Visit: Elyza


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Truly dirty scenarios and chats
  • Huge variety of roleplay scenarios to explorer
  • Almost no wait time for a message
  • Realistic chats


  • Slightly more expensive than similar AI chatbot sites
  • Bad character filters on the homepage


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Elyza

Elyza has a nice ring to it. Who is this mysterious woman? The spelling feels more modern than the standard spelling and makes me think about the future. When I think about that future I’m thinking of robotic sex dolls, hot chicks, and full-immersive VR sexchats. Maybe that’s just me because of what I do for a living, but don’t tell me it hasn’t crossed your mind once or twice. For now, we’re blessed with AI sexting sites. is an AI sex chat site with uncensored NSFW girls and hundreds of characters to chat with. It has some great functionality like receiving pics, voice notes and messages. Unlike other sites like this that put roleplay front and foremost, you can generate some fantastic images. They add to the experience instead of being a distraction. Combine that with unfiltered messages and you’ve got the perfect app to sext and explore any fantasy you might have.

Live out your Fetishes and Roleplays with Chatbots

The homepage is everything you’d want: the layout is great and there are well-organized categories of horny women everywhere. There are some categories designed for fetishes and roleplays like incest, grannies, feet, bisexual, bondage and non-consensual. Keep in mind you can’t say anything illegal here or it will get flagged. There are hundreds of characters and even though most are women you can chat with dudes, anime girls and fantasy creatures.

This is definitely a hentai-style chat platform. The characters and roleplays are unique to these types of sites. You can’t get an experience similar to this one on the usual AI girlfriend simulators. AI sex chats like this offer some sort of realism that the girlfriend simulators can’t match. I don’t know what it is. Having the actions written out and your messages turned into long bits of text is enough to get your imagination racing, not to mention the blood racing to your dick.

There are enough realistic hotties here to keep you interested if you’re not into the whole weeb and hentai vibe. But if you are, it’s a goldmine of hot chats. The chats all start with a well-defined roleplay in mind. You might chat with a bunny girl who’s locked in a cage or an interdimensional monster. Or keep things simple and have your little step-sister caught spying on you touching yourself. All the conversations are NSFW and you can talk about anything. You’re not restricted to English either, unlike the standard sex bots.

Creating a Fantasy Sex Chatbot

There’s a generator so you can ignore the hundreds of characters and build your own NSFW fantasy. You can select male, female or non-binary and realistic, anime or furry characters. Then the magic happens. You’ll need to sign up for an account first, but that’s free and quick. The free trial gives you enough messages to get you completely hard but you miss out on the premium features like voice message and in-chat images.

You get to create prompts for the personality, appearance, scenario and the first message. This is the level of control you won’t find with the standard AI girlfriend apps. A sex chat like this is usually about the scenario and roleplay. You can upload a photo from your device or let the AI generate it. The image quality is great and it’s about time these sites gave you the option to generate an image. That explains why the homepage is packed to the rafters with sexy women.

The whole process takes longer compared to a vanilla site with the standard menu-based generators but the extra effort is worth it. We’ve all got some specific fantasies and AI sites like Elyza let them become reality. I wrote the prompt for the scenario and received the message “Hey daddy, did you need some help to relax after such a long day at work?” from my stepdaughter wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt exposing her perky nipples. I’m sure you can guess how she offered to help me relax.

NSFW Sexting with AI Characters

Even on the free plan, you’ll hear some explicit and unfiltered chats. You can request images or audio, but you need to click on the buttons in the chat window. I’d like that feature to be part of the chat itself. You click it and add your specific desires, like “Send me a photo of you in lingerie*. I tried that a few times and it was a 50-50 between whether I’d receive some roleplay text or the photo I wanted. I got a pic of her fat ass facing the camera. The face was the same as my stepdaughter, so it gets points for consistency, but not for following the prompt.

The audio is good for an AI. They’re never perfect but they’re constantly improving. I’m expecting the same thing from Elyza. If you want to sext with audio in mind it’s not worth it but it’s a nice extra feature to feel like you’ve got a special connection with the chicks you’re roleplaying with.

The chat responses are long and have that beautiful mix of sexy speech and actions. Even if you write something short and unspecific you’ll get back part of a story that will turn you on so much. It can be repetitive as they include your prompts in their message, but the AI turns the eroticism up to 11. Even writing this review makes me want to load up a new fantasy and have more NSFW conversations. They’re everything I could have hoped for.


Unfiltered sex chats

Create characters or choose from the thousands of pre-existing ones

In-chat audio and images

Premium Benefits

Memberships give you unlimited messages, access to free characters and the longest chat memory. You get 100 images and audios a month, NSFW images and an AI to assist you in creating custom character prompts You also get to make custom scenarios and faster generations.


The free plan lets you send around 50 messages before you’re forced to upgrade to a premium membership.

$14.99/month or $155.99/year. A nice trick is to pretend to leave the site and you’ll get a membership offered at $9.99/month. You’re welcome.


Wow, what can I say about Elyza? The sexting was some of the hottest I’ve ever experienced from an AI chat app. The huge variety of characters had me practically drooling with all the potential and that’s not taking into account using prompts to design your own. They nailed the image generator and that made everything so much hotter. I’m tired of similar sites that have bad JPEG images taken from DeviantArt or some hentai fantasies. Elyza is full of hot images in multiple styles and blends the text and image desires I have perfectly.

The free plan is a great place to start. You’ve got nothing to lose and you’ll find the right chick to chat with. They could improve the navigation with a dropdown filter because there are so many AI characters to sext with, but everything else was fantastic.

Visit: Elyza