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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • There’s a free trial
  • Realistic conversations
  • The images and voice messages make your girlfriend more engaging


  • You don’t get to customize and make your AI girlfriend
  • Free trial isn’t NSFW



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Lovemy

There’s no doubt that AI has been rocking the porn world lately. You can get amazing images of hot girls; the first video generators are popping up. They lack a more interactive side, and that’s where LoveMy AI comes in. You’ll get the hot pics for that extra encouragement to cum, plus chats that are so sexy you won’t be able to resist whacking one out. Or multiple. It’s an AI girlfriend app with all the tools you can expect, like voice messages and receiving custom images.

The site looks beautiful, and it’s easy to navigate. The color scheme looks great, and while there aren’t many chicks to chat with, they’re releasing more and more. I expect they’ll add some features to filter through the girls at some stage – right now, you have to scroll instead of clicking anime or realistic manually.

I was browsing through the girls trying to find one that made my eyes pop and my dick rise. That didn’t take long. They don’t have the largest category of girls to choose from; there are just a dozen or so mixed between realistic and anime, but the generations are all high quality. There are dominatrixes, college strippers, secretaries, yoga instructors, and naughty teachers to chat with and cover some of the more common sexual fantasies. They have an average photo, and one is in their underwear to tempt you to start chatting. And it worked. There are over 11 girls to start talking with: white, black, Asian, and Latina.

Meet your AI Girlfriend

You go straight into the action once you select the girl you want to chat with. These chatbots have been around for a while, but AI’s only recently combined messaging combining ages. You can receive voice messages and NSFW pics whenever you want. It makes the chats feel more immersive, like you’ve got a connection with the girls, and makes them feel real.

You need to sign up with a free account before you can start messing around and getting a feel for LoveMy AI. It’s straightforward; you’ll get 50 free and 100 voice message credits. You miss out on the advantages of a long memory, and the responses are slower, but that’s common with these sites. The major downside is the NSFW content is restricted. So take my word for it – it’s the best part of the experience. The sexting flows well, and the girls jump at any suggestion you have, like roleplay or sending a naughty pic.

I’ve got to say the voices sound pretty human, and the text is realistic, too. It sounds formal, like when I suggested we went somewhere private because I needed her help with something, she replied, “That sounds like a great idea, lover!”. No one has used those exact words when I suggested it.

What else can I do with my virtual girlfriend?

Maybe you want someone to talk to? You can chat with these girls 24/7, whenever you want. You don’t have to feel bad if life catches up to you and you don’t have time to message. You can hang with the boys without any guilt, but if you want to vent to someone or have a dialogue, LoveMy AI is great. If you take the sexual route, she’s DTF whenever you want and is glad to roleplay and do whatever gives you pleasure.

What I’d like to see is a custom AI girlfriend generator. Chatting with these girls is cool, but they don’t have an evident personality like you get on similar sites, and there’s no option to make your own. They’re all sexy women, but when you’ve got a particular type and you can’t see it, it’s a bummer.

The billing is discreet, and you pay through Patreon. They’ve got a 50% off sale, but as far as I can tell, that’s been there for months now, so the prices seem stable, and there are different plans depending on how invested you are and how many messages you send.


Receive NSFW pics and messages from your virtual AI girlfriend

Voice message filter

Chat with 11 girls (at the time of review)

Premium Benefits

When you buy a plan, you get faster response times, no NSFW filter, and more extended bot memory. It’s worthwhile if you’ve enjoyed the free trial so the girl remembers your interests, likes, and sexual fantasies.


You get a free plan of 50 messages, three images, and 100 voice messages credits

$9.99/month for 1500 messages, 500 voices, and three image credits.

$39.99/month for 8000 messages, 4000 voice, and 600 image credits.


There’s no bullshit with this app. Everything is simple and quick, and the chat itself is quick. The responses are realistic and release new girls if the current spread doesn’t do it for you. A few different tools like a standalone image generator, undressed, or video generator would be greatly appreciated – lots of competition combines all the AI porn features in one platform for this exact reason.

Visit: Lovemy