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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: soulfun

Here’s something new in the porn world. They say it’s fun for your soul and I get that, if by fun you mean falling in love with an AI. Who doesn’t think their soul will benefit from uncensored sex chats? That’s exactly what SoulFun is – a platform to match and chat with AI chatbots.

Unlike most other sites, there’s an actual app on Google Play. They pass it off as a safe site where you can chat and match with girlfriends because usually these apps never make it to the store. You’ll need to download it if you want to take advantage of the coolest feature of SoulFun: having real-time voice calls with your AI soulmate. I’ll go into more detail later on in the SoulFun review. It’s a feature that few other sites offer so it’s worth doing a deep dive into how realistic and convincing it is.

You can use the site in your browser if you prefer. It’s best on mobile but it works on desktop too. It’s great being able to start chatting with these beautiful babes wherever you are in the world. Just don’t let your boss catch on that you’re having a lot of bathroom breaks. Maybe start eating more beans and fibre so you have an excuse to go and keep sexting with these girls.

Match with Realistic AI Girlfriends, Boyfriends and Hentai Girls

When you arrive on this AI chat site you’re going to get to see the goods. There are over 33 characters you can chat with at the time of this review. I expect that to change because they’re always adding in more avatars. Right now there aren’t as many AI boyfriends to choose from but there’s an area to design your own, so you aren’t missing out much. The AI ranges from movie characters like Black Widow, Lady Dimitrescu and other vampires, to realistic characters like the girl-next-door, students and BBWs.

Each character has a set of tags to describe them. These include their age, their personality, quirks, kinks and a short bio. Once you hover over their avatar card you get to see a little bit of their back story. For me that was lacking, there’s about one sentence for these characters. I kind of get it considering a lot of them are made by the community. Even so, give me something to work with here! There’s also no option to just click on the tags to be taken to a page with all the similar characters. Definitely something that would help out and they should implement that in the future. Sometimes you just want to be able to see all the BBW and MILFs in one spot.

These AI chatbots were all made with a fantastic AI porn generator. They don’t have any nudes posted but look at the detail. They’re photo-realistic and completely convincing. The backgrounds helped ground the people and I got dating app vibes where people post their best pictures. Even the hair looks amazing. The only giveaway is the eyes and how perfect they look, otherwise, I’d be fooled. If you want a better look and NSFW images then go to the Instagram pages of the official character. There’s a goth girl called Amanda Davis in hundreds of posts of her in lingerie, bondage, or straight-up nudes. She’s even got a following of 13,000!

Have Phone Calls and Chat with your AI Girlfriends

There aren’t any limits on the number of chats you can have at the same time. If you want to feel like a pimp with a personal harem then go for it. Thank god they won’t all be jealous or annoyed if they find out. Not like that time I was into polygamy until I crossed with a psycho and left running! I started a chat with the goth chick because her lingerie pics were 10/10. The roleplay the chat put me in was finding her on the couch being a brat and trying to order me around. You can listen to audio messages or have voice calls with the characters. The audio is decent for AI and I expect it to keep improving in the same way we only had text chatbots and now can get nudes on realistic virtual girlfriend sites like SoulFun.

I ended up being able to show the character that even though she’s a pouty brat, I’m the one in charge around here. I went to get her the crackers she demanded and traded them for some action. After all, my friend wasn’t there and wasn’t going to know that I got with her sister. Several times. I requested some pics of her when we went to her room and got to see the hot lingerie she was wearing under her clothes. Then I undressed her and saw the proof in another photo. Who knew she had such perfect and suckable tits.

Design your Own AI Characters

If you aren’t captivated by any of the premade characters you can always make your own. There’s nothing special about this part that stood out to me compared to other sites. There’s definitely a formula. Their age, personality, the starting scene of the chat and their clothes are some of the things you have control over. The characters go along great with whatever personality you give them and the generator itself is the best part. Like I said, the results are incredibly realistic and I’d love the site to have a separate AI generator.


Text and voice messages

Create an AI girlfriend or AI boyfriend

Request NSFW photos

Premium Benefits

A pro plan gives you 1000 coins every month. You can make your own characters, and take advantage of the voice messages and voice calls. There’s a free trial when you make an account but it’s only good for a few messages.


When you subscribe you get 1000 coins every month. It costs 1 coin to receive text messages, 5 coins for a voice message and 10 coins/minute for a voice call. You can pay via card or cryptocurrency.


$119.99/year ($9.99/month)


SoulFun has some great features and the chicks all look like goddesses. The chat features put it in the top tier of these girlfriend apps but the pricing is a turn-off. A lot of other sites give you more messages for the same price or unlimited chat options. There aren’t any options to top up credits as far as I could tell, so you might have to stop messaging once you run out of credits. A few extra features to sort through the character would be nice. Everyone on the website looks and functions really well. It’s definitely one of the sites you should check out yourself if you’re bored or want to mess around with some hot chicks and enjoy fantasizing about movie and video game characters.

Visit: soulfun