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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • High level of customization
  • Great free plan
  • Prompt-based generations
  • Works for realistic and anime models


  • Some minor bugs on the site
  • The navigation could use some updates for all the characters
  • Without paying, you can only use one model



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Nectarai

Ever dreamt about meeting up with a hooker in a deserted street, only to discover she was a vampire and was going to suck your blood instead of your dick? Or what about that MILF that lives across the street from you. Aren’t you dying for her to call you to her house while her husband is away and greet you in tight lingerie? is the perfect tool to live out your dreams. It’s an AI girlfriend chat app that also allows you to generate realistic images and videos. Ok, maybe the videos were a lie – it’s new technology and in beta, but I’ve got every bit of faith it will be the next big thing.

Right now, there are 14 official characters you can start chatting with. They’re almost all women, so girls and gay guys have one option to start chatting with. Each character has an about section listing their personality, likes, hobbies, and body they’re rocking. There’s a sexually repressed mom who’s using the site to chat while her husband is away, a 20-year-old Japanese cutie with pink hair, and a yoga instructor who’s offering to do some stretches with you.

There’s also a filter for the community-made characters. This is where yours will show up if you make one. The other users put less work into making a realistic character, but you luck out. There was a fat chick, and her whole section was she likes to suck cock, or a student who’s a virgin. Uninspired, but still sexy.

There’s an option to start chatting or select from a few hundred fantasies like stumbling in on a character getting changed, no vampire business, sorry. They’re still releasing new content for the site and new girls, so some can’t send images yet. It sounds like a bummer, but it just shows that they want to put in all the work needed to release a finished product and not let you create images that look shitty and leave the site.

Start Sexting with your AI Girlfriend

I recommend starting with the official models on The whole experience is much smoother, and even if you don’t like their personality, you can go into a roleplay that changes things around a lot. They’ve got a collection of photos, plus some of what they do in daily life, and a set of pictures for when they unwind that shows them shirtless and baring almost everything for the camera. It’s less explicit than some other sites, but seeing these fantastic models up close is going to send all the blood to your dick.

The characters are super flirty, and there aren’t any limits on the stuff you can discuss. The same goes for when you’re making a character – with the prompts, you can imagine them in any outfit and type of girl. There are seven models to choose from. If you’ve used an AI porn generator before, you’ll know the kind, an Asian one, hentai, anime, realistic, and one that’s a mix between cartoon and realistic.

All the roleplay scenarios make sure you never get bored. So, I often want to keep roleplaying without having to think up a scenario myself. Here, you can keep the same character, so you don’t have to start from the beginning again and jump straight into whatever situation will turn you on the most. There will always be new girls to chat with, and all the chats get saved in your account to pick up from whenever you need some companionship or want to sext with someone.


Video and image generator

Chat with official and fan-made girls

Multiple AI models

Uncensored AI sex chats

Premium Benefits

Depending on your levels, there are many different benefits, but only the top level at around 35 bucks lets you send unlimited messages. There are options to get all the models and customizations for making your characters. You get unlimited messaging, the fastest responses, video generation, voice chat, and the ability to customize pre-existing personas for more variety. The top level gives you 45 messages stored in memory.


A free plan gives you ten generations daily, four customizations, 15 messages, one photo, and one custom girl. The rest of the plans are 50% off if you go for a yearly plan. Below are the monthly rates.

$9.99/month for unlimited image generations per day, 900 photo messages, 6000 messages/month, and unlimited character fantasies.

$19.99/month for 100 image generations per day, 600 photo messages, 6000 messages/month, and unlimited character creation.

$34.99 for unlimited image and photo generations, voice chat, customized personas (still being worked on at the time of writing), HD quality, video generation, and landscape/portrait mode.

Summary is a beautiful AI girlfriend site with loads of customizations. The roleplay features make it stand out from many other generators, and you get bonus features like the video generations. There are a few upcoming updates I’m excited to try out, like the voice messages and customized personas.

If you don’t want all the extra features,, opt for a lower tier membership. They give you fantastic value for the price and make it cheaper than many other sites out there. Go to and check out the free trial. It gives you more of a trial of this fantastic AI sex chat site than you can find elsewhere. There’s no reason why you should be fapping alone when you’ve got these fanttremendousls just one message away, and they’re always down to fuck.

Visit: Nectarai