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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • The price is affordable and one of the cheapest ones on the market
  • Consistent image generator in both quality and accuracy to the character you made


  • No free trials
  • The photos are similar
  • The navigation isn’t intuitive
  • You hardly get any control over your custom AI characters



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: GlamGirlsAI

The chicks at have the looks. They’ve got the style. But when they’re AI bots, you can’t fuck them, so you’re hoping the chat will give you everything you need to get off. From first-hand experience, I can tell you that it does. The setup of the site is just like a dating app. There’s a date section where you scroll through all the AI girls other users have made and can swipe on whoever takes your fancy. But unlike Tinder, when you get a match with these girls, they’ll be much more talkative and willing to get into sexting. It’s everything you’re looking for in a dating app, but the sex is virtual.

A section to look at the girls is based on a few filtersβ€”Bratty and spoiled, sweet and innocent, romantic and caring, dominant, and daring and edgy. Just like Tinder, there are some obnoxious statements. One chick has the text, ‘The fountain of death is a place to be avoided.’ That screams an astrology girl who will ask you to rearrange your chakras before entering her. I found many girls had the exact copy and pasted about sections. The images change, but everything else has the same settings.

I have to say that the site navigation isn’t excellent. They’ve got their entire navigation apart from the login at the bottom of their site. It’s sticky down there, but when you compare it to all the other AI girlfriend sites, the user experience is much less intuitive. It works fine on mobile, but it’s an area they should take a look at. There’s a section at the top of the site where you can see all the trending girls – the one that everyone is talking about. I think the users of this site have caught yellow fever; all the girls were Asians with toned bodies and soft, suckable tits.

Create the Girl You’ve Always Wanted

The AI girlfriend generator section allows you to build a character from scratch. You get to set up her looks and personality. There aren’t as many options as on other sites, but the five choices you get for personality give you enough variety to make your choices feel like they matter. The presentation of this site is clean, and it looks professional.

Most other AI porn generators let you generate either realistic or hentai girls. At the time of writing, only enables you to create realistic women. There aren’t options for men or anime babes. The photo generator works well. You can tell that the AI generates them because the hands and eyes give it away, but they nail all the other details. It’s the uncanny perfectionism you expect from AI, but I was surprised there weren’t any mistakes – the hand came out like a natural person and not a monstrous hybrid.

Your choices to customize your AI girlfriend are age, ethnicity, hair color and style, body shape, breast size, and clothing. It’s a pretty basic generator. You can’t use prompts; you don’t have hundreds of different clothing options for fantasies like the usual ones that let you create pirates, Vikings, and ninjas.

As the name suggests, you can only make a glamorous girl without the customization you expect. It pushes you towards scrolling through the other generated images on the website and using it like a dating site rather than one where you can get control over the characters you make. The process is quick and straightforward, so you can get to know your dream girl faster.

Uncensored AI Chat

You’ll have to save the girls and images you generated to your account; you can’t download them. You’ll make a lot; they’re so easy to generate. As I mentioned before, when I was browsing the selection, many of the girls were the same. I put it down to the lack of options and not letting you use prompts to generate the chicks. The outfits and styles I chose a couple of times didn’t come through correctly. I want to see what they can do if they add a few options.

Once you match up with a chick, you can start chatting and asking for nudes. There isn’t an option for a voice chat, and I don’t know if it’s a feature they’ll be introducing. When you ask the chicks for a pic, there’s no doubt it’s the same girl. Sometimes other sites end up showcasing someone who’s fucking sexy, but the blue-haired goth you chose as your girlfriend is now a red-haired 20-year-old. consistently gives you photos of the same person. The chats don’t have any filters, so you can start sexting from the get-go.


Date AI women

Please create your characters and customize them

Uncensored NSFW chats


You can sign up for $3/month


No free trials

The photos are similar

The navigation isn’t intuitive

You hardly get any control over your custom AI characters


I couldn’t help the feeling that this site lacks something that makes it unique. No feature makes me go, “Wow.” The lack of proper customization and navigation brings it down. The main thing going for it is the format that makes it seem like you’re talking with real girls with their dating accounts, but even that has a lot of copy-pasted descriptions. The price is also excellent and way cheaper than any other option. If you’re dipping your toes into AI dating, I suggest you start here to get a feel for it without sinking much cash into it.

Visit: GlamGirlsAI