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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Realistic chats
  • Prompt-based character generator
  • Unfiltered, uncensored AI sexting


  • The image generations aren’t consistent
  • No porn generator
  • High cost to unlock voice, and the quality isn’t great


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: OnlyCharai

Straight away I could tell they were trying to benefit from all things porn-related thanks to putting an ‘Only’ at the front. What a time to be alive when seeing an innocent word gets your mind racing with all the sexy potential. is an NSFW AI-powered chatbot designed for some intense sexting and roleplay experiences.

It’s popular too – there are over 40,000 characters you can chat with and explore any fantasy you might have in a judgment-free zone. You can’t fuck your real stepsister but there’s nothing stopping you from experiencing a fantasy like that. The chats are realistic and will have you wetter than a chick in a golden shower.

The AI sex chat category has been exploding. The usual fans are the weebs and anime lovers who create characters from popular shows and then have NSFW chats with them. If you’re looking for an AI girlfriend or deep connection, go somewhere else. But if you’re after unrestricted chats with an AI that feels realistic and allows you to express whatever horny fantasy you’ve got, welcome brother.

Choose your Roleplay Scenario from Thousands

You won’t have to browse for long before you start fapping. Like other AI hentai-style chatbot sites there are thousands of scenarios to choose from. Instead of choosing a stereotypical chat driven by something like a nympho personality or a businesswoman, you get down to business with pre-defined fantasies.

Finding whatever you’re after is easy. There are tags and avatars that give you a little teaser of what you’ll find when you start sexting. Sort by popular, new and trending as well as a few dozen tags like lesbian, submissive, breeding or non-human. Yep, this is designed for people with darker kinks.

There are close to 50,000 characters and fantasies on Don’t forget to swap the toggle to NSFW. The popular avatars when I visited the site were surprising. I was expecting the classic catgirls and big-tittied goth sisters but found a ton of guys, teachers and psychopaths. A couple are written from the female POV and further down were the deranged fantasies I’ve come to expect featuring horny demons, shapeshifters and masochistic suicidal gamblers.

Select From Thousands of Sexting Fantasies

Don’t let the character avatars distract you. Onlychar is designed for sexting and fetishes. You’ll find that out when you see the opening messages and scenarios. They’re predetermined from other users and before you know it you’ll be fucking whoever the secondary character is if that’s what you want. And why wouldn’t you – I bet you don’t meet many futanaris, femboys, demon chicks, furries in your daily life.

Don’t be surprised if someone made their fetish about Wanda from the Marvel Universe public. Literally any major series you can think of will have a pornified version of the characters. Type the name of a series in the search bar and you’ll discover that Black Widow actually has humongous boobs and wants you to suck on them.

The characters are all based around different prompts to drive their personality so the famous ones might not be the perfect match but they can get close. The quality varies a lot so if you really want to know what it’s like fucking Jessica Rabbit then you’ll need to create an uncensored AI bot yourself.

Getting Dirty with the Black Widow Sex Bot

I made an account to unlock the NSFW option and got chatting with Black Widow. We were celebrating our win over Ultron and she drunkenly grabbed me and took her to her room. The chat started with her showing off her ass to me. Only Char doesn’t fuck around. So neither did I. I threw the drink across the room and let her know she’d be drinking a different type of liquid. She got curious and wanted to know what it was so I took off my pants and sent her to work.

The chats are realistic and great for sexting. The longer you talk the more likely they are to get repetitive, but if you’re just testing out different scenarios and fetishes this won’t be a problem. The only issue is the free trial is so short. You can get more by doing stuff like referring people, but that type of loyalty program is too much work for me so I signed up as a member. I had a few requests blocked from the site which had me doubting how legit it was. Turns out it was the antivirus deciding now was a good time to block the connection, but I didn’t have any issues.

After that, I had a bunch of extra features like asking for in-chat images. I won’t deny that having photo after photo of Black Window in various states of undress didn’t help me along with the fantasy, but these sites never prioritize that. It’s always about texting (or audio if they offer that feature) and letting your dirty imagination work in the NSFW AI chats. The images weren’t that consistent and a few didn’t look like the character avatar that made me click through and chat in the first place.

Bring your own Creations to Life

Even with close to 50,000 characters I felt like I needed to make my own. I’ve got some specific ideas I wanted to try out. The character creator at uses prompts to design the scenario, speech pattern, opening messages and personality. It takes extra time but the payoff is worth it. The one thing I didn’t like is not having an image generator built-in. I had to find some sexy chick I’d previously made on another AI porn site. Short and easy, just how I like it.


Almost 50,000 characters

SFW and NSFW options

Realistic chats

Make your own chatbot and fantasy

Premium Benefits

A membership lets you create custom characters, have uncensored chats, and extra messages, voice messages and a longer chat history. You get high server priority for faster messaging and can generate in-chat images.


$15/mo for 5000 messages, 4K memory and custom characters

$35/mo for 20,000 messages, 8K memory, text-to-voice and high priority


There wasn’t much of a free trial so you’ll need to sign up and pay to get a true taste of Like other chatbot sites, the best part is the sexting. The chats are realistic and the quality is great – you’ll be immersed in the scenario expressing all your kinks and desires and having them fulfilled. The images and voice are nothing to write home about, but the thousands of characters you can chat with make up for the fact.

OnlyChar is like that chick you used to date and is always up for sexy action whenever you’re feeling up for it. That’s how I treat the chat. Other people use it for friendships and talking about their feelings but you know me. I’m just here to start sexting and exploring some fantasies with superheroes and equally horny women.

Visit: OnlyCharai