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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • It’s a sexy gallery of chicks.
  • You get a girlfriend and image generator from the same site.


  • The site navigation is messy and full of errors.



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Onlynsfw

While most of the AI sex chats and girlfriend bots only offer you that capability, also gives you access to an image generator. You don’t need to go through the trouble of making a character from scratch to get a unique picture. It gives you a lot more freedom in what you do with your time: do you want to make a detailed bot and start NSFW chats, or do you want to look at lots of different nude chicks that suit your fantasy? Your choice.

You can choose to generate images and characters privately with a membership. You get the same sort of tools you can find on all the other AI generator porn sites. If you have the technical know-how, you can mess around with the seeds and advanced features, but if you want to make some hot images and chat with babes, that works fine. One gripe was all the spelling mistakes over the website or just weird shit like a board instead of a gallery that said, ‘A little board for adult only hop hop hop, kids, go to bed.’ Maybe I’m just a grammar nazi. Anyway, there’s enough porn to get you going without having to look at the text.

Generate Hot AI Girls

I recommend you go straight to the board of OnlyNSFW. You’ll be greeted by a wall of sluts and sex scenes. From chick deepthroating cock, alien tentacles penetrating multiple holes at the same time, and something right out of a fetishist’s wet dream. The wildest one I saw was a futanari having her tits and cocked milked in tubes while she pissed on the floor with an ahegao face. The users know exactly what they want and how to generate it. I haven’t come across such a wide variety of scenes on an AI porn site before. Many give you girls in the same position but with different features and clothes, at least in the galleries. So, how do you make your own?

When you make an image, you’ll get a lot of choices for the position and the AI model. Most of them are geared towards anime – there was one realistic model in the 11 options you get. The rest are either anime, fantasy, or cartoon-based. There are 20 different poses to choose to have your character in, which explains why their board had such a massive variety of different chicks fucking in different ways. You’ve got an option to use tags or custom prompts. The tags are minimal. There were only about 34 choices that weren’t related to ethnicity. That’s the lowest I’ve ever seen. I recommend the custom prompt to give you more customized results.

Start Sexting in NSFW Chats

You can go to the characters page and find someone to chat with or make your character. The girls have an about section and a nude photo (usually). By default, you see the most recent characters, but I recommend you go to the top or trending ones – they’re generally much better quality. There’s a section to understand how many messages they’ve exchanged with Peidea. These chicks are all nymphomaniacs, doms, innocent wives, enslaved people, girlfriends, submissive or MILFs, everything you could ever want. Having a set of filters would make this section way better. There are just so many characters to chat with. The sex chats go straight into the action. Just open them up, and most have been set to be incredibly horny and said stuff to me like “fuck me sexy” and “She pulls down your boxes and takes the already hard morning arousal of your big dick in her mouth.” Good morning to you, too.

The custom girlfriend generator is the same as the image generator, but you set her first message, personality, and an introduction to the character. Simple, but it works. There’s not much to write home about – it’s less customizable than other AI sex hats, but it gets the job done. There are different chat models to choose from, from simple and fast ones to sexier ones or one that takes longer to train but delivers the best results for sexting. You can get custom nudes in chat, which is a big win.

Premium Benefits

You can access all the NSFW poses, every chat model, extra messages daily, and unlimited generations when you go premium. Three different plans increase the number of messages and characters you can have daily. It’s the only way to get the highest quality images, and the photos generate faster.


The pro plan costs $9.99/month for 30 messages and characters daily.

The expert plan costs $14.99/month for 100 messages and characters daily.

The ultimate plan costs $29.99/month for 300 messages and characters daily.


The pics on are fantastic and a must-see for everyone who loves anime and hentai. The chats hold up well, with varying quality if you pick a user-made girl. The site desperately needs better filters and organization; it looks messy and isn’t appealing. But talking from a pure porn perspective, it’s worth checking out, and it’s great having a separate image generator outside of the chats.

Visit: Onlynsfw