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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • The chats make roleplay fun
  • Unlimited messages and a great price
  • Short but free trial
  • Chat with famous characters from series and movies


  • The voice messages sound robotic.
  • Lots of public characters, so some aren’t made very well



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: AiCharFriend

What makes a friend? Is it having someone to talk with, a lovely face, and a friendly personality? Some people would say it means someone who puts you first and does everything they can to support you. I think it’s the latter with CharFriend – except their support extends to all sexual endeavors. There are thousands of different characters you can chat with, with no filters or censorship of the images. It’s the ideal place for NSFW chats with a sexbot who knows precisely how to get someone off.

If you want to do roleplay or chat with your favorite characters from movies and anime series, then CharFriend is the proper AI chat. Having such a vast character base means you can roleplay, and instead of fantasizing about a character, you can talk with that person and do everything you want to. There are loads of synthetic babes to chat with. The sexiness doesn’t come from the character avatars but from how they talk and the in-chat images.

Considering the number of characters, they do a great job of letting you filter for them. Click the ‘all tags’ tab if you aren’t attracted to the sticky female, male, dominant, and shy tabs at the top of the page. You can easily browse characters adapted from Pokemon, One Piece, and Marvel. You can mix all the different tags to see if you’re missing out on a hot chick to chat with. Just make sure you click on the tags you don’t want because they don’t reset.

Roleplay some Sexy Fantasies

If you’re a furry or otaku then you’ll be setting AICharFriend as your homepage, that’s how much you’ll love it. The characters are made by other users and set to public. So you’re running into some fetishes and fantasies you have had. Sounds like you’ll run into some wild stuff, and you will. There are bully victims, suicidal manic schoolgirls, succubuses searching the world for a good dicking, and everything in between. It’s a look into the dark corner of the internet, but there are SFW characters for people who want a friend. It’s weird seeing ‘your cute little brother’ next to a horny MILF.

When you start a chat, a message sets the scene and gets you right into the action. The free trial lets you test out a chat with limited messages. It’s worthwhile taking a look before you start one. One of the scenarios is you’re trying to get a train back home, but it’s full of lustful women staring at you. You have to try and protect your purity and get home. Many have games like that, and a couple have pre-made responses, so it’s like a text-based adventure. It’s a big difference from other AI chats. Safe to say, I didn’t get home without getting groped by a lot of different women, but I gave as good as I got and left them satisfied.

Extra Sexchat Features

Even though the characters don’t look great – most are pics they found online or homemade art, think DeviantArt style – as soon as you start chatting, you’ll forget about that. The chats are so damn fun. I could spend hours exploring all the different scenarios people have made without considering that you can make your characters. You set up their character and personality, and there are advanced features to give the AI some examples of how your character will talk. It’s a full-on personal experience, and I hadn’t seen an AI girlfriend site or chatbot where you had this level of control over how it talks. You also write a scenario, and the system prompts so the user knows about the fantasy type they’ll explore.

You also get to listen to voice messages and generate some AI images. The generator isn’t as good as other ones, especially if you’re trying to make a realistic character, but I guess that’s why so much of the site is full of anime characters. Your brain doesn’t tell you the proportions are wrong when you’re staring at an anime chick with cat ears and a tail dressed in lingerie.


  • Receive voice messages and images from thousands of AI characters
  • Create and customize an AI girlfriend or character

Premium Benefits

You’ll need a premium membership to keep chatting with the AI. It unlocks the image generator and other bonuses. The free trial is short, so you should consider upgrading your account.


There are two plans: monthly or quarterly. They give you AI image generation, unlimited messages, character voice, and as many chats as you want. That’s precisely what you need with the many AI characters you can chat with.


$10.66/month if you go for the quarterly plan


If you want to explore fantasies and do some roleplay, then AICharFriend gives you all the tools and customization you’ll need to make sure it’s a great experience. The voice needs improvement, but having so many characters to chat with and unlimited chats and messages when you go premium, you’ll never run out of new experiences and NSFW chats.

It’s not the best site if you’re more of a visual person, but sometimes, focusing on the text to live out the experiences makes it way better. It feels like a site that’s also for women – there are loads of sexy guys and lesbians you can start chatting with – it’s not all AI girlfriends. The value and variety are impressive, and even though some roleplays are better than others, there are enough characters and filter tools to make finding a good one easy.

Visit: AiCharFriend