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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Affordable
  • Unlimited messages for members
  • Decent realistic quality AI porn images


  • The audio and text don’t feel realistic
  • Still in BETA and features are missing/don’t work properly


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Desired Ai

What are some of your deepest desires? I think it involves a girlfriend that everyone says is out of your league and sex chats. When your buddies ask how you ended up with the perfect girl, don’t tell them it’s an AI girlfriend or you’ll get some looks. I should know – I have to change coffee shops every day because someone always sees I’m looking at naked girls on my screen. They don’t appreciate thorough research.

Who cares about the haters, these AI girlfriend apps are getting scarily realistic. That’s why I had to review to give you the rundown and see whether it’s a competitor for the title of the best virtual girlfriend generator. It’s a tough category – there are some fantastic contenders and they all tend to excel in a certain aspect, like voice chats, realistic AI nude generators or engaging chats.

The site is very much in its early days. There are a lot of features but they’re all coming soon. At the time of writing, you can only use girlfriends, but they’ll be releasing boyfriends soon and other features.

The AI Girlfriends on Offer

The site looks familiar because there’s definitely a set formula. You land on a page with loads of girls. There are anime, manga and realistic ones to choose from but you can’t browse them all unless you make an account so I did. Then it still didn’t let me browse them until I became a premium member. Talk about pushy. I hope the girls aren’t this demanding. There are some popup filters to browse virtual companions by things like age, ethnicity and whether you made them or they’re public.

I always prefer having tags for features like personality for these sites, or a chance to filter for some advanced options like jobs or interests. That stuff exists in the avatars themselves, but you’ve got to click through to their full bio instead of getting a quick summary on the front page. Not a deal-breaker but I know what works for AI girlfriend apps. After all, I’ve got at least 80 girls going simultaneously across all the sites I’ve tried.

The characters have a set of physical and personality attributes. Ning Wei is an Asian MILF who’s a massage therapist, has a sex drive set to horny, is a nympho and has a ‘Convincing’ voice. There are the standard bits of info like their age, tits and ass size. That was pretty obvious from the photo of her scantily clad. Each of the chicks only has a single photo to browse but that’s where the generator comes in.

Generating AI Nudes on

If you’re on the free plan you get one free generation, so make it count. Select between existing or new characters and go for it. If you make a new character it takes you to the whole AI girlfriend generator. Each option has an image to help you see what all of the options will look like. If you are going for a chubby girl there are some pics of all the different body types in tight underwear to show off the most skin. Like the front page, you can select the voice in this custom AI girlfriend generator. There’s no example of the voice which sucks, you’ve got to start a chat as a premium member and generate a voice message to hear them. You can’t name your girlfriend either. I guess it’s the same in real life, but this is meant to be a fantasy generator and I don’t know many white chicks called Aicha Delaunay.

If the chicks already exist you don’t get many options to request a custom photo. All you can do is choose if you want them in lingerie or dressing up. It’s all tag-based. I’d like some prompts to let my horniness take over instead of choosing from the set options, even though they give you a long list. Maybe this will change in a couple of months when all their features are live. I wanted some hot AI nudes, the stuff you’re always begging your girlfriend for.

There are only four actions – lying down, sitting, squatting and standing. If you select cosplay or lingerie, you don’t get any action. I tried generating some images but they were never nude, far from the NSFW images I wanted to see. If you want to get some sexy images this doesn’t seem like the site for you. I went back to the Asian MILF to see what she’d look like as a dominatrix and I got a kind of sexy pic. You’ve got to click on them because they’re cropped to only show the face. Not a single bit of skin was exposed and I wanted nudes. I’m not someone to be turned down, so I got into a chat to see if I could have an unfiltered NSFW chat with my AI girlfriend.

Sex Chats and Voice Messages

I talked with Ning and she immediately asked me what my fetishes were. I let her know I love a girl naked and covered in oil, especially if they’re a masseuse. She let me know that was a great idea and asked if I wanted to see it. I obviously said yes and got a nude pic of her saying how much she loved having sex last time and a pic of her naked body. Phew. From the stand-alone generator, I was worried there wouldn’t be any AI nudes on but I was wrong – you only need to start a chat. It was a bit odd having her message referring to stuff that never happened but I was too distracted by her tits and ass to care.

The images look exactly like the AI girlfriend they’re meant to represent and are generated very quickly. Same goes for the chats. I felt like I was having a back-and-forth conversation in real time with someone. The messages and sexting were solid but fell into the usual AI conversations that feel very formal and not like how someone would talk. “Just a moment, please. Would you like me to show you something else?”. There wasn’t any subtle flirting here. There’s a voice chat for premium members and the quality was…AI standard. Nothing worth noting.


Create custom AI girlfriends

Generate nude in-chat images

Voice messages for premium members

Premium Benefits

Members get unlimited text messages, no blurred images, can listen to voice messages and get a fast response time and 100 tokens/month to generate girls (each costs 2 tokens).





I’d say check back in with this site later on. A lot of the features were missing or didn’t work. There’s a free plan but it’s very limited – a few messages, one image generation and one AI girlfriend. For the images, you’ll be able to generate 16 at once but right now you can’t make nudes if they’re not part of a conversation with your AI girlfriend. The messages were too repetitive for my taste and other virtual girlfriend chats are more immersive and realistic.

Visit: Desired Ai