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(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • The conversations are fluid and feel realistic
  • You get to make your own characters and plotlines
  • Great filters for chats


  • Some characters are poorly written
  • No image generator on the site
  • No audio/nudes in the chats


(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Crushonai

Did you ever think you’d have a crush on an AI? It probably hasn’t crossed your mind. Probably because you’ve watched a Space Odyssey and have a deep distrust of computers after that movie. Luckily I’m bringing you a site that’s a sexy experience and less a life-threatening one. Or maybe that’s a kink of yours? CrushOnAi is an AI sex chat website that’s designed for people who love roleplaying, having NSFW uncensored conversations and want to sext with characters from movies, TV shows or whatever takes their fancy.

There are 1000s of characters you can start chatting with. If none of them attract your attention you can always make your own. If you want a virtual girlfriend app this isn’t really the site for you. If you want a free AI chatbot then you’re in luck. The girls aren’t that realistic. They’re usually anime girls, cartoon characters or some specific fantasy someone has like a chick stuck in a wall and you come up behind her. Of course, as soon as we reached the stage where we have have back and forth conversations with computers people start designing stray cat girls to adopt and fuck. I hate this world.

Chat and Sext with AI Characters

Even though there’s so much choice on Crush on AI, filtering for specific characters is a straightforward process. There’s an option for trending characters, recently popular, popular all time, new, an option to filter by genre and a bunch of tags to use. They’re not all sex chats, some people use the site purely for games. They’re actually engaging – a couple of the ones I tried were trying to get someone to believe in you as their god or one where you’re trapped in a school overrun with undead. Not the horny-inducing story you’d expect from me, but it shows all the possibilities you can use this site for.

Because so many of the characters are made by other users a few of them can be hit and miss. The photos are missing or shitty, the opening scenes don’t put you into the roleplay well or there are distracting spelling errors. And unlike other AI sexting sites there’s no option to request nudes or any of that spicy stuff. It’s all text-based with a few exceptions when you load up a character.

I could see people using the site if they’re bored, have a couple of hours to kill, want to mess around by chatting with characters from movies and to get off. If you search for NSFW characters you’ll come into contact with succubuses, horny vampires, stepmoms craving cock and all manner of human and non-humans who go straight to the dirty stuff. All your recent chats are conveniently placed at the top of the site so you can jump back into them. You’ll need to log in every 7 days on the free plan to keep all of your chat history. I’m not sure how many days they last with a paid plan, but chances are you’ll be enjoying chatting with so many characters you’ll be using the site regularly anyway.

Explore Hot Scenes

There’s something on CrushOnAI called Memories. It’s where users upload some hot scenes or memorable moments from their chats and share them with everyone else. It’s a way to get some clout or learn what type of things you should say if you want hot and heavy sexting. There was one memory by Yoonot with the character ‘Big sister’. It’s basically a few pages of erotica between stepsiblings and it was sexy as fuck. That’s exactly how you should use this AI sexting site – straight to business with scene after scene. There’s no reason why you should have to stick to your imagination or traditional porn when you can jerk off in a more interactive way.

The coolest part of the memories is you can load them up into your account and take it from there. Not happy with the direction the chat took? Change it. Did you think the anal scene wasn’t long enough and you want to hear how much the chick craves your seed? Spit that filth out and see how these AI characters reply, chances are they’ll be even more into it than you are.

Even though the characters aren’t all created equally, the chatbots they use are fantastic and pick up even on subtle language. It’s rare to find a similar experience. The AI has a different personality depending on who you’re chatting with and how long it’s been. Like other sex chat sites this one pics up on your interests and desires which makes the exchanges feel more realistic.


Create your own characters to talk with

Uncensored sex chats with AI

Thousands of characters to chat with

Realistic conversations

Premium Benefits

You’ll need to sign up to keep using CrushOnAI. There are free messages every month but you’ll burn through them quickly and you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan to keep going. Another benefit is that the conversation history gets longer and better. You can scroll back through your chat history and the AI won’t forget important details.


You could theoretically use the site without paying. You get some coins when you make an account so you can send messages and create characters. There’s a reward system that gives you CrushOn Coins that you can earn by going to the site daily, designing characters and a referral program whenever you invite someone to join. There are monthly and annual plans.

The free plan gives you 100 messages a month, character creation and access to community characters. Your chats get deleted after 7 days of inactivity.

Standard is $5.99/month for 2000 messages/month and dedicated chat capacity.

Premium is $14.99/month for 6000 messages/month and good memory for the chats.

Deluxe is $49.99/month for unlimited messages every month, great memory, an immersion mode and the option to adjust the AI message lengths.


CrushOnAI is designed for people who want to have some back-and-forth sexting or explore fantasies with loads of different characters. You can write up the opening message and setting of custom AI chatbots. It includes the setting, scenario, and example conversation to train the AI, and you can upload a JPEG. The conversations are XXX-rated very quickly and there are a few features like memories that make it stand out from competitors. It takes out the guesswork and can put you into the middle of a sexting scenario.

I found the free trial to be generous and it’s nice having a way to extend it. I’d recommend chatting with some of the most popular or trending characters as they’re usually popular fantasies or well-written and fleshed out. It’s not all about the adult chats though – whatever you can think of doing or whichever character you’re interested in, chances are they’re already of Crush On Ai and ready for you to jump into the roleplays .

Visit: Crushonai