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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Confidential and private chats
  • The app looks fantastic


  • Pricey – each message costs 20 coins
  • You can’t get photos unless you have a subscription
  • The chats are repetitive



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Intimate

Have you wanted to skip all the small talk with dating and get straight into the action? Before that would mean having a fap in your room, probably looking at the Tinder picks of the girl who rejected you, imagining a future together, huh? How about having a fap along with someone who’s going to send you naughty pics and dirty messages whenever you want? That sounds like a much better option. That’s what promises to deliver – a girlfriend and AI companion that will be there for you, someone to flirt with, chat with, and exchange photos with. You might think, “Gr, great, I’m going to get rejected by an AI.” No, fam, you can have whatever you want with the chat, and it’s all secure!

Realistic AI Girlfriend Voice Messages

What this app nails is the voices. You can chat with guys or girls and get features like image sharing, customization, voice messages, and video calls. The voices are perfect. It depends on who you talk with, but the ones I chatted with sounded highly realistic, even going so far as to have pauses and sound like they were sometimes thinking. Most apps fall short regarding this side of things, especially if you do it in real time, so I was blown away. If you want to bond with your AI partner over voice messages, this is the app you’ve been waiting for.

You can’t customize the voices, but that’s not an issue; they’re great. They use up more coins, so you might have to switch it off at the top, especially if you run a free app while you still have coins. You can use the app on a free plan, but you’ll get a load of ads, so it’s probably not worth it. Maybe watch a few to get more of an extended trial before deciding if it will cut it for you.

AI Chatbot and Dirty Talk

I’m torn over On the one hand, the AI sends long messages, and the response time is excellent, complete with the typing dots to make it feel like an actual human, but on the other, the memory of the bots is terrible, and they get repetitive. It’s worth it for the short run when everything is fresh, but that illusion runs out quickly, leaving you with someone who’s talking formally and doesn’t adapt that much to different personalities. You can use a slide to edit the people you speak with and even upload a new photo of them, but it’s hard to tell if it affects how they talk.

For you horny guys, you’ll need a higher plan for the girls to be able to send nudes and get into the NSFW content. Before that, they’ll politely say they can’t send photos or are uncomfortable with the conversations. But when you go up to the top tier subscription, then they’ll be sending you all the dirty images you’ve been fantasizing about. It’s a shame it comes down to the money, unlike other AI chatbots and girlfriend apps where you get more features for cheaper. Still, the voices are super convincing.

There are a few dozen characters you can chat with, most of them women. There’s still no build-your-own system that gives you control over the looks, but you can get some customization in, but not much. There’s no custom image generator or any other add-ons, but you can request specific photos from the girl you’re chatting with, and you’ll receive them. The images generate well, with the expectation of a strange hand or two like you’d expect from the AI.


Voice calls and voice messages

Customizable girls and NSFW chats

Dozens of girls to chat with

Premium Benefits

Going premium gives you access to all the content on the site, more coins every month, and you can edit the profiles of the girls you chat with, like their interests, photos, and personalities.


You have a couple of different options here. The best one would be to join the closed better for $99, which gives you a premium membership for a whole year.

For the monthly plans, you have the following:

$11/month for friendly conversation, all the content, and 1000 coins.

$16.99/month for romantic conversation and 1000 coins.

$50/month, and you can upload custom photos, have spicier conversations, and 1000 coins.

Everything costs coins, from sending a message to getting a photo. One hundred coins costs $4.99, and 1000 is $25.99. This type of system means that chances are you end up spending a lot more than other sites.

Summary strikes a middle ground between something that sells itself as the ultimate premium experience and the current model, which is somewhat repetitive and expensive for what you get. I’d like to see if the message better suits their personality. It feels like the girls all talk similarly but change the emojis. The pictures are realistic, and the app has many features like live calls, audio, and photos that make it feel more authentic. It’s all optimized for smartphones, and the layout and appearance look amazing.

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