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(User Rating 3/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Lots of characters to talk with
  • The best AI voices I’ve heard
  • In-chat nudes
  • Unfiltered chat


  • The AI repeated itself a lot
  • Lots of trial and error in deciding on which language model to use and when
  • More expensive than other NSFW AI character chatbots



(User Rating 3/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: NSFWLover

The amount of AI porn chat sites like NSFWLover being made makes me fear for the human race. I’ve reviewed dozens of them by now and all the users have some fantasies about fucking their moms. If Freud saw what the future brought, he’d be happy knowing he was right. Still, any site that lets me have uncensored NSFW conversations with AI sexbots is good in my book. You can psychoanalyze me all you want, all I need is to be in a room with my AI porn sites and I’m happy.

This is a new site and definitely falls into the category of the second wave of AI character chat sites. They’ve put a lot of work into their front page and I saw all the stuff I wanted to see: diverse characters, unrestricted AI chat, voice interactions and customizing characters. We can’t all have a nympho girlfriend so the closest thing is to chatting with one on AI character platforms like NSFWLover. It’s a safe space to explore whatever topic you want, without filters. If you have a chatbot from Tarven AI you can import it to this site, and active Patreon subscriptions.

Taking a Look at the NSFW AI Characters

These platforms all look similar but this one’s on the higher end. You can get a short bio under the character avatars and listen to their voice notes. I always wondered what a demon girl would sound like – apparently an upper-class London girl. The voices are a sure sign I’m going to love chatting with these bitches. It’s some of the most convincing AI audio I’ve heard from these NSFW sex chat bots. The number of different voice actors was surprising. There are 10,000s to choose from! Makes me want to hear them talk dirty in my ear.

Taking a look at the roster I saw people with My Little Pony fetishes, demons, sisters, moms and aunts, fox girls, and futas. Because it’s not a hentai porn site without a few chicks with massive dicks. There are a couple of realistic girls but the majority were anime-based or furries. I didn’t find any wild fantasies like I normally do, like finding a chick stuck in a wall and ripe for fucking or non-consensual roleplays. Either they’re all tame, or I’m so desensitized I can’t even tell what’s going on anymore. I take that back – there are a few users obsessed with creating tentacle porn roleplays.

Chatting with a Sexy Nurse

A realistic nurse caught my attention, partially for her voice and also because the bio hinted at some mystery. Her perfect cleavage didn’t hurt either. I had to sign an agreement I’m over 18 and then I got to some AI sexting. Each of the chats has an NSFW AI generated pic as the background, in this case, a half-naked nurse named Susan. You’ve got to sign in to see all the other images of the girls. I can tell you – do it straight away. It’s the perfect fuel to put you in the mood for sexting an AI. I made an account and got to work with my 100 free messages. I entered the chat to see Susan sitting on the hospital bed completely naked with some cum covering hit tits. Let’s go.

The chats are unfiltered and if you’re a member, you can swap between different language models. Some of them take longer than others to generate or aren’t NSFW so it’s up to you to test them out and see which one gets you the interactions you want. This isn’t a purely sexting chatbot, you can definitely use NSFWLover to make a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend.

I quickly discovered that Susan was a stone-cold woman, calling the hospital her lair, domain, that she was in control. It’s true sexiness comes at the cost of crazy. I opened my arms to see how she’d respond and then she melted. I opened my legs and unzipped my trousers to see how she’d respond. There’s the usual mix of actions and texts that makes these AI character platforms perfect for roleplay. She quickly got naked and turned around with her breasts against the hospital apparatus begging for me to dominate her. I gave her exactly what she wanted.

I ran into some issues. Maybe because of the language model I was using, but the text was sometimes cut off and was more repetitive than I’d like. Some of these sites are constantly giving new outputs but this one repeatedly said how alone she felt and that she wanted to be taken hard. It’s still sexy as fuck but not the realism I was looking for.

AI Character Creation

You can add custom characters to the huge roster at NSFWLover. You can create a character from scratch or import them as JSON or JPEG files. You can have the AI generate the inspiration behind the character or do it yourself. You get to name them and write a prompt that explains their personality, preferences, sexual orientation, temperament and the scenario. I’ve got to give the platform credit for how good the AI is at following the prompts and not changing personality.

I couldn’t see the generator they mentioned. It’s there in the chat but I had to upload a sexy pic of a hentai schoolgirl I had on my computer. There are no standout features in the character generation but I’m always a fan of these prompt systems. It gives you much more control over how the characters respond to your input and makes it ideal if you want an AI girlfriend.


Thousands of AI characters

Unfiltered sex bots

Prompt-based character creation

Premium Benefits

Access to premium characters, voice messages, unlimited photos and messages and all 7 AI language models.


The free plan gets you 100 messages.

Membership is $29.99/mo

You can buy credits if you don’t want a membership. Unlocking different voices costs 5-20 credits, messages cost 1 and photos cost 10. You can buy 30,000 credits for $19.99.


If you wanna shoot the shit with some fake characters then you’ll love NSFWLover. I’m not sure how valid it is long-term because of the repetitive nature of some of the characters. Then again, they’re made by other users so maybe they didn’t write a good prompt. Buying gems is much better value than the monthly membership. The sexting was great and there’s no better place to explore fantasies and roleplay than platforms like You can request photos and the quality of the generator is good. I wish you could use it when you were making your own characters. Instead, you’ve got to go to an AI porn generator, make it there and then import it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to use my remaining few thousand messages to convince a vampire queen there are better things to suck than blood.

Visit: NSFWLover