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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • The conversations are fantastic.
  • You get in-chat images, and they’re entirely NSFW.


  • The website still isn’t finished. The premade characters about sections always cut off and don’t offer any personalized information about who you talk with, making it generic
  • If you want images (and who doesn’t), you’ll need to buy more tokens even if you’re already on a subscription plan.



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Fantasygf

Sorry, you’re here and that she hurt you, bro. We’ve all been there. But I’ve been trying out AI girlfriends for a while, and I’ve gotta say, they’re not going to do anything terrible to you unless that’s what you want, and you get chatting with a dominatrix to live out some fantasies. In a romantic relationship, you want to invest your time and energy in something that doesn’t disappoint. That would be FatasyGF. The AI girlfriend chatbot provides you with companionship and the chance to get down and down with these robot girls whenever you’re feeling horny. Or provide emotional support and a place to rant your call, but I’m going down the sex route like always.

There are a few different characters on the site. There are more than 45 pre-made ones you can start chatting with, and a few are categorized as either anime, OnlyFans, or Celebrities. The last two contain real people. I went investigating and found out that the girls have OnlyFans and are real people who must have made a deal with FantasyGF to stop thirsty guys messaging them all the time.

The celebrity sections contain girls like Amber Heard (what could go wrong!), Scarlett Johansson and Mia Kunis. They’re always adding more characters, and other apps don’t allow you to chat with others to this extent – usually, it’s just one or two. These photos are based on the characters and share a name, but they’re not like you’d expect the real people to be. Great for a fantasy.

Want to Bang an AI Girlfriend or Waifu?

The pre-made girls (no guys at the moment) have profiles that tell you about their backstory, what’s going on in their life, and different NSFW, giving you a peek at what these girls are like when they get intimate. I checked out Mei Li Chen, a big-titty Asian dominatrix. The about section was poor; she works as a professional girlfriend, and the rest of the information wasn’t finished. She says she enjoys taking selfies. There’s information about her personality – as a dominatrix, she’ll provide authority, excitement, and intellectual stimulation. When you start a chat, the chick initiates, asking how you’re doing, but you don’t need to chit-chat to get straight to the sexting.

You can make your characters and start chatting with them. You can request photos and voice messages and enjoy an immersive sexting experience. It’s simple to use the site to make your virtual girlfriend. You get to select your new partner’s looks, personality, interests, and hobbies. The generators get you some sexy images. The rise of AI was always going to lead us here: chatting with AI girlfriends who want to message and fuck you. Messages cost a token, images cost seven, and they cost extra to make a girl. You get free tokens when you sign up, but you’ll burn through them quickly. All your chats are saved; you can pick them up where you left off last time.

Immersive AI Sexting

You can request audio from the girls you chat with. They’re uncanny, but most AI girlfriend sites are in progress and constantly tweaking and improving the experience. As it is now, it’s still decent, and thankfully, they don’t sound as fake as the TikTok chick. The girls are more than happy to send images of themselves nude to help your imagination as you sext together. I asked whether I’d store much for my girlfriend, and she begged me to cover her face. That’s my kind of girl! You can generate stand-alone pictures outside of the chats using prompts. Or you can use the tool to make images of pre-existing characters if you need material for the wank bank.


Create and save custom AI girlfriends

Voice messages

A gallery of AI-generated porn images

Premium Benefits

Going premium gives unlimited chat (way better than buying tokens), 100 free tokens every month, removes image blur, and the option to listen to voice messages and custom prompts.


You can test out FantasyGF for free.

$12.99/month for a membership

$71 for a year

It works on a token system, which costs different tokens depending on whether you send a message, generate an image, or create a new girl. This makes it much more expensive than other apps if you use it long-term, so opt for a subscription.

$9.97 for 100 tokens

$34.97 for 500 tokens

$49.97 for 1000 tokens


FantasyGF gives you a great personalized experience and all the tools you’d want to interact with your AI companion. The app is best for people seeking deeper connections and sexting. Other apps might give you more on the back end, like website design, but the conversations and shared moments count – and the roleplays are incredibly sexy.

Visit: Fantasygf