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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Prompt-based for unlimited flexibility
  • Every tool you could dream of
  • High-quality images
  • Great price
  • Mobile app


  • Not so straightforward
  • Not a porn-specific AI, so it takes longer than other sites to start getting the images you want
  • No tags for user-friendly images



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: gencraft

What type of porn are you into? Do you like the softcore stuff and seeing some hot AI chicks fully clothed? It’s easy to imagine them as real people and that they’re flirting or teasing you. Get a photo up and use your imagination while you jerk off. It’s easier than Tinder, and there’s no risk of someone ghosting you or fishing for likes on their Instagram page. It’s much cheaper, too! Or are you the guy who’s so into porn that unless you’re not seeing some fucked up video, you can’t even get hard? Probably in the middle – you want some rough sex, don’t you?

GenCraft is an AI art generator site. It’s got a lot of daily life use to it because it’s not a porn-specific site. But you’re with me, and you should know that that’s not going to stop us from making some hot naked AI porn images. There are even some benefits from a site like GenCraft – it gives you a few other tools that most people don’t consider helpful for porn, and so they don’t even offer them on their sites. Amateurs!

You’ll be able to make some AI porn that’s so simple and accessible that you’ll wish you had started on this site years ago when AI porn was becoming a thing. So, what makes it so good for making adult content? Let’s see!

Create AI Porn in an Endless Cycle

A feature that GenCraft gives you that I love is the image-image function. Let me run it down for you: you can upload whatever image you want, and it’ll be transformed into another image or a text prompt. I know that I’ve come across some porn in the public galleries on different sites I wanted to recreate. I never could, though – it always ended up being off because I couldn’t tell what they used in their prompts. On GenCraft, I uploaded an NSFW pic of Lara Croft to see what it’d give me and stole the prompt. I plugged it in and got a similar style picture that I could customize, further enhancing her already amazing tits and changing the face around to fulfill one of my other fantasies.

There are options to copy a face into AI. Even if it’s a side profile pic, it gives you a decent result. Upload an image of whoever you want and then use the photobooth feature to put their face onto your NSFW AI images. A few sites offer this, but the quality is pretty hit or miss. This one hit the mark every time, and I could make images that looked just like the person. For some shits and giggles, I had my face on some different bodies fucking some hot girls. Not that I couldn’t be in that position whenever I wanted in real life *cough*. Call me egotistical, but I promise I wasn’t touching myself while I looked at myself; I was staring at the chick I was giving a lot of pleasure to.

Once you settle on a hot image, you can save that character to your account to generate more images with that person as a base. Writing out the same prompts saves time when you can click to use that image and then change things like clothes, location, or whatever you can think of.

Site Features and Layout

There’s a great section with a vast gallery. You can search for hot chicks, but they’re obviously not trying to push the porn usage, so there’s no filter for NSFW content. That’s the downside of using a site that wasn’t made by degenerates like us. They see the potential for unlimited creative possibilities, art, and making jobs more accessible, and we think of boobies. For me, that’s not a downside. You can use this generator to create whatever you want, whereas if you pay for an AI porn image generator, then you can’t do the other things that GenCraft offers.

There’s an app for GenCraft (another feature AI porn sites don’t usually offer), so you can make images on the go. Are you bored on the bus? Within a few moments, you could be checking out the nude girl of your dreams. Are you bored at work? Make some custom porn images and take a more extended bathroom break – just tell everyone you’ve got an upset stomach and hope they don’t see the cum trails down your pants. Everything works perfectly on the phone app, and you can use all the same features as you could on a browser. Better, in fact.

Editing photos was never as easy as it is here. There are loads of ways to edit your creations or upload photos, and edit those by adding tags, removing parts of the images, or adding new ones. Hell, there’s even an AI video generator. You get a bit of everything with this app. The videos aren’t long, but that’s expected. It hasn’t been around long in the world of AI porn videos, but the quality isn’t something to sniff at. Everything generates in good time, so you don’t have to wait long while you’re drooling and looking at the screen in the brief moments between new generations. Getting multiple images back at once is a blessing – if one doesn’t work well, you usually get a whole other bunch that gives you back exactly what you were dreaming about.


Lots of variety – make anime, photorealistic, cartoon styles and more

Prompt based

Video and image creation

Lost of custom features like poses and faces

Premium Benefits

When you go premium, you get full access to everything on the site, like the editing features, photo booth (custom faces), and extremely fast generations. You also get more styles and features like the custom model, upscaling, and the highest definition images.


You can get two free images/day on the free plan

$9.99/month for unlimited photos and videos


Even though GenCraft isn’t designed for people to make porn with, nothing is stopping us! The extra features, like having an image to train the AI or using custom faces and poses, give you a level of flexibility that’s usually missing from AI porn generators. You get so many features, and you can use this site daily for a range of other tasks that don’t involve emptying your balls. Sure, you don’t get sex positions, and it’s not as straightforward as some AI porn, but with some patience and practice, you can make some images and videos that are above everything else you can do. If you like cartoons, hentai, or retro porn, then all the styles you get access to will make it a breeze. The free plan isn’t that great, but a couple of generations for free every day is an excellent way to check out if you want to upgrade your plan or just fuck around in your spare time.

Visit: gencraft