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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • The editing tools are really handy
  • The images look good (when they work) and are realistic
  • All your generations get saved


  • It’s a high price for what you get
  • Lots of disfigurements



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Pornderful

In just a few clicks of tags, you’ll be making your porn. You can use lots of different tags or a prompt feature to get your creative juices, amongst others, flowing. There are loads of different tags and a search tool to help you find something specific without having to click around the screen a lot. Not that it’s annoying, but it’s much faster. Anyway, before long, you’ll be making so much porn you’ll become very aware of the exact tags that exist on Pornderful.

There’s a feature to save the AI models you make. It’s a strange concept [t but you can ‘buy’ the rights to make sure there’s no other similar generation. I don’t get it when you could keep making more porn content but hey! Who am I to judge if you want to spend 69 (excellent) bucks for rights to your AI-generated image?

There are options to make either hentai or realistic girls – it’s probably a waifu dude who wants to make sure no one else keeps coming to his creation. A remarkable feature here that’s often missing is you can choose the exact body pose. There are currently more than 80 options which are a fuckload. They come with the same model to show just how good the generations can be and the poses. It can sometimes feel repetitive if you want to keep trying different girls because the exact pose means precisely that. There’s no variation, so when you’ve got 20 images of the same thing, it gets a little old. But if you want to go for a pose that you know will be sexy, it’s the best way. The prompts sometimes misinterpret your creative vision, so it’s an appreciated option.

There are some tag presets that mean you can go straight into making porn through tags quickly without having to select and choose what to include manually. As a base, it saves you a lot of time. But onto the quality. The images I made looked sexy when I worked. I was thinking maybe I fucked something up, but no, it’s a common issue with their AI engine. The amount of weird dicks, pussies, and hands were off the charts and ruined the images. It’s like seconds away from being sexy, but it isn’t there yet. So many other sites have moved beyond the fucked up fingers thing.

Edit your Images for Sexier Results

It sucks when you have to come up with a new prompt or try and change something you’re not happy with. Some sites give you editing capabilities; some don’t, and they’re often overlooked. Excellent gives you a great editing tool. If you generate a body and you love it, but the face got either fucked up, or you just want to use a different face, you can select that part of the image and do a simple swap. It goes together flawlessly; something as simple as a new face can make an image a thousand times hotter. Do you regret making the chick nude? You can change it so she’s in some lingerie or a corset. You can make other changes, like changing the background of the hair color. These have a much smaller effect on the sexiness of your generation, but they’re still nice to have.

When you’ve got the premium membership, you can resize your image. It’s great for people using a desktop. I prefer it to a phone. Not just because I can’t accidentally drop the computer on my face when I’m enjoying my AI porn at night, but you get a much bigger image, and that’s always a good thing. All the pictures you make get saved to your gallery. You can remove them if you want, but think of it like private storage of some sexy photos if you ever need a bit of encouragement or inspiration.


Save your AI models to reuse or buy the rights to them

AI prompts and tags

Loads of different tags to select

Advanced image editing options

Premium Benefits

The premium membership here gives you a lot. There’s just a single tier, and it’s more expensive than most similar sites. Here’s what you get:

Access to the premium tags, unlimited image generations, less wait time, change and edit the images, no watermarks, high resolution. You can also start generating AI porn in batches of 4 images, customize the size, make whatever you create private, and get access to the full search results function – letting you see thousands more images.


$20/month it’s a bit more expensive than other sites.


I want to like this app; I do. But as of Feb 2024, the quality isn’t there for me. The tags and the prompts are all great, but the engine itself ruins the fact you get so many options. Not much point when if you wank to the images, you might as well be looking at Frankenstein. The site has been around for a bit, and AI porn is continuously improving, moving, so I’m hoping this changes because the site itself is gorgeous. It just needs the features to get to the same level of performance.

Visit: Pornderful