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(User Rating 3/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • You get a high level of control and creativity when you create your character
  • The images look great; I didn’t see a single deformity or mishap like you get on other AI generators.
  • The chat is high-speed, and you don’t need to wait long.


  • The free trial is minimal and doesn’t give you much of a taste for the app. You need to pay to swipe the profiles, just like Tinder
  • If you use the app a lot, you’ll burn through the messages, and it gets pricey. Having unlimited messages would be better for the higher tier.


(User Rating 3/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: cutechatai

This is an AI chatbot that stands out from the crowd. It has a format you’ve probably seen before: you swipe right if you want to match with a character. Sound familiar? It’s bringing back loads of Tinder flashbacks, I know. But these are all AI characters, and they won’t leave you on read or ghost you as real chicks do. But if you could keep it in your pants long enough and not ask the real girls for nudes straight away, maybe they wouldn’t ghost you in the first place. You can chat with men, women, and fantasy characters.

The girls have three photos to check out and a bit about their job, age, sexual orientation, and where they live. It makes it feel more realistic even though you know they’re not actual people. The characters were all made by other users, and you can make your own in seconds.

Customize the AI Girl of Your Dreams

To make a character, you can upload a face to guide the AI, but it’s a prompt system. This gives you unparalleled customization. There are some tags to decide things like the body type and ethnicity if you want to use some tags and can’t be screwed coming up with your prompt. The coolest part of this process is the personality. There are five image generators: anime, cinematic, k-pop, art, and hyper anime. The cinematic one is the best if you want to make someone you could bump into on the street without being such an apparent AI creation.

You get prompts to decide what personality your character will have. It’s way better than other girlfriend apps where you only get a few tags to choose from – you’ve got an insane level of control over the result with CuteChat. For all you guys who like a bit of saucy roleplay, there’s a section in the character creation to enter a scenario and give context when you use Roleplay Mode in the chats. It’s great to swap between a realistic chat simulation or go straight to live out a fantasy with the girls.

Receive Hot Photos in the Chat

Chatting is liberating, and you can talk about anything without restrictions. The chats are encrypted to give you more privacy and the freedom to express yourself and live out your fantasies without judgment. Everything is optimized for mobile, a big plus; you can chat anywhere. There’s extra realism in the fact you can get hot photos from the girls you match with. Once you swipe right, it opens up a chat, but from the chats I tried, you’ve got to send the first message. That said, you get a selfie of the chick in her lingerie to set the mood and let you know that you’ll start sexting or have an NSFW chat in no time.

You can also send photos of yourself for more engagement and a bit of back and forth – they always react positively to whatever you send them. The chats aren’t at the same standard as some other girlfriend apps – they didn’t always respond with something relevant to what I was talking about. But if you want someone to engage with while you get off or help you out with a fantasy or roleplay, you won’t notice that stuff. Like all apps, the more you talk, the more they’ll know about your likes and interests and fit that into the conversations.


Endless characters to chat with

Mobile optimized

Create your characters or swipe on other user-made ones

Send and receive photos

Premium Benefits

When you go premium, you can unblur the images you get sent, get unlimited swipes, faster generations, and access all the features like the roleplay mode.


You can start for free, but you won’t get far with the token-based messages. You can earn some free ones by saving the app (to get 30 free ones, it costs 10 to make a character).

$9.99 gives you 300 tokens (messages), unlimited likes, and priority access for faster messages and generations.

$16.99 gives you 800 monthly tokens, and you can browse profiles.

There are other packages of tokens that range between $2.99 for 50 tokens to $259.99 for 10,000 tokens.


CuteChat provides a unique take (for AI) on chatbots. The format makes them seem more like real people than other sites, but the chat isn’t at the same standard as some other sites we’ve reviewed. The images are great, make the chats engaging, and provide excellent material for fantasizing.

Visit: cutechatai