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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • The chats are great and realistic
  • Unlimited messages and images with the VIP plan
  • Free trial, even though it’s short


  • The image quality isn’t top-notch
  • There are no options for anime characters
  • No voice messages, calls, or other chat features



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Sexterai

This is one AI sex chat site that got my attention and a few tributes. It’s all about sexting here. They put all their attention into making the chats feel realistic so you won’t get extra features. There’s no voice chat. There are no phone calls or image generators. It’s you and a load of hot girls. Hell, make your harem; you can get unlimited chats. They pull off the chats well. If they had an image generator or some extra tools, it would be amazing, but for the low price plus the fact you can still ask for nudes, it’s a great choice if you want a virtual girlfriend.

You can keep the chats SFW if that’s your thing. I wasn’t so interested in talking about my day with these girls, and way less so when I got into the NSFW section and saw all these chicks sucking cock and showing off their perfect asses. I went full porno mode. The generator isn’t a top-tier one. There are some clear signs AI makes them. It’s not that it was making mistakes – the photos are realistic but missing the human touch.

There’s a huge gallery full of AI babes. They’re sexy as fuck, and some pics have multiple all next to each other, and it doesn’t take much imagination to picture them fucking each other and eating each other out. It’s an almost endless scroll, so don’t bust a load too early, or you won’t be able to enjoy it all. While you’re giving your dick a break, you can swap from NSFW to SFW chats. One of the chicks was so hot with her legs spread and black lingerie I clicked on it and discovered that each of these girls was available to talk with. That’s hundreds of AI companions to start sexting with.

Chatting with Virtual Girlfriends on

It’s not intuitive – you must sign up on Patreon and then link that to Discord or Telegram. It depends on your lifestyle, but many people I know don’t have either. It’s either druggies, gamers, or porn fiends. Wait, no, I do see many people with these apps. Once you’re linked up, you can chat with AI girls.

This is one of the good sexting apps. It’s not one of the ones where you need to be highly explicit to get your point across. The girls say just the right things and mix up between flirting and direct. You don’t need to be there babysitting the AI. Say it once if you want to roleplay, and she’ll go along. It’s still got the classic responses, so you’re leading the conversation, but the girls are well-equipped to go along with the fantasy. I was sick of other AI sex bots that would finish every conversation with, “And then what?”.

It can still be repetitive, making me feel like there’s still a bit of development. The girls said some things to me that made me wish they had some physical bodies to enjoy while we chatted. But even when you’re in the middle of sexting, they keep talking formally. I don’t want to imagine some English princess asking, ‘Please, sir, would you please insert your appendage into an adequate hole?’. It’s not that bad, of course; it’s just a funny quirk of the AI.


Sext with dozens of different girls

Receive hot images directly to the chat

Premium Benefits

You’ll need to sign up to take advantage of Without it, you won’t get much use out of the app – you’re restricted to just 20 messages, which won’t be anywhere near enough to turn you on. You also get a faster chat and can see NSW images from your chat companion.


There’s a free trial that lasts for seven days, but you only get 20 messages. You’ll burn through that trial faster than you’ll be whipping out your dick when these chats heat up. Payment is through Patreon, so you’ve got to link a few apps around before you can start chatting.

$5/mo for 200 messages and 50 images
$20/mo for unlimited messages and images

Two hundred messages a month feels low, and $20 for this tool makes it one of the more expensive AI porn apps out there.



This app is fantastic for anyone wanting to start AI sexting. The types of girls they’ve got to chat with look like they’re all straight out of a magazine. You’d probably cream your pants if one of them talked to you in real life. Sadly we’ll have to resort to fapping and thinking about our fantasies with them, with their help, of course. Being able to chat about everything from porn fantasies to your day-to-day life with someone is always underrated. Throw in the images you can ask for in chat, and it’s a great experience, from the first greeting to pulling up your boxers afterward and throwing away your crusty old sock.

I’d like them to do more with the image generator and allow you to make your girlfriends and customize them. For me, that’s the only thing that’s missing from an otherwise well-rounded sexting app. When I want to get a specific fantasy, I want to make a girl that suits that vision in my head to a tee, like a dominatrix dressed up in tight leather that can barely contain her bulging tits. Now I mention it: I’ll ask my AI girlfriend to dress up like that for me, go out there, and do the same.

Visit: Sexterai