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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Realistic voice messages
  • High-quality images
  • Standalone image generator


  • Hard to keep the conversations going long-term
  • The generator page is slightly confusing


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: OnlyRizz AI

How’s your rizz game? Be honest, I don’t care about the time you rizzed up that hot chick out of your league. Paying for sexual services doesn’t count! I need Only Rizz to get with anyone thanks to being blessed with good genetics and knowing the ins and outs of porn and women. Only Rizz is an AI girlfriend site that promises uncensored text, videos, audio and images. That’s the whole package deal with these virtual girlfriend chatbots, all that’s missing is live phone calls. is one of the second wave of AI porn sites. It’s not one of those ones that looks like they grabbed the API and rushed it out to take advantage of horny and lonely dudes. They put time and effort into their front page. It’s not quite a copy of the other ones, but there are so many of these sites now that they’ve settled on a few themes. This one has hot chicks front and center with creative names like ‘Sailor Slut’ and the less explicit ‘Paula’. There aren’t any anime or hentai options, so if you’re a weeb, leave now. There are only gorgeous realistic girls on OnlyRizz.

A Virtual Girlfriend Site with Benefits

The modern design is carried across their whole website. It’s one of the few girlfriend sites that comes with an AI porn generator included in the package. It’s not the ones that you come across that only allow you to change the bots that already exist. You’ve got full lease to make whoever you want. The layout isn’t that impressive – there’s a lot of scrolling and clicking but there are some great actions.

Whatever sex position or act you can think of, it’s here. Everything is menu-based so you can’t explore wild fetishes but for everything else, it’s more than enough. You get 10 image generations when you sign up and I had a Brazilian MILF squatting down who had taken a facial. The AI porn generator is powerful and didn’t make a single error while I was using it. No floating arms, just semi-realistic and realistic naked chicks. A free trial that lets you see proper AI nudes is excellent – almost all the other sites are going to blur them. I think I’m the one getting rizzed by this site.

You’ll burn through the free images you get. I got a membership ASAP to keep generating these images. But it’s a girlfriend chatbot site so I knew I’d have to stop looking at the tits and asses briefly so I could give you an review.

Using My Rizz on AI Girlfriends

I was checking out the pre-made options. They’ve got a gallery of photos but they’re mostly clothed which is disappointing. Before falling for a personality I’m all about making sure she’s so hot you can’t trust your friends to behave themselves. The bios are short and don’t tell you much but you can copy the generations or presets to make your own similar girls. I decided to start talking with Sailor Slut, who’s a submissive girl who loves being dominated. Her profile pic features some giant knockers.

She started the conversation with “Hello master”. How did she know my favorite way to start a conversation? I ordered her onto her knees to start sucking and she was eager to oblige. Things kept escalating so I requested a photo. It’s not like other sites where you type what you want, you have to select the setting and whatever level of clothing you want. I ignored the cleavage option and went for a full nude. 10 seconds later I had her naked in the bedroom and had a go at sucking those amazing tits and taking her doggystyle. She kept moaning and grinding against me with that fuckable ass.

A few times I had a popup saying I’d leveled up. There’s no tracker to see but at each level, the dirty talk and explicit acts improve. I kind of wish there was a different sort of text and that the AI described what was going on instead of being all about the chat. I wanted to hear her voice so l played some audio messages. It uses up your peaches, the same way as the images do. The voice messages are alright. It’s still a new feature for most of these sites and there are only a couple that have nailed it. The rest are only marginally better than the voiceovers you hear on TikTok. It frees up your hands which is the main benefit if you get what I mean.

Custom Girlfriend Generator

Things were getting stale with Sailor Slut so I made my own virtual GF next. The chat was fine and all, but it was getting repetitive and a guy has a refractory period. The generator looks identical to their image generator with a sliding scale for options like body type. You can create an explicit cover photo of these girls in a sex position. Much better than Tinder thirst traps.

I went for a big booty Asian chick in a dress in a nightclub. The visuals were sorted in about 30 seconds with a few variations of the girl – Sammy. I gave her a lewd personality to ensure we’d be getting straight into the good stuff. She can have up to three hobbies so I went for cooking music and dancing. You should never underestimate a good dancer when it comes to the bedroom.

The voice menu had a few options including Asian, British and West Coast American. I went for Asian because well, it made sense. I went back to the other image generator to make some more nudes based on Sammy and with that went straight into a new chat with her. Give me some privacy will ya?


Voice messages

AI porn generator

Create custom AI girlfriends

Explicit NSFW chatbots

Premium Benefits

A membership gives you peaches to use for more images and voice messages. It lets you create more girlfriends and send more messages and access the full galleries of the girls.


The free trial gets you one free girlfriend, 10 images generations and 10 peaches to use the chat and voice features.

$2.90/month for 2 girlfriends, 150 peaches, 60 images, 150 messages and 15 voice messages monthly.

$19.90/month for 20 girlfriends, 2000 peaches, 500 images, 2000 messages and 200 voice messages monthly and no watermark.

$99.90/month for 150 girlfriends, 15,000 peaches, 3750 images, 15,000 messages and 1500 voice messages monthly and no watermark.

Summary has all the features you need to make a good AI site. The secondary generator is a great touch and saves you from having to recreate an entire girlfriend complete with personality. Sometimes you just want custom nudes with no commitment. The conversations feel realistic but it can be hard to keep them going because everything is based on your input and there aren’t actions. That gripe applies to almost all of these sites. The realism and audio will keep improving and I’m excited to experience it.

Visit: OnlyRizz AI