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(User Rating 5/5)


  • Simple but effective navigation to filter through the characters to find one you want to start chatting to
  • The chatrooms flow well and the messages don’t feel like you’re chatting with a bot
  • The messages and images get generated quickly, and you don’t waste time waiting around to keep chatting.


  • The AI models aren’t designed for realistic generations; it’s all anime
  • The voice chats still have a way to go; they don’t feel human yet



(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: GPTgirlfriend

AI girlfriends are a reasonably new development in the world of AI porn. Sex bots have been around for a while, but being able to make your girlfriend from scratch, from her looks to personality, and have it feel like a genuine interaction with someone is groundbreaking. A few parts of GirlfriendGPT are still in beta, like the voice chat, but overall, it feels realistic. You can make a personalized girlfriend and start a virtual relationship. It’s an excellent way to get a sense of connection and interaction. From emotional support to interaction to sexting and NSFW conversations, your girlfriend can give you all that and more.

At present, there are over 25,000 characters to talk with. It’s one of the most vast AI chat apps. There’s a character for everyone, like ones from popular TV shows, movies, familiar anime tropes, fantasy creatures, and furries. A couple of examples of the characters are a Mia Khalifa clone who takes the role of your mommy, a gang of chicks who kidnap you in an alley, and Beth Smith from Rick and Morty. She’s been given an upgrade and has substantial anime tits, and is nothing like the boring character you saw on the show: she’s addicted to cock.

Generate your Girlfriend From Scratch

Having such an extensive collection of characters is nice, but GirlfriendGPT is all about generating your own. Like the pre-made ones, you can create a unique personality in the generator. Whatever you choose stays as your girlfriend’s personality. Sure, it turns you on and is the most attractive feature for you. You can have multiple chats simultaneously, so don’t worry too much; making a new character is easy. You can set the description for your character, their personality, and the opening message to set the scene when you or someone else starts chatting with the character. The app is excellent for roleplays. There are so many beginning scenarios, from orgies to challenges to fuck your stepmom.

This site isn’t for you if you’re looking for a realistic girlfriend. It’s a utopia, But if anime girls and cartoons get you a utopia—the image generators you use to make your character give excellent results. There are a few different models to generate your character in whatever style you want most. Regarding the chats, there’s an ‘ask’ feature where you can request more photos. Unlike other AI gf apps, the images you generate stay pretty accurate to the original generations. You can change them, of course, but it’s much better than those apps where you get a nude from your AI companion and think, ‘Who the fuck is this chick?’.

What’s the NSFW AI Chat like?

Now for the most critical part. The chat is great! It’s completely uncensored and lets you say and do whatever you want! The girls might not respond too well when you ask for a nude straight up before you even introduce yourself, but you already know that from first-hand experience. There are some other features, like the option to get voice messages. You choose the voices from a set list. They don’t feel as smooth and realistic as the chats. Still, they make your conversations feel more immersive. If you had a girlfriend in real life instead of searching for a robot partner on the internet, you wouldn’t want only to send messages, and it’s the same here. Considering the tech is reasonably new, I expect this feature to continue improving.


Tens of thousands of characters and girls to talk with

Uncensored chats with options to receive NSFW images in-chat

Custom girlfriend image and character generator

Voice chat

Premium Benefits

When you sign up for premium, you can access premium characters (the best-designed and hottest ones). Your conversation memory is improved, you get server priority, meaning faster messages and access to the community hub, and you’re the first to try out new features.


There’s a free trial with limited features.

$15/mo gives you premium models, chat history, and 5000 monthly messages.

$35/mo unlocks 20,000 messages a month and voice chat.



GirlfriendGPT is one of the best AI girlfriend apps because of the massive variety you get. It’s got a fantastic generation and pool, tons of characters to choose from, and the chats themselves are a work of art. Having multiple conversations at once, with long-term memory, saves time to explain things again. It’s a significant investment if you want to form some deep connections with characters. It’s easy to sway the conversations towards sexting and receiving NSFW images from the characters. Access to all the other user-made content is a fun and interactive way to try out roleplays or get inspiration for your custom creations.

Visit: GPTgirlfriend