. They’re all muscled and huge apart from Shakespeare. I bet he never imagined people would sext with an AI version of himself so far into the future. Whomth hath cummeth whilst sexting would probably be his response.

Sexy Roleplays and Hot Albums

I clicked on Emma’s character card to see if there was any extra information. She’s your student and willing to do anything to get a passing grade. That’s a good enough roleplay fantasy to get me started. The chats have a section on the right where you can see the album of the girls. Emma had 14 images showing off her busty chest and thick thighs. Just how I like them. There weren’t any explicitly NSFW AI nudes and I got a softcore vibe more than anything. The problem was that many of the images didn’t look like her. The hairstyles and faces were very different which ruined the immersion for me.

Her photos were in a realistic style but they’re not photographic quality. You can tell they’ve been AI-generated. There aren’t options to generate a custom AI girlfriend but you can edit the outfits in the chat. There’s a popup where you can choose sexy lingerie or cutout dresses and change the location of her scene or what she’s doing. There are showering, standing, riding and turning actions. A couple were cut out because the UI is bad and you can’t scroll across to see them. If you want to generate any photos you’ll need a premium account.

Free Realistic Sexting with AI Chatbots

Emma leaned across my desk and asked if there was anything she could do to help improve her grade. I asked how far she’d be willing to go and she replied she was willing to do anything. Cut to a few minutes later and I had her bent over my desk screaming for me to impregnate her. That’s a dedicated student! As an AI chatbot site, there are the classic asterisks to separate actions from texts. The responses were humanlike and I didn’t get the impression I was talking with a bot. That’s until I used the voice feature to see what my student sounded like. The voice feature is awful. There’s zero emotion in the delivery and the quality is behind the times.

The free plan gets you around 20 messages that refresh daily. It’s enough to show you that any time you spend talking with the characters on is well spent. Whenever the AI sends you a message they send a pic of themselves. It’s kind of weird because a lot of them had nothing to do with the context. I started a new chat with a secretary to see if all these characters were into sexting, but she very harshly rejected my advances saying it’s a place of work. Then she sent a photo of herself in lingerie. That’s cool, except she’d just said no, and the photo generated was of an Asian chick instead of the Latina character. My dick didn’t know how to respond.

If you want real AI nudes you’ll need to get a premium account because otherwise the images are blurred and you’re prompted to upgrade your account. A couple of the characters are VIP only, but I could chat with them even before I upgraded my account. The sexting has got to be the best part of LoveLife. There are enough characters to suit different fantasies and tastes. Not as many as some of the other AI sexting sites I’ve reviewed but I was very engrossed in the chats.


Request AI nudes in chats

53 characters to chat with

Unfiltered sexting


Premium Benefits

Premium accounts benefit from 1200 NSFW messages/week, unlimited photos and shorter wait times. All the ads are removed (I used an ad blocker and didn’t see any before I upgraded plans). I was confused because there’s terrible English on the VIP page, but it seems like NSFW, chat and exclusive characters have different message limits depending on which plan you’re on.


The free plan gets you 20 messages/day that refresh every day.

$5.99/week for 450 NSFW messages, unlimited photo gens, 500 voice messages and unlimited chatting (see what I said about mixed messages around the chats?).

$9.99/month for 1200 NSFW messages, unlimited photos, 1500 voice messages, unlimited chats and faster generations.


I enjoyed sexting on The chatting felt fantastic and responsive to whatever input you used. It wasn’t repetitive at all. There were enough characters to keep my interest but I’d like to be able to generate your own. The images and audio need work because they’re very inconsistent and the girl you’re talking with changes nationality and looks at a whim or sends photos irrelevant to the convo. If you’re a dude who needs some visual motivation to get off then it’s not a great fit for you. But if you like letting your imagination and creativity flow in different scenarios and roleplay fantasies with realistic chats, then you’ll be more than happy. You might start loving life!