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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • Designed for roleplays
  • Extremely hot and well-written prompts from the AI
  • Lots of fantasies to choose from
  • Free plan with easy ways to get credits


  • No good way to sort through fantasies or fetishes
  • No image generator or other offers apart from the chat



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: dittinai

Dittin ain’t your usual AI porn site. It’s not full of naked chicks and dudes that bare everything for you. You can’t go around getting the perfect girl into the right position to take your load. If you’re a purely visual masturbator you’ll struggle. If you use that same kinky imagination that allowed you to create thousands of NSFW AI-generated images with you’ll be rewarded. Anyway, they say that an orgasm is largely a mental thing so the artificial intelligence bots on Dittin might be your new porn. There are loads of AI-powered chat porn sites out there like this one. That’s where I come in. I’ll tell you just how NSFW this chatbot is and what you can do. You wouldn’t want to invest your semen in the wrong place, your balls worked hard to make that stuff.

This is an NSFW AI chatbot. If you haven’t gotten off with the help of AI before I’ve got two questions for you. One: where have you been for the last few years? Two: don’t you have some fantasies or roleplay scenarios locked away in that horny ass head of yours you want to experience? That’s why these sexbots exist. The site is perfect for fetishists, hentai fans and people with tastes so out of the ordinary they wouldn’t bring it up around friends.

What Conversations Can I Have on

There are thousands of characters you can chat with, made from users like yourself. That means you can chat with whoever the hell you want. Not only that, the chats are completely unfiltered. They say that if it’s still about an illegal topic the AI won’t respond but everything else is fair game. I wouldn’t expect much else considering that one of the most popular characters on the platform is a Japanese schoolgirl who gets partnered with you for copulation. You’ve got a year to get her pregnant.

The chats are a mix of sexting and games. You’ve got to convince them about certain things, or there are some RPG elements put in there. Try and convince a pissed-off goth girl you’re the perfect match for her and stuff like that. There’s a heap of non-human characters and free-use fantasies. I felt like I was back in college with all the schoolgirl fantasies here. Make sure you flip the switch to bring up the NSFW conversations with AI chatbots. There are shots of realistic women too, but they play second fiddle to fairies, futanaris, goblins and devils.

The filters aren’t great. The popular setting isn’t ranked according to the most popular characters. There’s a new section and a favorites section for when you’ve found characters that catch your eye. If you’ve been on the first for a few days it’s hard to find new characters because there’s no pagination or extra filters. You can use the search bar at the top but that suffers the same issue – there are no extra filters if you type in ‘stepsister’ for example.

Uncensored Sex Chats and Roleplays

I went into a chat at Eden Academy where it’s fair use with the female students. I jumped into the chat and walked in on an orgy in the hallway. I knew what I had to do and pushed the guys aside to make room for me and had the girl head off to class with my fresh cum running down my leg.

The chat is different from some other ones as you do the input and then your fantasy is realized. There’s no back-and-forth chatting – if I wanted to say something it would be written in third person by the AI. It’s a different approach to the stuff I’m used to but I liked it. It’s more like I was the main character in a story and could use my full imagination instead of having to come up with something witty to keep the story going.

There are loads of AI sex chat that say they have unfiltered chats, but this one is fantastic. The language in the stories was perfectly filthy and just what I wanted. It’s a shame there’s no way to get some images of the scenes like the orgy I took part in. Once the AI has written its piece you can regenerate it or play it out in an audio message. It takes longer than it should to work and the voice sounds like an AI so I’m hoping that improves.

Free AI Sex Chat

Dittin has a lot of free bonuses for people who help them out. They’ve got a fantastic loyalty program that gives you free credits for the faster and better version of the site. These actions include joining the discord server, a referral program and posting content about the site. I can see people using the full potential of the site completely for free without much investment.

There’s a character generator you’ve got to fill out to make custom AI chatbots. You need to fill out some prompts, upload a profile picture and choose between a few AI-generated voices. You can always use a free generator to get the right image because doesn’t have one. The character designer isn’t that good compared to other sites but if you do it well and find some characters other people made, the starting scene puts you in the mood and sets up the fantasy.


Unfiltered chats

Roleplay and scenario-driven characters

Realistic conversations

Premium Benefits

You get better AI response quality, faster responses, unlimited credits, retain all the chat history and can create custom characters.


The free plan is extremely decent. It gives you unlimited chats on the slower version (there can be a queue and delays during peak times) and 1.6k memory. The chat history lasts for 7 days.

$9.99/month to retain all chat history and maximum memory length.

$59.99/year to retain all chat history and maximum memory length.


If you like using your imagination while you get off and NSFW chatbots then you’re in luck. The way the AI writes out what’s happening based on your input is intuitive and seems like you’re starring in a novel. Whatever you want to happen happens. Even if you put in minimal effort you get some steamy content to read. I’d like them to have some images as part of the chats – the whole thing isn’t presented well but the writing is great.

They need to introduce some ways to filter for characters – I had the feeling there were better chats out there that I had no way of finding. Having multiple chats and a decent memory saves you having to repeat yourself and the free plan is one of the best ones I’ve come across. You get access to everything you’d want and this is a site I’ll definitely keep using in my own time. There are so many stories to explore that it would be a shame not to subscribe.

Visit: dittinai