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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • The generations rarely have any issues in anatomy or disfigurements
  • Lots of different art styles and they work really well with the other tags
  • Hundreds of tags to choose from


  • Very long wait times if you’re not premium
  • No prompt tool



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: Madeporn

Made Porn is one of the most consistent AI porn generators there is. The gallery they’ve got showcases all the naughty and dirty shit other users are using the site for. I went through it, and there was only a single error in about 60 images. They’ve all a great size to admire while you scroll, giving you a peek at different categories, like fisting, anal, cumshots, titjobs, solo play, handjobs, and blowjobs. The error was one errant dick that was between some mammoth tits and not attached to a body. The other was a chick I assumed was meant to be there pulling her legs back with her arms to invite the guy to fuck either her pussy or asshole, but she didn’t have legs. Still not sure if it was an error or whoever made it was into amputee porn. It’s a thing, I swear.

The generator is super high quality with good results; I’m just not sure if the people using it have strange fetishes. I’m more than willing to investigate because the gallery is an endless scroll of AI porn. The filter isn’t that good. There are day, week, month, year, last likes and tags. The tags aren’t always related. They’re arranged by images meant to describe the act, but like any porn generator, it makes mistakes and falsely attributes them. If you click on the action: fingering, for example, there wasn’t a single chick fingering herself. The ethnicity: Zambian tag was mainly white chicks with just a few Africans.

I want to Make Some Porn!

The rest of the site is straightforward. Apart from that awesome gallery of Porn, there’s only an option for a night mode to view the site and the generator page. There aren’t any other AI tools you usually see packaged together. Hell, there isn’t even a prompt tool. It’s just a page of tags to select. There are a shit ton of them, and they should be enough to do the job for you no matter what thing you want to jerk off to. There are all the usual styles like artistic, realistic, and hentai. There are options to make lesbians, shemales, ladyboys, gays, and women. It’s all designed for chicks, and there are just a few specific options for the guys.

A lot of the tags are specific to Pro members. It’s normal, and like always, they involve the best ones, like the dirtiest sex positions, hottest clothes, and kink-specific things like latex, high heels, and camel toe. I gave the site a good with a cinematic image of a 20-year-old Latina chick with tattoos, a piercing, slutty, licking her tits with bangs. It worked perfectly, but I felt more adventurous and needed more images for the session! So, I introduced my 18-year-old in front of the Eiffel Tower, hogtied in a latex bikini. The latex part didn’t come through nicely, but the rest did! I felt like I had the hottest European chick there waiting for me to fuck whenever the mood took me.

The free version doesn’t give you all the tag access, of course, and the wait times are long, but it’s nice to see that chucked in to provide you with a taste of the type of Porn you’ll be making. The interface is simple, and you still get enough variations for making Porn to get you through life a happy man. All the tags are addicting. Before I knew it, I’d spent some 45 minutes making generation upon generation. I ended up with a folder of everything from hot vanilla chicks to Viking babes getting tied up and sluts outside significant landmarks. The mixing and matching is enjoyable, seeing what the AI will come up with from your prompts. When you add too many, it goes rogue and misses a lot, but that’s been my experience with every similar app.


An excellent gallery of user-made porn content

Tag-based porn generations

Free plan with a lot of tag options, but a long wait time

Various model styles to use for the Porn

Premium Benefits

The main benefit of going premium is that you won’t have to wait as long for your generations to render. This is a big plus because the site seems slow otherwise. It’s either super popular (very believable), or they’re making it act slowly so you dish out the cash to go premium. Otherwise, you get access to different porn styles and new tags. Those two extra features, in conjunction, lead to hundreds if not thousands of new porn possibilities.


Going premium costs $15/month


This is just an excellent porn generator all around. While it’s missing a prompt tool, you get so many tags that you overlook unless you’re after a specific or niche fetish. It’s addicting, and once you get the premium membership, you’ll be getting generations in 10-15 seconds, meaning you’ll have a load of fresh porn content whenever you want to be creative or feel horny.

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