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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • The images are extremely realistic
  • Good matchmaking system
  • Feels more immersive than other sex chats with the breakup features
  • Huge catalog of girls to chat with


  • You can’t make a custom AI girlfriend
  • No other AI tools to use
  • The free trial is very short



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Sicha

Here’s a site that takes the AI sex chatbot approach a little differently. Instead of making your own ideal AI girlfriend you need to go through a questionnaire and get matched together. The whole idea is that it’s someone you gel with. Each girl has a rating to show how compatible you are together. I kind of like this approach. Usually with the AI sex chat bots you design them yourself down to the smallest detail. That takes away some of the fun – there’s no challenge when they’re custom-built to your specifications. The approach from Sicha makes it feel more organic and natural. As far as authentic goes when you’re jerking off and chatting to a computer. Sorry for breaking the immersion!

There’s a free trial with the usual X messages before you need to start paying. The rest of the site follows the usual blueprint: multiple chats, lots of girls, realistic NSFW sexting with the AI and realistic images. At the moment they have over 2000 profiles on the character marketplace. You can have uncensored NSFW conversations and talk about anything, plus receive nudes. They kept mentioning downloading their application but I couldn’t find it anywhere – it’s just a different URL. It’s one of those sites optimized for mobile and can be used in your browser, but if you want the ‘Sicha app’ you just need to make a shortcut on your phone to open up the site.

I was going through the site and found the section about how they’re on a mission to provide mental health support for me. That’s something I don’t normally touch on but it’s true that having an AI girlfriend or chat like Sicha is fantastic if you’re feeling alone or need some company. Nothing beats getting with a real girl but that’s not always an option. AI sexting apps like Sicha provide a private and safe place to act on your kinks, and fetishes and have intimate conversations with someone.

Getting an AI Girlfriend with Sicha

To start using Sicha you’ve got to sign up for an account using an email. There’s no autofill or quicker way to do this, it’s a traditional signup. From there you’ve got to go through the questionnaire for the matchmaking algorithm to match you up with similar profiles. The whole thing feels like a mix of an old-school dating site and the future of dating and porn thanks to AI. You’ve got to go through your preferences, interests and the qualities you’re looking for in a partner. Once you’ve filled that in you get to browse all similar profiles. Each one has a match percentage which makes it easy, but a few more filters would be a nice touch.

At the same time, chances are you see some girl so beautiful she’ll make you gasp, and she might not be the top match. Don’t take this stuff too seriously – no matter who you talk to, they’ll learn from your interests and likes. The AI girlfriends are made with a fantastic generator. It’s one of those ones where everyone looks like they’ve just done a photoshoot for a fashion magazine. With extra skin showing.

There’s even a breakup feature for Sicha. When I learned that I was a bit taken aback. Normally you just sort of stop replying or move on to the next AI girlfriend app. It does add an extra layer of realism to the conversations, it’s the logical conclusion after you’ve been chatting and sexting for potentially months. Who knows, you could roleplay a toxic relationship and keep getting back together when you miss her NSFW nudes!

Is this Chat Bot Realistic?

Short answer is yes. The memory of the girls here makes it so the AI will remember your shared history for weeks if not months. The huge database of girls means you’ll be matched with someone who’s on the same level or has the qualities you’re into. That’s gotta be worth something to you. None of that Tinder faffing around, getting a single message every day. Do you expect to build a connection or a relationship with someone like that? Nah fam, the girls you get matched with on Sicha are going to be into you.

The chat is perfect for people who are into some roleplay. Layout the situation or the fantasy you want and the girl will seamlessly use it to help guide the narrative. It could be sexting, going on a date together, spending some time in bed, or whatever you want from a virtual girlfriend you can get it. The app extends far beyond texting. You can chat on multiple channels like Discord, Whatsapp and Telegram letting you talk wherever you are.

There are voice messages and there’s an inbuilt AI porn generator. Want to get a specific nude? Request it and you’ll get it. Finally, somewhere where us horny guys can get amazing nudes whenever we want, without worrying that it’s a 40+-year-old dude on the other side taking advantage of us. I’d like them to have the porn generator as a separate tool because a lot of other sites offer a sex chat plus a bunch of other AI tools. Sicha doesn’t.


Personalized and safe sexting experience

AI Girlfriend matchmaking

Uncensored AI sex chat bot

Request and receive nudes

Premium Benefits

With a premium membership, you get unlimited chat.


There’s a limited free trial when you sign up.

A membership costs $9.90/month or you can pay $79.90 for a yearly membership.

The price is quite fair considering you get unlimited chat. Most other AI chatbot websites have a tiered system where you pay a lot more to unlock unlimited messages.


If you’re wanting an AI girlfriend for a decent price then look no further than Sicha. It lacks other AI tools but that makes it more affordable for people who are only looking to sext with the AI and have a companion. It’s a nice way to get some emotional support and pass the time. The different channels to chat with the girl are really handy. The matchmaking system makes it different from the competitors but it lacks the option to make a custom girlfriend yourself. Even so, there are enough girls to browse and chat with where that isn’t a problem – chances are you can find one who fits your exact requirements and desires.

There’s nothing in particular that makes the chats or images stand out compared to some other sites – but it’s definitely on the higher end of the scale. I didn’t run into many errors with the AI porn generator. The most important thing was that the photos always resembled the AI girlfriend I was talking with which helped add to the immersion. Even though it’s short, give the free trial a go and see for yourself – the girls look so hot you’ll find it hard to resist starting up a chat with multiple women.

Visit: Sicha