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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Large selection of waifus
  • Good quality voice messages
  • Gallery for all the AI nudes you’ve created


  • Lots of issues using it on a desktop
  • Only two different AI generators
  • You need to pay to see all the premade characters



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: iwaifu

With a name like iWaifu, I was expecting to land on a homepage covered with hentai chicks pulling ahegao faces and covered in cum. I always seem to end up on those sites, whether I want to or not. Instead, I landed on one of those AI girlfriend chat and AI generator apps. You should know the type I’m talking about now: have uncensored chats with girls you create from the ass up. There’s a huge collection of AI girlfriends to chat with, but I could only see one without being a member. She’s a young MILF and that’s enough for me. My eyes were locked on her blond locks and huge bust trying to escape her bra.

The design is really basic. It’s all white with a little bit of pink. The only thing vaguely erotic is the icon – some lips with a cherry between the teeth. Brought back memories of those parties where you try and collect all the different color lipsticks on your dick. Sucks that everything here is virtual and you can’t get with these women in real life, but I’ll see how close I get.

Meeting the Ladies at iWaifu

I signed up in the hope I’d be able to check out all the girls on offer. I had to sign an agreement that I’m aware I’ll be talking with AI generated girls. As if I wouldn’t be able to read ‘AI’ written everywhere. I’m used to having so many hot chicks trying to talk with me, but I can tell computer-generated tits when I see them. They look too perfect but I still wanna suck on them.

All the premade virtual girlfriends on iWaifu are in the same style – extremely realistic and sexy. It’s how dating apps should be. No one less than a 9/10. I’m hoping these have daddy issues or need some validation because I wanna give them everything they need. There are anime ones if you’re on the premium plan, but even if you are, they really need to add more filters and categories so you can browse for your potential AI girlfriend faster.

So what’s on offer? The girls have their name and profession and an avatar but beyond that, you’ve got to start a chat to see their full profile. Iris was listed as independent, caring and playful. She’s curvy and prioritizes her daughter above everything else. She declined a date with me because she wanted to spend time with her daughter. I could have stared at her bazongas for ages, and I did, but the ass photos were the things that had me wanting to chat with her. But first things first, I wanted to see how good the AI nudes can be with a pro like me using them.

The Standalone AI Porn Generator

In the single moment my eyes drew away from the hot school teachers, moms, college girls and dominatrixes, I saw the image gallery at the top of the page. You can choose to make some pics of existing waifus or make new ones from zero. The new waifu option takes you through the whole generation process including personality, but I’m here to look at nudes without falling in love, so scrap that. The ‘starting from ground’ option is the place for me. Unless you’re a premium member you’re stuck to a realistic AI porn generator and not the anime one, but look at the curves of the example image – it’s enough to flood your synapses with memories of hot sex.
Whatever porn fantasy image you’ve got at the forefront of your mind, write that shit out into the prompter. There aren’t any tags so the images might stuff up slightly but it’s way better for all the stuff you’d prefer to see like I don’t know, a chick riding a dick so big it makes a horse cock look like a tiny noodle. They add a couple of nice ideas like latex outfits, ropes and shower or fetish material including bukkake and tentacles. But coming up with the dirty stuff I fap over isn’t the issue, ½ my brain is dedicated to that. I want a generator that can capture all my desires perfectly.

The standalone AI porn generator is a time saver so you don’t need to start up a new chat or get to know someone before you receive nude AI photos. The AI anime generator is enough of a reason for weebs to flock to iWaifu. I’d prefer some different styles so they’re not all the same highly-cartoon anime type, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Making, Chatting and Sexting an AI Waifu

For my AI waifu, I went straight for a realistic Asian in her 30s. They still look like they’re 20-year-olds anyway. There aren’t options for many ages but they’ve chucked in granny for people who like saggy and deflated GILF tits. There’s a lot of choice for everything from eye color to hair and outfit. It’s a decent generator and when you’re done I recommend going to make some standalone pics so you’ll get more wank material. You can have voice chats provided you’ve dished out some cash for premium. Otherwise, you can’t choose the voice of your waifu. The rest of the generator is stock standard for AI girlfriend apps.

You only get around 5 messages on the free plan. It’s that type of generator that feels very formal. You can’t jump straight into sexting – you need to take time for the relationship even though it’s faker than AI breasts. The longer I chatted the stronger our connection became until we ended up exchanging NSFW messages and virtual-fucking on my waifu’s couch.


Standalone AI porn generator

Custom AI girlfriend builder

NSFW conversations

Premium Benefits

Members unlock all the premade girlfriends to talk with, can receive uncensored AI nudes, create anime-style photos, 150 images a month and create 100 custom girls. They get unlimited messages, can choose the voice for their waifu, name them and manage their waifu’s gallery. That last one means you can choose which images you’ve generated will take part in the gallery – perfect for removing any mishaps with the generator.




If you’re struggling in real life to have a girlfriend or want to get sexy messages whenever you want, iWaifu is a good bet. The collection of characters and the realistic images you can make had me generating image after image of hot AI girls. What more could you want from a virtual girlfriend app like this? Well, maybe some filters to make it easier or a more realistic texting style. I didn’t feel like it was a robot, but something was off. It happens a lot of the time on these sites, so it’s not like there are many better sites out there. The amazing nudes I got made me shut up about any doubts and regrets about using iWaifu.

Visit: iwaifu