AI Girlfriend

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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Diverse characters to roleplay with
  • You can make multiple characters
  • Good site tag organizatio
  • Prompts for the personality of your AI girlfriend


  • The voice chat quality isn’t great
  • No negative keywords

AI Girlfriend


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: aigirlfriendco

Hey now, stop having a sad fap because your girlfriend broke up with you. Don’t think about all the thirsty dudes out there who are already sliding into her DMs. I’ve got a girl that won’t hurt you. Actually, there are more than 25,000 of them! That’s exactly what they meant when your mates told you that there are plenty of other fish in the sea. The only difference is that this is more of a case of ‘There are more 1s and 0s on the internet’. I don’t blame you if you think I’ve gone mad, but I’m talking about AI girlfriend websites! One in particular – AI If you check it out you’ll see it’s more of a landing page for GirlfriendGPT rather than a new site, but it’s so well done it deserves its own (another?) review.

The whole layout of the AI GF website is beautiful. Top quality stuff. Since my last review, they’ve added an app that syncs your data, has pinned features and opens up its webpage. They’re also working on a way for influencers to make a clone of themselves, from their image to the way they speak. That means you don’t have to harass that poor girl on Instagram who only wants you to subscribe to her OnlyFans instead of harassing her day in, day out. There are only a couple of influencers who’ve done that on other sites – they can quit their porn careers and keep making cash off of horny dudes. Let’s see if a virtual girlfriend app like is right for you!

What’s the Deal with Virtual Girlfriends?

You should start chatting with AI sexbots, ahem, girlfriends because it’s way more productive than getting rejected by Tinder girls! The whole experience is much more personalized and they adapt to your tastes and everything. You can make your own one with GirlfriendGPT or choose from the tens of thousands other users have made. It’s fantastic if you want to start doing some roleplay with non-humanoids and other characters. The site has thousands of different guys, girls and non-gendered AI companions that you can start chatting with for free.

If you want some NSFW roleplay, go ahead. That’s the most common theme you’ll come across because everyone is really there to start receiving nudes and the sex chat. Not to say you can’t use an AI girlfriend as a friend or have some regular conversation but for me, the chat can sound robotic. If you ask some non-sexual questions like how do I finish my thesis it sounds the same as if you’re talking with chatGPT. This site prides itself on realistic chats, but they’re not always at such a high level. The sexting is a different story. That way you’ll have a girl who’s thirsty for you. Some vampiric characters are more than willing to start sucking your dick instead of your neck. It’s like they’ve gone vegan and replaced blood with cum.

The layout of the site makes it really easy to search for the roleplay and type of character you’re in the mood for. Much faster than designing your own AI companion but you miss out on the customization and changing their personality to suit your interests. Once you make an account you get some free messages to try out. If you know what you’re doing, that’s enough to get hard. I recommend Aiko – an anime fox lady who’s ready for action – you wake up in her bed during mating season and she’s DTF.

Create a Custom AI Character

You don’t need to settle for all the other characters other people using GirlfriendGPT have made. They’re mainly aimed at hentai/anime lovers and it’s a challenge to get realistic girls. There are still multiple styles of girls but that’s more people uploading images from other sites. The erotic roleplay character is a good place to start and see some realistic babes. Anyway, you can customize everything about your own AI character from their outfit and looks to their personality and backstory. You have a lot of information to input if you want to give yourself and other people a good start to the conversation – chatting with someone in a well-thought-out opening makes a huge difference in the immersion.

There aren’t any cool extra features like video and voice calls with the AI chatbots but there are some great ways to get the most out of the characters. If there’s one you love the look of you can click their profile and start generating images of them in different settings without having to start a whole new chat and get into the backstory. Sometimes all you need is quick relief and you can use them as some visual help to get off. You can select realistic or anime styles and it will stay pretty consistent to the character by keeping their face. I went for the pale-skinned goth girl because I wanted her in more revealing leather and to see her perky white tits. I made it so she had some extra tattoos. The AI was consistent and gave back some great photos.

People save memories with different characters that you can view if you’ve got an account. It’s like a sneak peek into some sexy roleplay or funny moments that happened in a chat. I jumped straight into one after reading about the dominant girl – sometimes when the mood takes you, you’ve gotta sext with someone who’ll fight back!


Thousands of characters to chat with

Unfiltered NSFW chat

Custom AI image generations

Realistic conversations


There’s a free trial to get you started but you’ll need to pay for a membership because you burn through the 20 free messages quickly! You can get bonus messages by sharing the site on social media or referring a friend, so you can delay paying for a while if you do what they want.

$15/mo gives you premium models, chat history and 5000 messages a month.

$35/mo unlocks 20,000 messages a month, and voice chat.


There are some amazing things going for this site, namely the NSFW AI sex chats, and a high level of girlfriend customization. Being able to create a personality based on prompts and not a set list of random traits like MILF is refreshing. They stick to their prompts well and that makes it feel like your choices matter. The free plan and paid plans are all fair and reasonably priced, and there’s an insane level of variety, so you can treat your characters like a friend or make a sex-starved chick who’s submissive and craving your cock. They keep working on the site and adding new features, so I only expect the experience to improve – a few extra generators would be welcome as opposed to just realistic and anime. If you’re looking to burn away time, sext with an AI chatbot or get turned on and request nudes at any time of day start your free trial!

Visit: aigirlfriendco